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  1. Same applies here in SC and I am sure the rest of the East coast beach towns.
  2. What about those that spend $20k or more on a suite for that one sailing, shouldn't they be able to gamble in a smoke free casino if they want? Silly argument isn't it. Money doesn't buy you everything. While smoking is allowed go for it, just be prepared for the day it no longer is. Whether that makes cruising no longer an option for you, whether you need to go elsewhere and "gasp" give up your machine for a smoke, or give up smoking while gambling is your choice so start deciding. Sorry if blunt but when someone sticks to their argument with as much vigor as you have in this thread, for 4 or 5 cigarettes a night, it's the only way to get through, give it up already.
  3. Have sailed both Royal and Celebrity and see just as many people spending hours in the casino on Celebrity, which is non smoking, as on Royal. While I personally don't spend hours at any casino, I definitely spend more time there when it is non smoking. As for the smoking section being more crowded, yes it is but check how many are actually gambling. On the non smoking side just about everyone is gambling, makes a difference. This is just one of the reasons we have been sailing on Celebrity lately. I get it you don't want it to change but I do think it is just a matter if time. Whether that is thus year or not for 5 can't sat but it will be sooner than later.
  4. Thank you, was just going to post something similar. They most likely wanted to get the word out as quickly as possible. If they waited to have all questions answered people would be complaing about the even shorter notice. We are in unique territory here give them a chance.
  5. I am pretty sure the rules changed in just the past day or 2 so that it is all FCC now including the non penalty amount. Guess too many were cancelling.
  6. My bad, I should have used the word acknowledge instead of sign but still the same outcome. While I agree that you do have people ignoring the rules on a daily basis all the line needs to do is point to the contract that was agreed to, in whatever way you want to say it was, if someone claims they are being treated unfairly by the company if they are not following those rules. In your case they agreed to not bringing the ESA but did anyway so were denied boarding. The line need only to point that out if the offended party goes to the press. It will soon go away. No need to agree with me, seems like everyone else here does.
  7. If they signed a cruise contract stating no ESAs allowed they have no case. All the rest of the passengers would if they did allow them onboard.
  8. Saw this article earlier about this meeting. Not a whole lot, but something. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/07/coronavirus-cruise-lines-123455
  9. One of the lawsuit attachments, the 101 page one, posted a few days ago has the measurements in it. It was definitely over 30 feet but don't the exact number.
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