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  1. akcruz

    Android OS Tablets on RCL

    DH and I both have Samsung tablets and have never had issues using them on the ship. As suggested ask onboard and maybe they can help you.
  2. I made the assumption the OP was trying to get through the shopping area of the port back onto the ship, not getting off. I am sure as a first time cruiser she was unsure of the words to use here on her post. Let's not pick too much and scare her away. Still lots of questions with the post but can see where these words just got mixed up.
  3. On one of our first cruises at a stop in Key West one of us forgot their photo I'd. When coming back to the ship the port personnel let the other run back onboard to get it. Since then we always check the compass to see exactly what us needed and triple check we have it. As others have said it's always in the compass and usually on a sign as you exit the ship. What I don't get is how the port, and yes it's the port not the ship, detained them. All they had to do was wait for you to run back and get their ID.
  4. akcruz

    Which cruise would you choose?

    I would do Freedom for itinerary, but if you are concerned with cost have you checked out airfare differences? Flying to San Juan is usually a lot higher. Ad for so many port stops, pick one or two to do a beach day or stay on the ship. No need to do big excursions in all ports.
  5. Agree, we have had others with no status sail with us and they have always checked in and boarded with us, happened as emerald and diamond. They were in a cabin with one of us not in their own so maybe that makes a difference?
  6. akcruz

    Help with Deluxe Beverage Package

    We are Diamond and do. The hours of the lounge don't fit into the way we cruise and for the most what we prefer to drink is not on the official list. Besides having the ability to get bottled water whenever we like is a plus. Would really like a percent off the package to skip our 3 "free" drinks.
  7. Maybe this will help, if you jyst want to get on a ship to anywhere at anytime for the cheapest you can you can probably go for less than $100 a night but it may not be the experience you are looking for. We have paid, double occupancy, from $400 each on a 7 night in a balcony to a little over $1500 each on a 5 night in a balcony. As you can see ship, itinerary, time if year, and finding a good deal all can play into the cost. One of above was on an older ship off season while the other a newer one in middle of summer. And btw those prices are before taxes, port fees, drink packages, etc. People are suggesting a travel agent because they can wade thru all those variables and direct you to what is best in your case.
  8. akcruz

    Sales for drink package ?

    The prices do not change by individual but rather ship and itinerary. The newer ships and the shorter cruises seem to bring higher prices.
  9. The other thing that doomed the experiment was that the ship dud the same itinerary over and over, so even thise who did want to sail on it got tired of the same thing. I also had heard it was hard to get crew to work on the ship as many if them were smokers. I do believe if it was tried today, taking the lessons learned from that ship, it would be much more successful. However as long as smoking stays to designated areas I am fine with it.
  10. akcruz

    Room Cleaning Changed to Once a Day?

    On our last cruise after being off the ship most of the day came back to see a do not disturb sign on our door. The attendant was down the hall and came over almost immediately to see when he could get into our cabin. On getting into the cabin we also had a call from housekeeping making sure all was ok since the sign had been out all day. I would say something is off with attendant.
  11. akcruz

    Super Bowl

    We watched the Super Bowl on Jewel 2yearx ago out by the pool. The only thing to add to what has already been said is they show it in an international feed so you miss all the commercials. Was definitely different and not our first choice to watch the game but would do it again.
  12. Have used this boarding process more than once and it works very well. If no sea pass is on your door go to guest services, or even if is and you are concerned get a crew member to go into your cabin with you. No signature coming from me. If this was truly an issue I believe you would have many more than 3 signatures by now.
  13. As others have said it allows us to pick what time we want, not what time the line decides, we usually do between 6:30 and 7:00 depending on what the day looks like. We have also found that it is easier to get a table just for us in select, tired of being assigned to large tables and have many others not show, usually because of specialty restaurant reservations, leaving us by ourselves at a big table. We have found if you dine around the same time most of the others around you are also there at the same time. We actually ended up coordinating our dinner time with another couple on our last cruise to sit next to them each night. Lastly, we have found that if we need to change the time once onboard it is much easier to get our desired time then if we didn't have a reservation at all. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  14. We were on the Mardi Gras cruise this year. We too booked tickets for the grand stands as noted above. Actually the best experience we had was Sunday night heading to Bourbon street when we "ran into" one of the parades on a back street. We were so close you almost touch the floats, unbelievable experience. Lots of info from our roll call or if you haven't joined your do so. We booked late but were able to get all we wanted and more. We did meet a lot of people who had done the sailing the previous year and already had next year's booked. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  15. Just found this review, loving it so far can't wait for the rest! Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk