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  1. It was not on our Navigator sailing this past March.
  2. Hertz (on Astronaut Blvd) is very close. About a 3 minute shuttle (or Uber) away. If you are renting after the cruise, try to get there as early as possible to avoid the crowds. Hertz does a better job than most, in that they actually have several employees working the counter, cleaning cars, etc. (vs. some others that seemingly have a single employee on a ship day... 😡). Hertz, if I recall, opens at 7 or 7:30, so if you do self-debark and get off the ship right away, you can be on the first shuttle and won't wait long at all. Two weeks ago, we were off the ship by 7:15, on the Hertz shuttle by 7:25, and we were driving away from the rental lot by 7:35. this was really nice since we were going to Disney for the day. We even made it to the park before it opened at 9. (We were initially thinking we wouldn't get to the park until around 11.)
  3. The longer the cruise, the less people drink per day. I would also assume that this cruise is not going to be filled with partying 20 and 30-somethings... I'd be more concerned running out of wine than liquor on this itinerary. 🤣 As for food, I wouldn't be too concerned. I may not order a salad or shrimp cocktail on day 12... but beyond that, everything should be ok! By the way - I think this itinerary would be awesome. I love sea days!
  4. Like Jenny said - do both! We didn't particularly love the water at the beach (it was really murky/cloudy), but that's no one's fault except the weather's.... The pool was AMAZING. Probably my favorite part of our entire vacation. Sitting in the pool, swimming, going to the swim up bar, it was all awesome. We did a few hours at each.
  5. We uploaded photos and three of the four needed new photos taken at the port. Going through expedited checkin (with facial recognition), it only picked up one of us.
  6. On Harmony, they told us "no" on day 1 because there were three sea days on our cruise. In retrospect, I think we could have eaten at a specialty restaurant and just told them we had UDP. I'm not sure exactly how the servers "ring" in orders/transactions when we have UDP, but at the most, the server asked if we had any dining package, we told them unlimited, and they came back with a $0 receipt to sign. Further - if you have UDP, I think you'd have a good case to 'fight' with Guest Services if they did charge you... (i.e. there are no restrictions in the fine print that say you are only entitled to sea day lunch 3 times, etc.)
  7. I paid nothing and really did have a perfect day... We went to the beach for the morning, then to the pool, then lunch, then the pool again... (I mean, we did pay for a couple drinks but that is a given...)
  8. This may be a technicality, but I have been to Mexico many times by air, and I have never gotten a copy of a form that I needed to turn in when I left the country.
  9. The soda package does not include bottled water. You can get still or sparkling (tap) water at bars and restaurants and also through the Coca Cola Freestyle machines (if your ship has them).
  10. Generally should be no issue. Unlike Carnival, there are no official time limits or number of drinks per day limits, so RC is a lot more flexible. Personally, I would start by getting to know your bartender(s) and then working your way up to two at a time.
  11. On the topic of safety... We left cell phones and other minor things (sunscreen, small amounts of cash ($20-30), etc. in a bag on both our beach and pool lounger. As others have said, your primary/only concern is other cruisers. I wasn't too worried.
  12. Just last week on Harmony, it no longer fully covered single-protein Hibachi at dinner. It covered $35, and since one protein is $45 or two are $49, you would need to pay a $10-14 to upgrade for dinner. Lunch pricing is $35/39, so at lunch it covered one protein, but to upgrade to two proteins was $4. (To get around the $10-14 dinner upgrade charge, we ate Hibachi for lunch and sushi for dinner. The lunch and dinner menus are the same, other than Hibachi being $10 cheaper at lunch, and we got plenty of sushi, sides, and soups for $35 each at dinner.) Chops and Jamie's are cover charge restaurants, so it would cover your full meal except for the seafood tower or lobster upgrades at Chops. Also on Harmony last week, we were told at Chops (while making all our reservations for the week) that embarkation day lunch was not included because we had 3 sea days. Others on our Roll Call reported being able to get lunch on embarkation day and all of the sea days. One final comment - we were not allowed to use UDP for the upcharge chicken wings/French fries on Coco Cay.
  13. Admittedly, I wasn't looking for it, but I do not recall seeing it. The only thing similar that I did see was Truly sparking alcohol waters (but they are not sweetened like Smirnoff Ice).
  14. The barcode in the app is directly tied to your gift card. Yes, it can be used. Yes, you earn stars. No, you cannot redeem stars or qualify for other promos (Star Dash, etc.).
  15. As stevea36 said, the fee is rarely charged, especially if you bring the bottle down already open and have a glass pre-poured. Now, if they are putting your glass on ice, opening it, and pouring it for you, you may be charged.
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