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  1. Our experience at embarking on the Viking Sea in San Juan for our TA last spring didn't require showing any travel documents to security. We just went inside the terminal to the Viking staffer, showed our passports, answered a couple of questions about a credit card for charging aboard ship (we had pre-registered ours) and we were given our ship's ID cards. No fuss, no muss.
  2. Heidi, I went back and viewed that sequence full screen a number of times . It appears that the following tug was having trouble maintaining a steady position behind the Jupiter. It was alternating between allowing too much slack and dragging the tow line in the water and then suddenly backing off and jerking the line so tight that it parted and recoiled towards the stern of the Jupiter. Assuming that this was a high strength steel towing line, it would take a lot of sudden tension to make it part so violently. From all appearances, the Jupiter was maintaining a steady speed. Wouldn't it have been the responsibility of the tug's skipper to also maintain the appropriate distance and tension on the line?
  3. Thanks Heidi 13.. I appreciate your confirmation. I wondered what that splash in the water between the Jupiter and the tug behind her, Makes perfect sense once you explained it. Your expert opinion and those of several other long experienced mariners, provides some interesting insights to our Viking boards It is most welcome!!
  4. We had tugs both fore and aft when in the lagoon at Venice for our arrival and departure aboard the Viking Star in 2015. Similarly, in 2016 in approaching London on the Thames, the Viking Sea was "teathered" to tugs. It seemed especially appropriate when passing through the Thames Barrier and then making a 180 turn near the Tower Bridge before mooring at the floating barge. It was my guess that it was the port's call to determine if tugs were mandatory for arrival and departure of ships. Otherwise it would be up to the captain (and perhaps the cruise lines policies) as to whether or not to call for assistance from one or more tugs. Comments and insight from our mariners are welcome.
  5. We have stayed in PS 3's (Deck 6), PS 1 (Deck,8) and ES 3's (both forward and aft on Deck 3). By virtue of sheer size, the Explorer Suites win hands down. All of the cabin were light and airy. But the Penthouse Jr. Suites are all-in-one cabins for living and sleeping areas (stating the obvious). In contrast, the Explorer Suites have distinct separate living and sleeping areas that can be closed off by doors. It really comes down to what do you like and how much are you willing to spend. We like them both and if price was no object, would elect for the Explorer Suite. The second time we stayed in one, we had booked a PS 3, but a couple of weeks before we sailed, Viking offered an upgrade/up sell at much reduced price. It was great to be in the cabin closest to the bow on our trans Atlantic cruise and spent relaxing time watching and listening to the bow waves on our 8 sea days. That being said, we embark in May for our next Viking Cruise and will be in another PS 3.
  6. I haven't seen anyone explain that there is an easy way to tell whether you are on the port or starboard side of the ship when you get off an elevator or are using the stairs. All port side cabins end in even numbers and all starboard side ones end in odd numbers. If you are going towards the bow, the cabin number get lower and if they are getting higher, you are going towards the stern. Since there are no inside cabins, it makes for an easy to remember and logical numbering system.
  7. According to Google Maps it is 127 miles from Seward to Anchorage with a driving time of 2 hours 20 minutes. Many years ago when stationed in Anchorage, we drove this scenic route a number of times. The roads are decent and very scenic. Enjoy the drive. Senior Gators
  8. Suspaul, We have seen pictures of either 6020 or 6021, the two ADA compliant cabins on the Viking Ocean ships, but I can't find them anywhere now. We were considering booking one of them for our upcoming cruise since we do have some mobility issues, but can do with a normal cabin. Here in the US hotel rooms seem to have a number of variations in what they call handicapped equipped. Viking Ocean ships' ADA cabins are the same size as all other Penthouse Jr. Suites (405 square feet) but, we believe, are full out ADA compliant. Less furniture to allow more room for maneuvering a wheel chair, wider doors, no thresh hold between the cabin and the bathroom, larger bathroom, ADA compliant bath facilities, etc. We hope this helps. We ending up booking another cabin on a different deck since there were no other non ADA cabins available on Deck 6. Senior Gators
