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  1. Thanks for getting back to us! I suspect you may be right that they use it as a compacity control tool.
  2. I’m glad I didn’t book yet! I was assuming it was go at your leisure, not select a time that you may go every day, and only that time!
  3. I haven’t been on enough cruises to have port fatigue yet! Especially since I now have a new cruising partner that hasn’t been to the Caribbean or Bahamas! I do know that I would like to stay in the shop someday while it’s at port, just to experience the ship having less people on board. I also ran into this article today. The Bahamas says that not enough people get off the big cruise ships while in port, and passengers aren’t spending enough while there, so they are cutting incentives for cruise lines. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-bz-bahamas-unhappy-with-cruise-passenger-spending-20181022-story,amp.html
  4. Another vote for squaremouth. I like their comparison feature, it helps me get to the details of the policy with mostly a glance. I can usually find good coverage for $60-80 for the 2 of us. One thing to note with cruise ship line providing coverage, they sometimes don’t cover any other parts of your trip.
  5. Interesting that you think I am not only a swinger, but married with kids just because I said those that do live that life don’t announce it to their kids. I know a lot more about my parents bedroom lives as an adult then I ever did as a kid. My parents had boundaries (also not swingers). I think it is completely fair to say that most parents don’t parade their sex lives in front of underage children. No one is jealous that you are happy as you are. Congrats on being happy. Everyone else just wants to be too, even if that definition is different for them. You seem uptight. Maybe you need a lifestyle change. (I couldn’t NOT leave a snarky remark! Apparently I MUST be insecure) Btw: I am not any of the things you think :) I just can’t stand people like you who think that if someone does something out of “normal” they must be corrupting children. :rolleyes:
  6. Clearly you are paranoid. Why would you have any reason to think that if parents are swingers, that the kids know? Do vanilla parents tell their kids what they get up to in the bedroom? Why would you think it would be any different for any other parents? :confused:
  7. It’s back to being advertised as $42 pp with no sale banner listed. So even if it is a “sale” it doesn’t say so. So of course I wouldn’t assume it’s a sale price when it is not advertised as such! I am not used to playing Royal’s weird “sale” game. I know pretty much everywhere does this, but RCCL seems to be more ridiculous than I am used to.
  8. Just complaining because I won't buy it for $42 per person. Neither of us drink enough to make it worth it at that price. I would however buy it for the price I thought it was going for. It was just too good to be true, sadly.
  9. I got an email saying that the deluxe drinks package was on sale for my cruise, BOGO 50% off. I was excited, until I called (I really am starting to hate their website) and the price per person AFTER the discount said $42 per person per day plus service charge. I am pretty darn sure it was $42 per person per day yesterday with no sale. I am so disappointed!
  10. Thanks for the tips! We leave in 51 days! This is my first RCCL cruise, and since I only booked 1 week ago, we were not able to reserve iFly and North Star. App is already downloaded! Great news about free escape room. We’ve done a couple land ones and really enjoy them.
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