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  1. I agree that the aft elevators always seemed a lot less crowded when we cruised in December 2022 on the Celebration. We were almost always able to catch those elevators with little or no wait when we went to dinner.
  2. I watched a video from one of the cruisers onboard stating that they were told they hoped to arrive at the port at 3 pm. But the port website is showing they still are at condition Zulu at the moment.
  3. We enjoyed our trip to the PCC and learned a lot about the different Polynesian cultures at the villages. Even though the luau was sold out the day we went, the Gateway Buffet had a great variety of very tasty food. The Ha Breath of Life show was worth the price of admission by itself.
  4. My mom uses a wheelchair when on a cruise ship or anytime that would involve long walks and it works out really well. She is 92, and walking longer distances wears her out. So the wheelchair works really well for her. We inherited the wheelchair from a relative who had used it after an automobile accident and didn’t need it anymore. On the websites for airlines, you can request a wheelchair assist. We have found it invaluable to have someone help us through security and onto the plane. Most airlines have loaner chairs available for use at the airports.
  5. You might want to report this question, if you haven’t already done so, to the Florida Departures board. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/386-florida-departures/
  6. Yes. At least they required it when we last did this in 2019.
  7. I don’t think your sign and sail card will work to open any additional cabins, but as csm noted, you can go to Guest Services to get an additional card that will open the door of the cabin in which you will be sleeping. All of you will need to go to Guest Services as a group.
  8. Thanks for changing the font. Love the review so far and looking forward to the rest.
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