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  1. Just bought insurance for my upcoming cruise... I printed out the 5 pages of coverage info... So do I fold these 5 page and shove them in my pocket for each of the seven days.. ? solo cruiser here... I'm thinking the worse, If I'm not conscience to tell someone I have med/evac coverage..
  2. Exact same thing here... Haven't been on a cruise since 2019.. Panorama next week tho!
  3. I liked the pastrami from the deli... you used to be able to request it on a roll a few years ago... don't know if you still can ?
  4. I need my damn bacon and eggs everyday in the buffet... I wonder if they will offer a bacon package, only those with a pig sticker on their card...
  5. My cruise came with a $200 OBC, and $200 credit in the casino with free drinks in there... But I just booked it, no mailings, and my cruise details say $200 OBC, but nothing about the casino cash... Will i still get it ??
  6. sounds like your sister had a miserable not so fun as can be time
  7. I'm on Panorama on the 12th of Nov 2022
  8. sorry to veer off topic, does anyone know if carnival provides in your stateroom when you board some face masks ?? Didn't want to make a new thread for this question, thanks... I'll be sailing 11/2022
  9. I bought it for the heck of it, in case i needed to cancel at the last min... i'm now 21 days out, should i just cancel it.. Medical would only be now the only reason i would need it.. any recommendations ??
  10. Now if we can just get our bacon back. Bacon and eggs in the morning is the best!
  11. I'll rephrase.. I got a casino deal with 200 OBC, and 200 casino cash and free drinks WHILE PLAYING IN THE CASINO that... So I bought CHEERS just to make sure i'm covered... Anyway, the 200 they give in casino, does anyone know if its cash, or chips, or those giant play chips ? thanks for the email
  12. I became platinum on my second back to back cruise, same port, different ship.. I didn't get the platinum card or any perks on my second sailing.. I notified the front desk after a couple hrs on board, and luckily i had a print out of all my sailings, i took that down there.. They said they would "contact Miami" office, and two hours later letters and new card and welcome platinum note was in my room.
  13. I usually cause of my CHEERS Package get my frozen drink, and wait the 5 min, and get a floater to pour in... I'll never drink 15 drinks in a day anyway, so i don't consider the floater a lost drink #
  14. What is the email to use for players club to find out regarding any freebies one would get ? thanks
  15. They can keep their WiFi, I'm not buying it this time... I can get internet in port.
  16. Thanks! Yeah I’m taking the elevator up this time!
  17. Got another question Long Beach Terminal check in... So, assuming i start my "online check in" at the earliest time and being a platinum cruiser, and I get to port, and there is a big line already that early to get in... Will i have to wait in that long line, or will they let platinum guests in by seeing the attendant at the front first, thanks
  18. Sorry if this has been asked before, but i've been on a dry spell since 2019.. SO, I booked as a Single Guest in a cabin, and the casino offer said 200 OBC...Will I only get $100 since I'm only one guest, or will i get the $200 ?
  19. Got a rate for booking that included UP TO $500 per cabin or $250 per person.. So sailing as a solo paying double, will I get the $500 OBC, or will it be $250. kinda confusing
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