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  1. Try radishes some time. They are really good and surprisingly, don’t taste like you’d expect.
  2. Our two moves were about 20 miles. Definitely go with the box!
  3. I’m amazed at the peoples’ reasons for not doing it. My.own sister-in-law, who is a science teacher said there have been too many deaths from being vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna vaccine. I asked for her source, and got no answer.
  4. What a rotten thing to happen! Hopefully you can all reschedule. At least since you were vaccinated, you should have a easier time of it. The infusion should make a big difference. I hope your grandchild makes quick progress and that no one else gets it. Just when we were feeling we’d turned a corner, the variant jumped out at us!
  5. There are some nice shops in that area. I haven’t been up there since COVID, but I hope they all survived.
  6. Gators that reach a certain length are removed and relocated. The canals might not be welcoming to them because they want sunny banks where they can lie. The FLL canals are mostly bulkheads. In the rest of Florida, the saying goes “If you’ve got a pond, you’ve got a gator”.
  7. No, you take the drawer with you to the new house, empty it into the empty junk drawer and return the old one to its place. Worked for us.
  8. The brain eating amoeba in Florida lakes in the summertime keep us out of lakes. Usually at least we know which lakes have gators.
  9. We never pass up steamed clams. Or fried whole belly clams. I don’t think you’ve mentioned them yet! There used to be a little stand by the Bar Harbor airport that sold fried clams in quart size paper cups. So good!
  10. Lagniappe is on Amelia Island? How was the food? if you want to make a splash, try Salt at the Ritz Carlton.
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