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  1. You are welcome. The last time I requested that CC establish a roll call for a new Viking ship, it was several years ago and a previous version of Cruise Critic. It didn't seem as difficult as this effort to do the same thing, but glad it worked. Senior Gators
  2. According to an email received from JennK, CC Senior Community Support Specialist this afternoon, Cruise Critic has added a Roll Call for the Viking Venus The web address is: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2468-viking-venus-roll-calls/ Senior Gators
  3. Wow! What a big whoops of a typo. That's what I get for not being more careful to fully review what I have typed before sending it. "Senklr Gators" = Senior Gators. "Senklr" is my evil cousin!
  4. Peregrina, thanks for the information. I sent the original message to: "community@cruisecritc.com". I just sent another copy of my request to the address you suggested. Hopefully one (or both) message(s) will get the desired results. Senklr Gators
  5. We have experience this problem before when Viking adds a new ship to its fleet. Sometimes Cruise Critic is slow to add new ship roll calls and needs a reminder to give them a gentle nudge. We have taken the liberty to send them the following message: Several CC participants have remarked that there is no Roll Call for the Viking Venus. The ship is going into service in a few months and Viking has been accepting bookings already. The cruisers have not been able to post questions and comments relevant to that ship. Would you please add a roll call for the Venus to the current list of 6 Viking Ocean ships Your prompt attention to this detail is appreciated. Thank you Senior Gators Hope this helps!
  6. We agree somewhere in the range of 50 to 60 participants is a good number to strive for. Most will be motivated to actively engage in meeting and mingling and those relative few that choose to be less active and want to sit quietly on the sidelines may do so. It seems to help greatly if one or more of the attendees takes on the role of unofficial greeter and makes the effort to say hello and welcome to everyone as they arrive. Another suggestion is to provide stick on name tags for everyone that provide space for your CC handle and actual name, last name optional. Senior Gators
  7. Peregrina, we would never consider you a "trouble-maker"! You have been a fount of knowledge of almost all things "Viking" and we have benefited greatly from your wisdom and seemly infinite patience to answer so many questions posted here and on Viking Roll Calls. We think "sage", "oracle" or "mentor" might be more appropriate appellations. And you could add in some instances "shaker and mover". But you are correct, it is a problem to get the word out to all those who either: 1. Cruise Viking Oceans and don't join or participate in Cruise Critic, 2. Aren't aware of Viking Roll Call's listing of specific cruises by ship and date, 3. Haven't figured out how to sign up for their cruise's M & M, or 4. Don't feel that it is worth their time and energy to participate. We don't have any answers at the moment but face the problem of low or no participation for the two upcoming cruises we have booked for 2020. The Roll Calls have had almost no activity and the M & Ms are even worse. We seek suggestions of how to get more cruisers to participate. Senior Gators
  8. As an extra "bonus" of an M & M, getting to meet and know some of the key heads of departments for the ship has proved to be both interesting and beneficial. By meeting and talking to the Hotel, Restaurant, Beverage, Financial (Purser?) and Housekeeping Managers as well as the Cruise Director we have learned more about Viking ship/cruise operations and when necessary the right point of contact to get help with questions or a problem. It has also paid off when we cross paths again on subsequent cruises to see a friendly face who actually remembers you from before. Our experience is that they genuinely enjoy meeting and talking to their guests. The same applies to cabin stewards and wait staff. Senior Gators
  9. I need to mention that the great success of our M and M was on the Viking Sea in March of 2018. It was a 15 day Transatlantic cruise from San Juan to Barcelona. Eight of the fifteen days were sea days. Many of us had never done a TA cruise and wondered about being bored or not having enough to do. That was never the case and all aboard seemed to enjoy it immensely (at least that was the feedback at our second M & M). We also want to give credit to "Azulann" as she was as much responsible for the success of both the roll call and the M & M as anyone. We met aboard ship for the first time and although she is an experienced cruiser this was her first Viking Ocean cruise. We believe she is now a Viking "convert". Senior Gators
