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  1. I’m posting this because it’s funny to me. I don’t always pay enough attention to my cooking. Especially when I’m tired. Back when I was still working, I came home late and exhausted, rushed into the kitchen, made a batter, coated and fried a couple of pounds of shrimp. Not till we sat down to eat did I realize I had not peeled the shrimp! Oddly, the shrimp was good, after we peeled them, batter and shell!
  2. 10 should be right. - 1 rabbit, 3 monkeys and 6 tortoises were going to the river.
  3. Good luck. I asked for one for my birthday and got an IOU for dinner out someday. I believe I’ll insist on Guinea Grill in London.
  4. That happened to me. It was the last time I played a slot machine. I’m still mad.
  5. I was seeing your cartoons till the last couple of days.
  6. I normally see them, always on my iPhone. This time they’re blank.
  7. I watched in awe as my friend decorated a beautiful cake for my son’s birthday party. It had a blue lake, with a rowboat and a little boy with a fishing pole. It was a work of art! she was piping gray icing around the edge for rocks, concentrating as she leaned over the cake...and about a gallon of drool hit the cake. Her 10 year old yelled he wasn’t going to eat any of it. Nancy and I grabbed paper towels and blotted the lake and soon it was damp, but not obviously wet. Her son, of course, didn’t get to go to the party. now that my son is 56, I guess it’s safe to tel him.
  8. This is absolutely me. I have a friend who thinks cruises are wasted on me because I don’t eat, drink, and party like there’s no tomorrow. I love my balcony, something to eat and drink, my binoculars and my Kindle. Oh, how I miss it!
  9. The anesthesiologist came to introduce himself before my surgery. Hi, I’m Dr Nutt, and you’re my last patient. I’m going back to school and getting my degree. Then he walked out. He was telling the truth, except that he didn’t mention he was getting his second degree in a different field. I’m surprised more patients don’t change their minds about surgery!
  10. I remember the comics, and how good they smelled. Bubble gum was one of my favorite smells, besides walking home from the store with an open loaf of bread. I would inhale all of the fresh white bread smell out of it.
  11. I’m so old I remember during the war a kid yelling that the dime store had gum. By the time we got money from our mom and ran to the store, they were sold out.
  13. I thought it was iguanas falling out of trees in December that landed with a thud.
  14. A lot of our trees do change color in Jacksonville...generally about two weeks in December. And you have to know where to look!
  15. My favorite, because half the books I read these days are loaded with misused words.
  16. I’ll just stay out of the way while I finish clearing the table.
  17. The movie that was never released: Ben Hur...ley Davidson
  18. It was so easy to find anything in the library with that card index. I miss it, too.
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