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  1. Guys. I board the day after tomorrow and a losing my mind!
  2. Yeah not sure when she arrives in Vancouver but we depart 4/26.
  3. Continuing. Ncl marketing folks board 4/24 for a 2 night to Vancouver. Inaugural is 4/26-9.
  4. I totally get that for some folks this is a deal breaker. For others not. For example for families, Joy has the Galaxy Pavilion a great option. It also has multi room interior suites- another unique feature. Cruising is all about finding the right fit for you. I love that process.
  5. Who is traveling? I think that is important to know. If you have kids, I would go NCL.
  6. I am sorry to say but it definitely won't have a thermal suite. It will have a sauna in the locker room area in the spa and that is it.
  7. I will be in board the us inaugural in 2 weeks. I’ll be on Instagram live a lot. Check it out @cruisebrett
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