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  1. Timing is everything, and as usual, mine is off! 6pm would have been great, but we’ll live with whatever we get. I’ll still switch from early traditional to MTD and hope to get in later than 5 but early enough for the shows.
  2. Are you sailing soon? i’m wondering if I can get a 6pm for MTD in March. And how early I could request it from rci dining. I don't know if you have to wait till you’re onboard, but it looks like you didn’t have to. A 6pm res would be perfect for my diabetic DH.
  3. I will absotively hit WJ for Mongolian. How do you turn pasta into stir fry in the MDR? Another favorite dish!
  4. Got it...right side back podium. I’ll see if I can switch. Not sailing till March 39, dapper we should be ok. Hopefully 6:30 will work to get to the shows in time to get decent seats. Thanks.
  5. I just want to clarify this before I switch to My Time; Jr Suites for sure on Harmony check in for My Time dining on the left side with Suites? So we hopefully could show up at 5:30 and not have to wait? i can’t stand for more than 5 minutes, so have never tried anything but traditional fixed dining. Thanks for all your helpful info.
  6. Southampton White Taxi Excursions is great. Large new vehicles, experienced drivers, and they will take you directly from Heathrow to Southampton for 100£ total or add a stop at Stonehenge or Windsor for an agreed upon price. I used the Roll Call to get another couple to join us and we split the cost. Very professional and reliable!
  7. I have not needed to use my Downy Wrinkle Release spray since I started packing my clothes 3 items in each plastic bag from the dry cleaners. I pack the old Delta Airlines way. Lay one bag of three items with the top portion in the suitcase and the rest lying across the lid. The next one goes hangers in and the rest off the side of the case. Third group hangers in and the rest out in front of the case and fourth out the other side. I keep the layers going till I have them all stacked in opposite directions. Then I fold one in, then the next, going clockwise around the suitcase till they’re all in. I can stuff my suitcase so it bulges, and my clothes don’t wrinkle! i take my Downy just in case but haven’t used it in several years. The other benefit is that it take less than five minutes to hang everything in the closet.
  8. I hope Laura is feeling a lot better, and back to enjoying your cruise.
  9. Well, I guess I can stop blaming Steve Jobs! i have no clue what to do differently!
  10. I’m thinking maybe it only works on a pc. (And Android phones)
  11. My granddaughter’s next door neighbor, Brian McCluney and his friend, Justin Walker went fishing out of Canaveral Friday. There is a massive search going on for these two firefighters. We cruisers know what a huge and mighty ocean the Atlantic is. Please everybody say a prayer for them to be found, although by now it may be just bringing them home. The search area has now stretched all the way to North Carolina.
  12. Ha! Maybe 99% of CCers can, but I get one word. If I try to spread it to more, it just moves over. And I only get one blue bubble! i feel dumb!!
  13. I can’t figure out how to get the whole sentence. (On my iPhone) I can highlight a word and get the quote selection box, but no more than one word.
  14. On our 27 day Crown cruise in April, we did not have even one little snail. We had plenty of other good things, though. Chateaubriand in the MDR, which was heavenly. I’d call that a favorite if they’d keep serving it. I have three things I love on Princess: The rolls....we can’t stop eating them. The Twice Baked Goat Cheese Soufflé ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Volcano...I can get everyone around me ordering it after they see mine.
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