  9. Susan, (Diva Feather)\, I was being facetious about the Sun's condition after her second world cruise. We have sailed 4 times on the either the Sea or the Star and know how hard the crew and staff work to maintain the ships in tip top condition not to mention the crunch they have when its turn around day. We are embarking on the Star in the middle of October for a 15 day Around the Caribbean Sea (NYC to Miami) cruise. It will be almost 3 years to the day since we last sailed on her. The fall of 2015 was her inaugural season and we greatly enjoyed our first Viking cruise (Istanbul to Barcelona - 22 days) on their first ship. It will be interesting how she has stood up to 3 years of constant cruising. We would really enjoy cruising with you, but between the cost of a world cruise and trying to figure out how to be away from home for such a long period, it isn't in the cards in our future. We will be content with 1 to 2 cruises a year on a Viking ship. Someday, we hope that Viking might base a ship out of Boston's Black Falcon terminal for a fall season of New England and Canadian port cruises. After all, Viking Cruises is planning on having 16 ships by 2027 or 2028 and they have to go somewhere. Ports in Massachusetts, Maine, Nova Scotia, PEI, Quebec City and Montreal are some of our favorite places to cruise. Oh yes, you forgot to answer my initial question about bringing your ukulele on your upcoming world cruise. :D:D:D:D Richard and Margie (Senior Gators)
  10. DivaFeather (Susan aka Passepartout), Will you be bringing your ukulele along with you again?:D We became fans of yours shortly after you started posting on your last world cruise. It is incredible that for your first cruise you chose a solo world cruise. Your blog was fascinating and certainly conveyed your joy and enthusiasm with your decision to sail on Viking's initial world cruise experience. We look forward to "Passepartout's" continuing posts about your adventures. You do have a way with words and are a great story teller. We will be taking a cruise on the Viking Sun (British Isles Explorer) next May. It will be the first cruise for that ship after the upcoming world cruise. We are hoping that she isn't too worn out from her second circumnavigation in 18 months. 😉 Best wishes for another great cruise. Senior Gators (Richard and Margie)
  11. teamflames, The short answer is "yes" and "no". As an explanation, a large portion of this repositioning cruise is North to South. The last couple of days are sailing in a Northerly direction to reach Miami. So, depending on which side of the ship you are on, that will determine if your half day of shade is in the morning or afternoon. By the way, we are on Deck 8 too for the Star's 10/18 cruise from NYC to Miami via Bermuda and the Caribbean Sea. Senior Gators
  12. Peregrina, you have again provided much sage advice and information. You are recognized by many of us as an "authority" on all things Viking. It is gratifying that I could provide you with a tidbit that you didn't already know. It is just a small pay back for all the information you have graciously given to me and so many others here on Cruise Critic. Thank you. Senior Gators (Richard)
  13. vnb2003, I wasn't positive that I conveyed the credit card information very well. It's nice to have someone else confirm it. Thanks. Senior Gators (Richard)
  14. Peregrina, The credit card is offered by Comenity Bank and their link is: d.comenity.net. However, when I used that link it seemed to be for those who had already established a credit card account with them; there wasn't any link to apply for a new credit card. I went back to Viking's web site and retraced the steps taken to find the page that got me to their Visa application site. It is a bit convoluted and I am sure someone smarter than me could find a better/shorter way to get there. But given that caveat, here are the steps that I followed: 1. Go to My Trip on the Viking web site 2. Go to My Viking Journey 3. Select the Welcome tab 4. Select My Account 5. Select My Profile 6. Scroll to the bottom of the page 7. Select Viking Visa credit card, "Apply now for the Viking Visa credit card." Upon selecting this option, you leave Viking's site and are in Comenity Bank's web site. 8. Select Begin Application tab. You can see the benefits of the Viking Visa credit card but there was no listing of costs associated with with card membership such as annual percentage, annual fees, late fees or minimum monthly payments. All are things that I would want to see before making application for a credit card. Reading back over my inelegant response, I hope that this is helpful. It certainly doesn't seem to measure up to the high standards for comments and answers that are provided by you, Peregrina. Senior Gators (Richard)
  15. Originally posted by mander2 Does viking cruise lines have a cedit card with a reward system similar to princess an HAL? "I'm on the mailing list and have never seen a solicitation for a credit card." - Perigrina621 Perigrina621 and meander2. As Cyber Kat has stated there is a Viking Visa card. It does have benefits/credits for users including points and $$ rewards for applying (and being accepted) by their 3rd party provider. Since no one had ever talked about a Viking credit card before, we thought we would mention it as a somewhat "hidden" Viking benefit. Senior Gators
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