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  1. I suspect somebody will do this. The people on the cruises I have been on tended to be well-educated, fairly well-informed and cared about damaging the environment, but want to go on cruises. I would guess there is a demand for cruise ships that use cleaner fuel and produce less CO2 per distance travelled. Personally, I would not expect the initial ones to be perfect, but experimental compromises. Just as some of us were content to pay extra for green energy at home, there will be people who are up for this and will ay a premium for it. And I think the novelty factor might attract people. There will be critics and cynics, as there always are. (The best effort at green criticism I've seen so far: pointing out Greta Thunberg's School Strike poster had been written with a plastic-cased marker pen.) One challenge will be getting the balance right between giving a pleasant holiday experience to the passengers and keeping to the ethics of the concept. Incidentally, rather than / in addition to wind turbines that generate electricity to provide propulsion, how about having sails? 🙂
  2. Presumably that was G952 'Christmas & New Year Caribbean, Mexico & Trans Panama'. I actually did do such a search before posting, out of curiosity. But I could not and cannot find anything about "CMV AND noroviris" or "Magellan AND norovirus" that talks about norovirus on CMV's Magellan except this discussion. I've had another look, and tried the web site search and a Google search. It may be I'm searching for the wrong things and should be looking for synonyms or misspelled words! All I can find is an outbreak in 2003 and another in 2008 when she was the MS Carnival Holiday. There was one instance in June 2017 of two passengers being quarantined in their cabin which contained the problem, which is not an outbreak. There's someone posting hearsay about 12 deaths on CMV in TripAdvisor, but I think they were referring to cytomegalovirus, not cruise ships or norovirus. Having been on five different ships, and Magellan twice, I've never seen such continuous care of cleanliness as on Magellan, hence my curiosity and surprise. If norovirus can occur on there, it suggests it is not so much a cruise ship problem but a dirty people problem, where those who bring it on board spread it by unhygienic practices. Can you point me to the threads with the comments, please?
  3. It's sad when that happens. A whole combination of things that spoil the whole holiday. We've been on Magellan twice. It's cheap, cheerful and take a book. We had a similar experience on a Fred. Olsen cruise that means we will never travel with them again if it was for free. There was fault in everything: Boudicca was due to go in to dry dock and the crew were bored and tired and they lied to us about the itinerary, changing the return port at short notice despite them knowing for months they intended to do that. The final annoyance was we were one of only five cabins that did not go down with norovirus. Everyone but us got a full refund and compensation. It's the one time I wished I had got ill! There's one thing I will say about CMV's Magellan: I cannot imagine how anyone could get ill on there. Every loo is cleaned every 15 minutes and the stairways and lifts are cleaned continuously. The problem can be finding a loo at short notice that isn't being cleaned...
  4. It is determined before you get on, based on your cabin number. But you can visit and change the time and table and, I am sure, the restaurant. But you know that now, having gone three months ago. But that's the answer for anyone else who wants to know.
  5. Ask nicely in advance and they may accommodate you. Alternatively, this may be one of the occasions when tipping the bar staff (despite gratuities being pre-paid) would be worthwhile.
  6. It is bloody miles away. It is a 45 minute walk from the cruise terminal to Reykjavik. And the thieving robdog town charges £15 for a coach to do the run into town. It is a rip-off and the main grizzle about an Iceland cruise. Most everywhere else on the planet wants you to get off the ship and go into town to spend money. They wil put on shuttle buses to help you do so. Not Reykjavik. I know that on a £3k cruise an extra £15 is neither here nor there, but on our recent cruise on Magellan to Iceland, a surprising number of people did not bother to get off at Reykjavik on principle. Such a shame.
  7. Having shopped around for travel insurance - necessary since I have a medical condition - I have found the specialist travel insurance companies are the cheapest and most comprehensive option by far. And the cost for a 2 week cruise is about the same as two or three cocktails.
  8. We were in a bottom-deck inner cabin and nearly the last off. We were an hour late getting off and apparently that is normal a Liverpool. So, do not get a Lime Street train before about 12:30.
  9. That's the beauty of a cruise. Some people have a lazy dinner, booze and pool cruise, some have a dancing, nightlife and lounge-lizard cruise, some have a history and exploration cruise, some have a casino and tux and Captain's table cruise, some have a relaxing catch-up-on-my-reading while someone else does the cooking and cleaning cruise, and some people get to try a different beach every day cruise. Why would anyone ever stay in a hotel?
  10. There is a pub The Taverner's Bar on Magellan which usually had the footie on its various TVs. Edit: I am struggling to think of anywhere else on board with a TV. You certainly won't get the footie on the TV in the cabin.
  11. I had a very bad time of CMV Magellan a few weeks ago, being stiff and unable to sleep. After a couple of bad nights I asked the cabin steward what he could do to help and he had no idea. So I asked him to put the spare blankets under my sheet when he made the bed and that helped. Then I had an idea and fetched the spare quilt - I slept on top of the bed quilt and put the spare quilt over me. So for the final five or so nights I was OK. I don't know what the problem was because normally am I OK with a firm bed.
  12. Before our first cruise I also did loads of research and booked us on a tour for every island we went to. But we were so tired, especially after 36 hours of getting to the ship, that we did not do half the trips we had paid for. We have learned our lesson: travelling to the ship, and being on a moving ship, are both tiring. It is not possible for us to cram in loads of activity and have a holiday on a cruise. So, since then we have been more careful about not booking day long excursions every day. On our most recent cruise - scheduled at the end of my doing a Master's Degree as a bribe to complete it - we knew we would both be tired because my wife had also started a new job. So, we spent two weeks on board and only got off twice and did not bother with trips. So... ... I don't think that was necessarily good advice.
  13. Oh, is that what S&S stands for. In the UK S&S stands for something else, something unsavoury. "What's for dinner, mum?" "S&S" "Sorry I asked."
  14. I bet they go straight back to it on their release: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7984665/jail-sentences-of-cocaine-pensioners-roger-and-sue-clarke/
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