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  1. They kick everyone out of their cabins by 8am. Diamonds, Platinums, FTTF, everyone. Your best option is to go to breakfast in the MDR before 8am and hang out on the promenade deck until the lines of people exiting the ship dwindle down, typically by 9:30am or 10am.
  2. Earlier this year I was on a Carnival ship that did the same thing. Apparently we came in too hot and had to go back out to sea and try again slower. We didn't get close enough to the pier to cause alarm but it was a good call by the captain to redo the approach.
  3. It would be nice if Carnival would enforce their bluetooth speaker rules first before they come up with new ones. I don't care about what a person wears, I just want the kids (and adults) to stop blasting crap music down the halls and in the cabins.
  4. We're arriving on Friday so we can spend 2 days there before the cruise. It's my favorite port as well. We decided to stay at the Sheraton so we can walk everywhere and walk to the ship.
  5. I've sailed both several times. Sunshine will offer more of the wow factor and more things to do. However I personally prefer the smaller Fantasy class ships and usually choose Sensation for the service and more intimate vibe.
  6. I learned my lesson when I sailed Carnival Victory immediately after her 2015 drydock. We had all the problems you encountered except the yellow water. In 2020 I'm cruising the Mediterranean on the new Carnival Radiance (retrofitted Victory) and was given the option to sail the first cruise post drydock, I politely declined. But that would have been funny if I made the same mistake twice on the same ship with a new name.
  7. Yes you can cancel if you're unsatisfied with the performance. IMO I wouldn't bother getting the premium since the value tier seems to offer the same speeds, slow most of the day. From my experience Carnival doesn't use QOS (quality of service) to throttle/increase internet bandwidth between the tiers at peak times, so your experience will be the same during peak times.
  8. I've made a 11:50 FLL flight before without an issue after disembarking from POM, but I usually disembark first with Plats and Diamonds. If you're disembarking at port of Miami and don't have priority disembarkation I wouldn't chance it, especially with the government shutdown and long TSA lines. 1pm or 2pm is much safer. If you're disembarking at Port Everglades then that time is perfect.
  9. I sailed Vista when it first came to Miami in June 2017 and the speeds were pretty bad. It's hit or miss. The good thing is that if it's not good enough you can get a refund from Guest Services.
  10. I've tried them all on several different ships (Vista through Sensation) and all had the same speeds, SLOOOOW. The only time it worked reasonably well is in port while everyone is off the ship or very early in the morning. It's almost worse than dialup speeds. Social Wi-Fi Plan - Extra Slow Value Wi-Fi Plan - Very Slow Premium Wi-Fi Plan - Very Slow
  11. Pros: Great location near water line Cons: Can be shaded I always choose Cove over regular balcony's because it feels more secluded and more connected with the sea.
  12. It sucks that they had to learn a very expensive lesson. A $100 hotel room with parking plus shuttle/Uber would have been the way to go if trying to save money.
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