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  1. I was about to post the same link. The hospitality industry is one of the biggest producers of garbage from single use plastics. I don’t think CA will be the last state to do this. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/shampoo-plastic-bottles-ban-trnd/index.html
  2. Does anyone have the current Vista Chef’s Table menu? Thanks!
  3. @sid_9169 I love the name dropping list. Amazing. I also have to thank you for FlyBy. I travel for work frequently and there is always “entertaining”. FlyBy helped me survive 5 days at a conference in Cancun last week. Also have you ever had reposado with a slice of pineapple instead of lime? One of the bartenders turned us on to it - outstanding.
  4. The extended aft balcony on Horizon is one of our favorite cabins on any cruise, ever. This includes suites and Haven cabins on NCL. We loved it so much, we are taking a very unplanned cruise on Vista in November. Can’t wait!
  5. To the brig!!! The cranberry juice police have been notified j/k, you’ll be fine. They have seen it all.
  6. Don’t stress. Don’t apologize. Walk right in as if you own the place and have a great time. Most people won’t even notice. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Your TA or PVP can request nutrition info when they fill out your special needs form, which she should have as someone with a chronic medical issue. Keep in mind that it will be a guide as a commercial kitchen has many inconsistencies. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. To quote Cardi B on Ellen this week, “I enjoy the checks”. No, tipping isn’t required. Yes, you did pay a service charge. However, the infinite degrees of separation between the service charge you pay to a corporation and the individual bringing your drinks are vast. If you want above and beyond service, money talks.
  9. Happy Birthday to you! @sid_9169, I hope Carnival gives you an extra 16th drink today (and I just made that up, just in case the masses come questioning... but it would be nice!)
  10. Yeah, it was at the pool bar and they didn't have anything else. I later ordered a Bloody Mary in the casino bar and yelped in happiness when it was a normal straw. When I told him what happened upstairs, he laughed and told the entire group of bartenders. I almost always keep regular paper straws in my purse now. Chocolate and Tomato. Gross.
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