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  1. The Tennis Channel just showed Koningsdam moored off of Monte Carlo. Thanks to this post I was able to identify her!
  2. All’s well as far as I know. We were doing 23 knots all the way up the coast on the way back to NYC.
  3. cxc362

    Dining room dress code onboard thr Gem

    In fact for the cruise which ended today shorts were allowed every night everywhere except LeBistro. The “dress code” each evening was “Resort Casual”.
  4. cxc362

    Does the GEM have Mini-Golf?

    That would be “Goofy Golf”, not mini-golf.
  5. cxc362

    Norwegian GEM Cruise Director

    It’s Lorena (Tapia), not Lorraine. We just got of the Gem today and she is very good, has a lot of energy, and, as stated, good chemistry both with her staff and with the entertainers. The assistant CD (Evan Brienza) was also good, especially with game show duties (both as host and as a participant. Tim has really good chemistry with anyone and really all of the entertainers had chemistry with and seemed to support each other. For example Tim participated in alot of activities and attended many of the shows.
  6. cxc362

    Gem DVD Player?

    Thank you!
  7. cxc362

    Gem Laundry Line?

    Thank you!
  8. cxc362

    Gem Laundry Line?

    Do Mini-Suites on the Gem have a laundry line? Thanks!
  9. cxc362

    Gem DVD Player?

    I think the answer to this is no but I’m looking for confirmation. Do Mini-Suites on the Gem have a DVD player? Thanks!
  10. Lucca may be lesser known but it is well worth a visit. It has some of the best preserved city walls.
  11. cxc362

    Gem Hotel Director

    Thank you very much! I will pass this information on to my mother who asked me to try to find out the name of the current HD.
  12. cxc362

    Gem Hotel Director

    Does anyone know who the current Hotel Director is on the Gem? If so, do you also know how long they'll be onboard? Thanks!