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  1. Wow, how beautiful, I have never seen anything like that but love it. Looking forward to seeing more pictures from what looks to have been a lovely day. Congrats to all!
  2. Know Long Valley well, we were in Clinton. Here is a shot of the front yard with a few of our regular visitors.
  3. I lived in NJ over 50 years and only in 1 house had less than an acre of property. Our last home was 2 1/2, most of which was woods. It truly is one of the most misunderstood states.
  4. Not @h20skibum but know those sandwiches well. Primanti brothers is a Pittsburgh sandwich shop that is known for their large sandwiches, they ask if you want your fries on the sandwich. My daughter went to Pitt and we always had to go when visiting. Way too big but oh so good, multiple napkins needed. Brought back great memories seeing that pic.
  5. My son stopped playing almost 15 years ago and he had similar restrictions, he was primarily a pitcher so remember those pitch counts and trying to stay under a certain number so he could could pitch in x amount of days again. Glad to see they are thinking about the boys health.
  6. Unfortunately people believe it is their right to fly however they want, and yes it will carry over to cruising, in some ways it has, chair hogs, etc. Found this, sad to say I believe it represents the world we now live in.
  7. Yikes, how disappointing. Hopefully they compensate you for the damage, but so hard to put a cost to sentimental items. Tacos and beach do make up for a lot but still. ☹
  8. Hopefully you can get it replaced quickly, our over the range microwave died a week before Xmas, we had to wait until February for a replacement, most appliances are backorder. Fortunately had an old counter one to get us through. Glad to have you back, this is why I stick mostly to this thread and Bellas. Just starting to venture back to the main boards a bit with cruising starting again. It is great to get all your stuff, but does cause a lot of work. Almost 4 years later we are now getting rid of stuff we moved and haven't used yet. Agree on getting w
  9. We had a huge garden growing up in NJ, would go pick the corn and could eat it without cooking it was so sweet. Do miss the corn and especially the tomatoes. Got spoiled and am very picky now, hard to find anything that even comes close here. Tip I learned for cooking corn, smell the steam coming off the pot, as soon as you smell the corn take it out, fresh corn only needs a minute or two, older can take much longer.
  10. Our community had our 4th of July golf cart parade this morning, theme of Christmas in July, a few pics of creativity. Happy 4th!
  11. Honestly don't remember how season 2 ended, season 3 is just so far out there hard to follow. Have heard there is a cliffhanger at the end of season 3 so without a season 4 it is a bit disappointing.
  12. Agree, we have about 5 more episodes from the latest season recorded and are considering just deleting them, lost interest. Now that it seems it is canceled really no need to struggle through. We too are fans on Bosch, haven't started the latest, and last ☹, season. Another I haven't seen mentioned is Kaminsky Method, latest season of that is out too but haven't watched yet. Happy 4th to all who are celebrating.
  13. Paid 2.65 credit today with my grocery rewards. Born and raised NJ girl who learned to pump gas when we bought our lake cottage in PA in the late 90s. So used to it now that we live in SC and most times prefer to do my own but yes there are those times I wish I could just say fill it regular and get waited on.
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