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  1. Thank you. That sounds good. I will keep that in mind, and ask about it if I cancel before the cruise is cancelled. This sure has been a mess fore everyone. Thanks again!
  2. If you are on a cruise with a non-refundable deposit and wish to cancel before final payment, can you move the NR deposit to a new cruise next year?
  3. We had no printed menu at all. The dinner was great!! I had no idea the wines were extra. No one mentioned it, we were not asked, and it was billed for the wrong night, and we (nor another couple at the table) did not order it. Baffling. My guess is they changed how they charge, and did not tell anyone working on the ship.
  4. We did not receive a printed menu - thus no warning or mention of an additional charge - it was just poured. We actually wondered why no printed menu.
  5. sippican, i don't want to hijack the OP's original post, but we are signed up for this cruise next March and would like to make it up to Xi'an pre-cruise. Would you mind telling me about your experience doing that? You can email me at wbeesley at aol dot com. thanks, Beverly
  6. Look forward to reading about your experiences...especially any great tours/tour companies! Thank you fir spending part of your holiday time taking us on your journey.
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