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    Embassy suites 17th street. 1st room had bed bugs.

    Gross. I arrive tonight. Will be checking for sure.
  2. Man! How did you score both previews? I am on 8-10. . .
  3. Wow! Dazzles does seem to be a stunning room. Question- how it is typically used (or not?) Is it a pre-dinner spot? Classical music? Late night DJ and dancing? Thanks for any thoughts you may have.
  4. Thanks for posting! Are IPA's more popular in the US? I hope they might add another choice.
  5. I drink none of those beers. :( If someone could please post the pub list, that would rule. I love IPAs.
  6. There are two types without virtual balcony, including the "large" inside stateroom. I would love to see both.
  7. I am on the first of the two and can hardly stand the wait. I dream Harmony dreams every night- mostly getting lost, lol! Thanks for the great thread, everyone!
  8. Brian, what is the first pic from? Thanks!
  9. Teacherloves2Cruise

    New Menus for RCI

    HOTS has them now or they are coming?
  10. Teacherloves2Cruise

    Harmony of the Seas Inaugural

    Ah, is it specific to revenue? The two sailings Nov 8-10 and 10-12 are non revenue for contest winners, high level C and A, TA's, media, etc. I am on the 8-10 and there has been no mention of a destination but also it hasn't said CTN either. It's possible they will dock in Nassau for a few minutes.
  11. Teacherloves2Cruise

    Craft Beer on Harmony?

    I'd love to know more, too. Especially IPA's.
  12. Teacherloves2Cruise

    Harmony of the Seas Inaugural

    Have you confirmation that the 8-10 and 10-12 are cruises to nowhere? I haven't seen that although my invite to the 8-10 doesn't state. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Teacherloves2Cruise

    Your Chance to Win a Ticket to Adventure | Harmony of the Seas

    [quote name='metphan714']WE WON!!! I played the parking ticket code and it told me I won a 2 night preview cruise!!! I was skeptical but after a few days I got my confirmation from helloworld that I am booked on the 2 night harmony in November. We never win anything so still are a little worried that the rug will get pulled out from under us, but so far it looks good. I'm afraid that with so much to see 2'days won't come close to covering it all. Has anyone done a preview cruise before? Is everything open and available to try?[/QUOTE] I've done them before. In some ways, even though they are short, they are my favorites. Usually, everything is paid for you (taxes, tips and all drinks) so it is quite a party. They also aren't usually completely full which is nice. Usually it's just main dining for regular folks and invite only to specialty but maybe not since there are so many specialty on Harmony.
  14. Teacherloves2Cruise

    Your Chance to Win a Ticket to Adventure | Harmony of the Seas

    [quote name='dctravel']I will answer my own question. I call RC and they said the email is legit. I am now booked on a 2 night preview cruise in November. Very excited! We will find out in September our cabin! Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app[/QUOTE] We have roll calls if you care to join. I'm on Nov 8-10.
  15. Teacherloves2Cruise

    Steak in the MDR?

    I found myself disappointed when I ordered the up charge steak in the MDR. Sent from my iPhone using [url=https://siteowners.tapatalk.com/byo/displayAndDownloadByoApp?rid=76452]Forums[/url]