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  1. I guess they have it all figured out.... But, I was looking at a video today from carnival, and they were testing out a medallion to wear in place of a S&S card, said it would roll out in 2017 on certain ships... I think they were a little TOO Excited about that, since all the ships would have to be retrofitted with new electronics.
  2. I bought the Carnival Ins. for the first time, I normally don't buy insurance, but this time I did... I know there is more coverages out there, but it would seem easier to cancel for most reasons to get back your cruise money, or get a 75% future cruise credit just because you want to cancel...
  3. yeah, I noticed this when I had the bubbles package, and they give you the look like when you order a coke... This is not right, your not getting it for free... But yeah, there really needs to be an educational moment here with SOME OF THE Staff, that you paid for your package, whether bubbles or CHEERS!
  4. I'm going next week too.... Are you all referring to how long it takes for you to get the option of anytime dining.... Or are you referring to if you will already have it assigned to you, and then you show up and have to have this long wait to be seated ???
  5. Yep, mine too.... Much better than those plastic ones they used to hand out.
  6. Yeah, if at all possible, get the same stateroom, that way you don't have to clear out and pack up to get to another room.... Of course, you would most likely have to book wayyyyyyy in advance so that you have a shot in getting the same room.. If you can't, then go for a room close to the one you are vacating..... If you are doing a say caribbean cruise for example, get one cruise a "western" caribbean and the second cruise an "eastern" caribbean cruise... that way you get variety and not the oh been there done that.
  7. Is.... drinking too damn much within the first few hours upon boarding... Then having to take a long nap after muster, which is the heart of the day...
  8. I like Guys, altho greasy, they are tasty, and the fries are nicely seasoned, and taste better than they look... I'm not really concerned much with grease, i'm not wolfing down three at a time.... Just like most of us don't make a fuss about all that alcohol toxicity that flows down are throats.... Or like passing by a gym, seeing people outside the front door smoking a cigarette.... HUHHHHH ?? Having said all that, the regular burgers are good too
  9. sailed freedom on election day, its a great ship that was from galveston, would be interested on what will be new, replaced, or updated to the ship.
  10. The crew is well aware of how the tipping / gratuities are divied out, so no worries... Your free to always tip the "extra" in cash aside from the gratuities you've already paid
  11. You know whats good for you! Enjoy your cruise, its your time, and have fun!
  12. The earliest I have ever gotten my luggage delivered was 1:30
  13. Thanks, I'm surprised no Guys Burgers, they already have them on the smaller fantasy class ships
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