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  1. I was a little confused. Like I didn’t recognize where Allure was. Couldn’t see Jetty Park when she moved out into the ocean. Maybe my mind erased what I was used to seeing.
  2. We were just two weeks ago laughing about one of our granddaughters who would never have gotten a sports scholarship. She was on a soccer team at about age 8, and would run up and down the field, keeping up with the ball. She never took her eyes off the ball, because she wanted to make sure she was always at least 5 feet from it. When she played T-ball, I asked her her favorite part of the game. She said Dugout, because she could sit and talk. She’s now a special Ed teacher and plays outdoor games with her students.
  3. I’m wondering if your grandson’s teacher will ask him what he did this summer. I don’t know any child including my own that had such a wonderful summer vacation.
  4. Fantastic pictures, especially the bottom one. I’m doing a screen shot and sharing it with friends if that’s ok!
  5. Mine are in Dashlane, which is a free app. I’ve read in more than one place that it’s extremely encrypted and as safe as possible. Who knows? I also have them in a small notebook in my nightstand. I update it when I change or add passwords. If someone is at the point of reading the notebook, I’ll probably be long gone! I would not save them when it asks. That stores it in the website you’re using. I wouldn’t trust that.
  6. How horrible to have to start the wait and anticipation over again! I guess any of us could test positive, which is scary when you think of checking in for a cruise.
  7. It made me tear up, thinking of all the beloved pets who go ahead of us.
  8. I was late to work for the only time ever so I could watch Alex Trebek run past me with the torch. He flew to Jacksonville just for his few moments.
  9. @lenquixote66Happy Birthday! Hope you’re having a good one. @A&L_Ont Happy Anniversary. lovely picture! @island ladyI’m looking forward to reading about your stay in the Maine woods when you find some WiFi.
  10. I had wonderful grandparents, but y’all have taken grandparenting to a whole new level!! A summer to top all summers!
  11. Depends on the size. Big ones I’d cut in half. You don’t want them to wind up shrunken crispy things.
  12. Isn’t NBC going to show the opening ceremonies tonight (23rd) at 7:30pm DST? If not, we missed them!
  13. The first time I had them cooked, I recognized everything but them. I finally asked, and was surprised at how roasting them changed the flavor.
  14. Try radishes some time. They are really good and surprisingly, don’t taste like you’d expect.
  15. Our two moves were about 20 miles. Definitely go with the box!
  16. I’m amazed at the peoples’ reasons for not doing it. My.own sister-in-law, who is a science teacher said there have been too many deaths from being vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna vaccine. I asked for her source, and got no answer.
  17. What a rotten thing to happen! Hopefully you can all reschedule. At least since you were vaccinated, you should have a easier time of it. The infusion should make a big difference. I hope your grandchild makes quick progress and that no one else gets it. Just when we were feeling we’d turned a corner, the variant jumped out at us!
  18. There are some nice shops in that area. I haven’t been up there since COVID, but I hope they all survived.
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