  10. Finally decided to weigh in on this topic as we (DW and I) have experienced 6 Viking Ocean cruises on 3 of their delightful ships. As such, we have had a variety of experiences ranging from fair to great with M & Ms. After our 1st one, we came to the conclusion that the experience and enjoyment that you get out of the gathering has, in large part, to do with the people taking the cruise and how much they are willing to participate. We decided to get more involved, even though this is not our normal behavior, because we enjoy the opportunity to meet the key members of the ship's crew and most especially getting to get acquainted with our fellow cruisers that we have come to know from online messages on Cruise Critic. As such, we have set up a number of roll calls if they didn't already exist as soon as we have booked another cruise. We then proceed to starting the Meet and Mingle for the particular ship, cruise name and date. We try to be available for any questions others may have and discussions of port destinations, ship questions etc. The least successful M & M had less than 20 sign up and 11 or 12 attended. The two most successful had 72 and 75 sign up and approximately 48 to 55 attended. One of those was so successful that it ran for over an hour and a half with cruisers still talking with each other as the clean up crew was working. The Hotel Manager saw us a dinner the next night at Manfredi's and told us how impressed he and his staff were with our partipation and organization and that they had never attended one so successful (and large) on a Viking Cruise. He said that he would like to do another one for the M & M group before the cruise was over if we would like. We polled our group through the Viking Roll Call and it was unanimous. It was agreed that on the evening of our last sea day we would have another and it was just as nice as the first one with almost every one attending. It was a wonderful chance for us all to say how much we appreciated Viking and specifically its fantastic crew. Bottom line, you get out of a M & M what you put into it: Cruise Critic provides the vehicle, Viking provides the place, their key staff members, and food and cocktails. It is up to those of us cruising to provide the "entertainment" i,e; "Meet and Mingle" Side note, there seems to be a fair amount of correlation between participating in the Viking Roll Call for your specific cruise and the number of people who sign up (and attend) the M & M. The ones that were so successful had very large numbers of participants on their respective Roll Calls. Senior Gators
  11. Our experience with the mini bar in PJS cabins is a bit different. On our first meeting with our room steward we made our requests for our beverage needs. We politely asked for 2 buckets of ice both morning and evening along wit 2 carafes of still water. We also requested that the cans of beer and most of the soft drinks be removed and be replaced with a bottle of white wine. No changes to the 4 hard liquor nips. We would also would leave a note on the mini bar for the wine steward to let them know what we desired. We did not have the Silver Sevice beverage package and never had a problem with our requests in our 5 Viking Oceans cruises.
  12. SabreSailor, Can't speak to your first question, but we can to your second one. The standard ration of hard liquor in a PSJ on Viking cruises we have been on is four "nips"; one each of rum (Bacardi), scotch (Dewar's), vodka (Smirnoff) and gin (Beefeater) per day. It may be possible to get the number of each changed around to suit your preferred liquor tastes. If you leave some from one day to the next, the wine steward stocking your mini bar/refrigerator will only top you off to bring the total number of nips back to four. Hope this helps. Senior Gators
  13. My ears were burning when the name Senior Gators was mentioned. We have experienced both forward and aft Explorer Suites on Deck 3 (ES 3's). Though the layout is somewhat different, they are equally nice and comfortable. Aungrl is accurate in their description of the major difference between being in an aft facing suite and one in the bow. We liked them both. Though the view directly forward is somewhat obstructed, it is not much. The view to the side (port or starboard) is at least as good as any other cabin with considerably more space and much nicer furnishings. The additional benefit is, in addition to the open area, that the veranda is big enough to have a large shaded area when the sun is hot. We have just booked a trans Atlantic sailing on the Sea for March 2020 and will be in a forward ES 3. The deal was too good to refuse with the "Explorer Special" Viking is promoting through June 30th. Senior Gators
  14. You're welcome. If anything, the views from the Explorer Suites verandas at the stern of the ship are much more sweeping than those at the bow. They are restricted to mainly a side view; to get the full forward view, you are behind thick glass or plexiglass. Senior Gators
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