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  1. Don't know how common they are but I was given a chocolate straw (very heavy!) for my iced coffee on the Miracle last weekend. I was able to drink the entire drink without it getting soggy but I didn't hang onto it long enough to actually taste it.
  2. Hi all, I just wanted to post some thoughts on the Miracle. We sailed her on a short 3-day out of San Diego, leaving last Friday and returning yesterday morning. This is technically my 4th cruise overall- the first was on Royal Carribean so many years ago I can't remember it, then the Carnival Imagination (or Inspiration... I get them confused) almost 4 years ago, Ruby Princess in March 2019, and then this one. We tried an inside cabin for the first time to see if I could stand it (prior cruises all had at least a window) and we knew it would be a "booze cruise" type experience but we just wanted to get away for the weekend. We flew from PHX to SAN and walked the 2.2 miles from the airport to the cruise terminal (we were carrying only regular sized backpacks so no luggage to speak of). Overall, I do prefer the decor of the Ruby Princess to either of the Carnival ships I've seen. I thought the Princess atrium/piazza was more elegant and so was the Princess theater. I did not care for the Phantom theater or the Mad Hatter area on Miracle at all. The entertainment on Miracle was, IMO, far and away better than what we saw on the Ruby. Those 8 young people sang and danced their hearts out and they were really very good- no off key notes or half-hearted performances. We saw an 80's rock and roll type show, a "piano" (keyboard) heavy show, and a 60's beach party type show. All three were very very good. The Alchemy Bar (recommended by several on a Carnival social media group I visit) was not decorated in a very exciting manner but it had unique drinks that my husband appreciated (well, he appreciated being able to get one with Absinthe, which I despise), and we enjoyed the bar staff very much. That was the one lounge we kept going back to. The interior room was fine and I didn't get claustrophobic. We were in 6201 which was a middle-ish deck in the middle-ish of the ship. The only downside (and this surprised me as I thought we were high up enough to avoid any such thing) was that there was a constant, yet intermittent (if that makes sense) vibration that I could feel when I was trying to sleep. It actually felt like my husband's leg was twitching... about 3 times in a row, pause for a couple seconds, and then it did it again. I have trouble falling asleep with that type of movement, so that was a minor annoyance. Out of three nights, we had dinner in Nick and Nora's Steakhouse the first night (that was unplanned... the first night comes with a bottle of wine. We don't drink wine so we had planned to take it with us and give it away to some young couple but we weren't allowed to remove it from the restaurant so that was a bust). Our steaks (cowboy something for my husband and the filet for me) were VERY good. The sides (mac and cheese, fries with smoked paprika, and garlic rapini) were just OK. We got the "art" dessert and had an enjoyable time with that although flavor wise, I would not get it again. Second night we had the Chef's Table dinner. We aren't sure if they were a bit disorganized or perhaps inexperienced- but we had a good time. I was not expecting to eat in Frankenstein's Night Club but that's where we were! I might do it again on a different ship. We never got around to eating in the MDR which was OK with me because we went to visit it and I found the decor to be a bit over the top, which was an ongoing theme with me. Still, most of the decor was better than the black ceilings and neon on my last Carnival cruise! Overall we had a really good time and we would do that cruise on that ship again.
  3. Shoot, I never got a confirmation email and I closed the browser window when I made the reservation. That's probably not good. ETA: Just was able to call them (thankfully they're open on Sundays) and while they saw it on my account, they had to resend the email. Thanks all for letting me know I needed the email!
  4. Ok then it seems this is a normal occurrence. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I'm not all that familiar with the Carnival Website, so I am looking to see if others have had a similar experience. I have just a short 3 day cruise booked for January and I thought it would be fun to add the Chef's Table, at $75/pp (this is the Miracle). I added it through the website, and I've had the charge show as "Pending" on my credit card for the last three days (which seems like a long time). The Chef's Table is not showing on my cruise planner, or anywhere I can find it on my reservation info. I have no confirmation letter/number (and I didn't screen shot the page where it showed I booked it... shame on me). Can anyone with experience booking this tell me if this is normal? I did notice the Chef's Table is now $95/pp so I am not sure if the price goes up the closer to departure we get? There is no online help available and I work nights so calling them during business hours is difficult, so I thought I would check with the experts here. Thank you!
  6. Thanks for this review... we are just doing a quick three day at the beginning of the year and don't have a ton of experience cruising so we are looking forward to it! The only other ships we've been on are the Inspiration and the Ruby Princess.
  7. That's a really neat tool! Thanks! I didn't even know such a thing existed! I'd say I would ONLY fly out there if I could do award travel, or pay an inexpensive fare without having to take roughly 20 hours each way. I'm on limited vacation time as it is so flying to Florida was going to be a long shot, regardless. It just occurred to me once I looked up the departure port that I had no idea what I was doing! Thanks again!
  8. @LHT28 and @Ashland thank you. Specifically I was looking at award travel on American (from PHX) which was limiting me (all of those flights were only flying into MIA). Flights seem very expensive! (Looking at early January). Will keep your information in mind; thanks very much!
  9. Hi all, I'm not super new to cruising but I've only done west coast departures. I am looking at a cruise that leaves from Fort Lauderdale but I cannot find any flights into that airport (perhaps it is small?) All the flights I found go into Miami (MIA). Is this the norm for those of you who fly into Florida and depart from Fort Lauderdale? It looks like it's only supposed to be a 30-ish minute drive from MIA to the Ft Lauderdale cruise terminal. How do you get there? Taxi/uber? Thanks for any info you can provide.
  10. There was still a round glass topped table in our room on this cruise.
  11. Thank you Bob! It was so nice to meet you and Holli and so good to run into you a couple of times on board! We made our future cruise deposits and will be looking to Hawaii for our next one. (Not any time soon, unfortunately). I’ll be keeping up with you here on CC!
  12. Just wanted to add a couple photos we took today in SD
  13. Here is a perhaps silly question. Why is the luggage left outside instead of them taking it in? Clearly the ship has access to all the cabins... Is it just a time thing?
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