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  1. Thank you so much for doing this live thread! You and some other regulars were so helpful when I first started cruising. Life and the pandemic got in the way after my amuse bouche(s) but I'm planning "this" cruise next August when HAL passes through Canada again. I'm taking my sister and I'm thinking we should do the Tracy Arm Inlet excursion. What do you think?
  2. Yes, I hope that's obvious! Dropped that into the middle of the sentence, but Peggy's Cove, Lunenberg, and etc. are all a driving distance from the port. So you will need transportation to get there, for sure.
  3. Halifax is entirely walkable. Your ship will dock right next to the Canadian Immigration Museum which is worth popping in to see. Next to it is a public market. From there, you can walk along the waterfront for shops and sights. The climb to the citadel is do-able for the mobile and modestly fit. It has spectacular views of the city. There is also a maritime museum where you can see Titanic artifacts, which I'm told was pretty good. If you like fishing villages and lighthouses, Peggy's Cove is pretty spectacular. Halifax is a really wonderful place. You'll enjoy doing this on foot. As for Bar Harbor, I was just looking at another thread about Acadia Park. There were some options for seeing the park discussed on that thread. I have not been to St. John NB but I have been to Bay of Fundy and I can say that it is quite spectacular at low tide! High tide I'm thinking is much less impressive unless you have also seen low tide.
  4. There is a step on step off trolley in St. John's which is pretty cheap and gets you to all the sites. It has changed a little since I was in St. John's in 2016 (price doubled to $10) but it also seems to go further. The highlight for me was Signal Hill but the Quidi Vidi Village is supposed to be good too. https://www.metrobus.com/thelink/schedule.html
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