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  1. Magic had Cucina as of 2016. I think the Magic is scheduled for a dry dock so hopefully it won’t get replaced. I owe posts here for trying out Cucina upon embarkation. Best decision of the whole cruise (and the cruise was wonderful).
  2. I bought the DVD on our family reunion cruise in 2009, but I admit I only watched it once not long after the cruise.
  3. Rand Paul is an ophthalmologist who is certified by a board he created himself, so like Ellaleah, I would not base any rational opinion on anything Rand Paul says.
  4. Thanks for posting the review. It’s great to read about the fun times.
  5. Thank you for posting this review. It’s great to read all about the fun times.
  6. My first cruise was on the SS Norway. I had a solo cabin that was so small if you took two steps in the room, you ran into the bed. Great memories though.
  7. Thanks for doing this review. It’s refreshing to read a new review.
  8. You might check with the company that issued the certificate as a lot of the hotel chains have temporarily relaxed their requirements to use expiring points and such.
  9. My sister and I both got an extra room key for my Mom’s room, as she wears hearing aids and we didn’t want to be banging on her door early in the morning when we came to take her to breakfast. We all three went down to Guest Services.
  10. I normally drink bottled water at home, but had no problem with the taste of the water from dispensers on my Royal Cruise this past fall. I filled my water bottle with the cups of water.
  11. When I’ve had price reductions, they didn’t cancel and rebook. They just adjusted the balance due or refunded my credit card if I had paid in full.
  12. I was on Serenade do the Seas in November, and the muster drill was outside. Our room steward actually knocked on the cabin door a few minutes before the official announcement and told us to go to the muster station.
  13. I had a battery pack plus several extra batteries for cameras in my carry on and had no issues either at the airport or the cruise ship back in November.
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