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  1. Happily following along, will be on Jubilee for 2 weeks in June
  2. Elation is now passing Mayport in the St Johns River, so will be at the port soon
  3. Happycruiser7 just do it. A few years ago my travel partner was unable to go on a cruise we had been planning, so I thought I will just go solo. My husband and family were so upset I was going solo that I added a family member. We went on the cruise, it was fun but the whole time I kept thinking, I wish I had gone solo and then I became a little angry that I as a 50+ women was not able to travel by myself on a cruise. Fast forward, I have a cruise booked for 2025 and I am going solo- that's the end of it. Just go, have fun, people on Princess are very nice, lots of solo travelers. Be smart, go with your gut if you are unsure at times. As other people have suggested, join a roll call for your sailing. Get an internet package so you can keep in touch with family if that makes you feel better.
  4. We tried it for the first time in November. Decent shrimp, clam strips were good (better than most places but not as good as whole belly clams) and crab legs. It satisfied the seafood cravings and didn't break the bank and I was very happy with it. Looking forward to having again on the next few cruises.
  5. Thank you Megan! I have very much enjoyed your review and for taking us along with you!
  6. Traveled on Adventure OTS right when Covid hit. Had a great vibe, the food was amazing and I loved the schooner bar. Roomy junior suite, staff was good but not as friendly as other lines I have been on. It is just a really cool ship, in fact it is still my favorite ship I have been on. Good ocean views. Yes it is older but think the size is perfect, the solarium was great ( so grateful to have a covered area with huge hot tubs) This was the first Royal Caribbean ship I had ever been on . Now having said that, I don't know how it is post Covid but I booked a transatlantic on her this year and can't wait to sail on her again. I would pick Adventure over Allure any day. Allure is the only other Royal Carib ship I have sailed.
  7. I was on Legend for two weeks in November. Yes there were some issues with a sewage smell a few days in several areas of the ship (not just a whiff but full on yikes- fans set up in the hallway, but she is 20+ years old), the food was good some days and less good other days but overall she is a great ship, the crew was fantastic, easy to find your way around and the beds were comfy- I think you will be fine and can't wait to hear what you decide to do.
  8. I'm guessing there a few people wishing for a banana bag this morning (electrolytes and vitamins in an IV) 🙂
  9. Graham, i have always enjoyed your car/beach pics! Keep them coming :)
  10. Also think if Carnival continues to run "longer cruises" that is a plus. Royal is changing to shorter cruises. With the exception of my Jubilee B2B next summer I am only looking at 12+ day cruises. I think also as has been mentioned, new cruisers may spend more in the beginning or if you only cruise 1 time a year or every other year. The more cruises you take, the more you zero in on the things you like and don't like. Have met many people who like the longer cruises, but I know I have met cruisers that would never go for a cruise longer than 5-7 days. Plus getting time off from work can be difficult. I think the Carnival Greenland cruises are great (the first one they offered sold out very quickly) and I can't wait to go on one. Of course longer cruises mean more days which means more Platinum and Diamonds. Time will tell!
  11. Enjoying your review so far. Please let us know how the specialty dining is tonight. We board on the 4th and have reservations for both specialty restaurants. Have been on Coral but not Island.
  12. I like this quote, having just been upset by the Delta loyalty changes, it has made me think a lot about brand loyalty, I realized that even with the changes, I'm still going to fly them because I like them. I cruise Carnival because I think it is fun- . When I want a more "relaxing" cruise, I go on another cruise line with an older demographic. They could have no loyalty program and Im still going to cruise them. The beauty of having so many cruise lines and ships is just that-Choice. I do get casino discounts but If another cruise line gives me the same discount I may or may not choose the other line. I can also assure you that that comp room costs more than you think.
  13. Would love to take advantage of one of these offers but airfare to Australia is just too crazy at the moment. Kimkencruzers- I haven't gone on one of the Aussie cruises but they keep sending the offers (even during COVID when Australia was closed). I don't know if the Status match offers are different though. Sorry I can't be more help
  14. Smoky Watermelon Margarita- im not even going to try to make it because I know it wont be the same! (Hoping i can get it on the Jubilee next summer)
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