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  1. Just Google the ship and room. There are pictures everywhere
  2. The "pork duo" looks suspiciously like the earlier-named "pork and beans" offering.
  3. Does anyone know where to call to rent a scooter for upcoming Solstice cruise? Husband has an inoperable foot/leg tendon problem. He can walk but not too much distance. Thanks
  4. We did an American Queen river cruise last year. We were at that time 75 and 79 and we felt like the young'ns
  5. Sometimes -- if you use a big-company travel agent -- the travel company also sponsors its own excursions. I recently booked one through our TA for Hawaii in a couple weeks. The Celebrity ones were already sold out.
  6. There is a gem of a place in Waikiki called the Breakers. Old-Hawaii atmosphere. Family owned and run. Check Trip Advisor reviews. We have stayed there three times and will be there again next month. Lots of repeat guests. It is not on the beach and not a "luxurious" high rise, just a '60s style two story brick hotel with a beautiful pool. But it's a very short walk to the beach and to beach restaurants like Dukes as well as major shopping venues and restaurants. It's actually more or less in the shadow of Trump Tower. SO welcoming, so friendly. Even the ever-present and very friendly/petable cats at the open air reception desk will greet you. Stay here and you can save to spend your money on food.
  7. Seems to me I hear a lot of people complaining about the taste of the canned water. However, I do think an earlier poster is right: People, especially those with arthritis, might struggle opening aluminum cans and cut themselves.
  8. Does anyone know if you need to get tickets in advance to visit the Missouri in Honolulu. I know you have to get them for the Arizona but is the Missouri the same? We will be there next month on the Solstice.
  9. I saw a story/picture that it was scorched but not totally burned. The question is whether it will survive.
  10. I saw a story that said the tree was singed but not destroyed
  11. I'm guessing the "bringing back old favorites" must have been dreamed about but not real. Otherwise, someone surely would have seen it.
  12. Someone mentioned on another topic about seeing Celebrity TV ads about bringing back some food favorites. Has anyone seen this or can anyone post a link?
  13. Here is my question. It says you can check in 45 days before sailing. Obviously the earlier you check in, the better chance you have of getting an early boarding time. I leave in the Eastern time zone. Can I check in starting at midnight on day 45? Does that mean people in the UK, who are about 5 hours earlier than us, get a chance to check in before me? Thanks
  14. I'm afraid your last sentence is exactly what would happen. Eventually popular items -- even Steak Diane made with sirloin -- would disappear.
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