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  1. When there is no workforce to do so? Quite a while.
  2. A replacement 25th wedding anniversary cruise with CMV (since we were locked down when it should have been) was to be our reward for getting through this current unpleasantness. To any staff or crew: we are absolutely gutted for you. The customer service staff have been second to none with any query or problem I have had; you ought to get snapped up soon. (I mean that literally, I have not come across another organisation with such helpful, happy, customer-facing staff.) For the crews, I hope that, when we're allowed to travel again, you are all snapped up
  3. It is rare that I genuinely LOL, but that one did it for me, thank you!
  4. That reminds me of a story on the radio some years ago by some celebrity parking his expensive Range Rover in an inner city. A group of youths were hanging about and came up and said "Look after your car, mister. See it comes to no harm. £10". "That's OK" said the celebrity. "My Alsation is in the back; nobody will steal it with him there." "This Alsation" says the youth. "Put fires out, can he?"
  5. That gives me an excuse to promote my favourite comedy folk group:
  6. That was William Tell, surely? The bint in the pointy hat seems a bit keen. Definitely an early Facebook user, or one of those "Send your fail video for $$$" people. To get back on-topic, I've searched for some Willam Tell jokes, but all those I can find end up with the punchline of a blind or dirty old man recognising the tune from a nude chorus line as bum, titty bum, titty bum bum bum. 🙄
  7. The correct pronunciation of the surname 'Cholmondely' is an under-the-breath 'pretentious twat'.
  8. If it followed the convention, it would be pronounced Duster.
  9. Here's another like that, although not as pretty:
  10. My mate Dave is a copper. He is proud of this story. One day in the police car a car pulled up alongside him at the lights where the driver was on their mobile phone. (The way the law works in the UK it is near impossible to charge someone for that.) He beeped the horn, she looked round, saw the police car and threw the phone in the passenger footwell. When the lights changed he pulled her over. Him: "You were on the phone when driving." Her: "No I wasn't!" Him: "You were. You threw it down when I beeped my horn." Her: "Well, I didn't see you there."
  11. Oh, so that is why transporting stuff by lorry is called "shipping". 🙂 Nicely set up photo though. Let's hope it doesn't drop off on a main road! :
  12. That reminds me of this sign I saw in Scarborough: where I thought this sounded like a cheap, nutritious meal: Now you know what happens to the old donkeys.
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