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  1. Cruised on Carnival multiple times and Royal Caribbean once. For me very different experiences. I found the food on Royal to be some of the best MDR food I have had on a ship (I know this can depend on the ship itself) That being said, the specialty restaurants on Carnival were a bit cheaper and I find them to be a good value. My first 10 cruises I never ate in a specialty restaurant and now I eat at least once in a specialty restaurant on each cruise. I find the energy on Carnival to be infectious and it is wonderful and really is a "fun ship". For a more laid back atmosphere I really enjoy Royal Caribbean and Princess. Also Royal has the Solarium and I pretty much spent all my time there on our only Royal cruise. I'm fair skinned and they have plenty of covered places to lounge, and hot tubs that are also covered. I have a Royal booked in October of this year and Jan 2022, with a Carnival in between. I'm hoping the upcoming Royal cruises will be as wonderful as our last. I'm happy to go back and forth between the two brands and will book based on price. I do wish Carnival had more choices for longer itineraries. Royal has a fair amount of 9+ days, Carnival has a few but they are mostly repositioning or to Hawaii or Alaska. The more I cruise, the longer the cruises get. Would love to try Celebrity but its out of my price range. Would rather go on multiple cruises a year then just one expensive cruise.
  2. Have only gotten the drink package once while cruising. I did feel like I had "to get my monies worth" (think I would have spent less not getting the package). Didn't get any more drink packages after that. Now, having not cruised for 16 months , I have decided that I want to get on the ship and not worry about every drink, coffee, soda etc and how much it costs. As far as wifi, I repeatedly had issues getting logged out and losing my free minutes. Im booking Princess Plus from now on.(my next cruises on princess are plus) Im actually really happy they have the all inclusive option now. I like a mimosa in the morning and several glasses of wine throughout the day, also my traveling companion can have her own internet now. Im just grateful that cruises are starting again. Again as someone said before- we have choices, just have to decide which option works best for your individual preferences
  3. I once flew from Jacksonville Florida (first flight of the day) to LAX on day of cruise. There were no delays and made the ship on time but my stress level was through the roof, even after I boarded the ship I decided "never again would I take that chance" After reading some of the posts I may even fly in two days early for my British Isles cruise just to be safe.
  4. At the time, I enjoyed them, was something different 🙂 Something for everyone, just not on Princess.
  5. I know I have had John Smiths and Boddingtons on Princess ships, quite delicious
  6. So I uninstalled my medallion app a short time ago and down loaded medallion app again. Now the Dine my way works but...there are only two in my party but keeps putting us at a 4 top and there does not appear to be a way to change this. Any suggestions? Im inclined to just keep it as it least it is at our preferable times. Maybe it means all of the 2 tops have been taken during those times?
  7. I moved my October 2021 Splendor Cruise to a 2023 Spirit cruise (hopefully everything will be much closer to normal by then). Told my PVP I didn't think Australia would be open and asked if I could move the cruise. Although there was a small penalty he was actually able to get me a better deal. My cruise was a nonrefundable casino deal but I still kept my casino cash etc. I would call Carnival.
  8. Having same issues, reset password several times, then is asking for all my info-name etc once I do get logged in, then when I go to profile it goes to a page that has a bunch of misc characters and at the end it says null. What a cluster! Will just give it a few more days although hasn't worked for me since last week....
  9. I used to be a glass artist, so working with fire was a necessity. In mythology Prometheus stole fire from the Gods and gave it to man- Just seemed like a natural name to take at the time.
  10. Actually the Havana interiors are not nearly as expensive as the suites and you still have access to all of the Havana areas. I would love a Havana suite but out of my price range. At this point I would take steerage just to be on a cruise:)
  11. Im also curious about the Havana area on New Excel class vs Vista class. On the layout of Excel class it appears much smaller than the Vista class and off to the side of the ship. Guess we will have to wait until the reviews on those first Mardi Gras cruises.
  12. Cookies from the buffet with soft serve in between= ice cream sandwich 🙂
  13. Only time will tell. Have a Hawaii cruise in Nov. I think after the Holiday surge starts to dissipate numbers will (hopefully) start to go down. Im hopefully getting vaccinated in the next 2 weeks. Im still looking forward to cruising as long as I have bookings, Whether they go, is going to be month by month.... We will cruise again someday!
  14. Yep, total bummer but not too surprising. Im taking the refund this time. I know I will go on future Royal cruises but my schedule is getting tight for rebooking and I don't want any more money tied up in bookings for the moment.
  15. well, scratch off the Symphony OTS. Got my cancellation notice a short time ago...
  16. For Symphony Im booked in a forward window cabin, Allure is a central park balcony and Celebration an interior Havana.
  17. First solo booked for April 24 Symphony OTS Sept 5 Allure OTS Nov 6 Carnival Celebration TA A bit nervous but glad to find this thread on CC. My husband or family will sometimes cruise with me but DH doesn't like cruising near as much as I do so I figure Im going cruising with or without him:)
  18. Following this thread, first solo cruise on April 24 (if it goes) and next solo on Sept 5th, even planning a solo TA in 2022. Even when traveling with others I like my "alone time quite a bit" and as someone mentioned above I plan to bring a book for mealtimes and bars. I also have not been able to make reservations for anytime dining on RCL-will not give me an option to book a time but it looks like it will for a specialty restaurant (I very badly want to try Wonderland just waiting until the cruise gets closer before I put down anymore money).
  19. You may need to pick several future cruises to choose from, just keep giving dates until they find once that works. I was able to move a cruise from May 2021 to Sept of 2022 on Horizon. All onboard credit transferred. Still got same room class (Havana) Carnival had not cancelled that cruise yet. I did it this morning. Just emailed my PVP and traded a few emails and gave him the approval.
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