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  1. Agree completely ! I visited one of these staterooms on a CC Cabin Crawl. They are HUGE in comparison to typical Ocean View cabins. If a balcony is not a requirement for you, this would be an excellent choice.
  2. Sorry, I forgot that Cruise Critic would bleep out the web address. Substitute "Sea Scanner" without the space for the asterisks.
  3. The Jade has a forward-facing camera on the bridge. Here's a link to the image: https://*****/ships-position-norwegian-jade Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the view. It updates periodically.
  4. We have done it a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed it. It probably wouldn't seem worth the price ($30 or so) unless you are a wine lover, but the show is fun and upbeat, the cast each time we saw it were great, and the audience interaction made for a fun time. They almost always schedule it for a sea day, so you might find yourself looking for something to do that day, anyway. Having seen the show twice, we probably won't be going again, but I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys wine and musical theater.
  5. You seem to be referring to the Free at Sea Dining option. If your cruise is more than 7 days and you choose the dining package as one of your perks, the first two passengers in the stateroom each will be entitled to three dinners in a specialty restaurant. The discussion in this thread, however, is not about Free at Sea perks. It concerns the coupons for specialty dining which frequent passengers receive once they reach the Platinum level in the Latitudes Program. Two entirely different things.
  6. The change occurred in February 2017 at the same time NCL revamped the Latitudes program to include the new categories of Platinum Plus and Ambassador.
  7. I figured it had to be something like that. Customary practices, customer expectations, regulatory requirements, or some other obscure reason had to be at the bottom of it. Sorry about your 15 minutes, though.
  8. We received the same time change notice for our August 28th sailing, getting back to Seattle on September 4th. I wasn't planning on getting up at 4:00 AM to get off the ship, anyway, so it really didn't seem to have much impact.
  9. The different numbers are because of the way NCL markets cruises in different countries. Sometimes there are legal requirements in one country which are different from another. Sometimes it's just a matter of customary practice or expectations. As an example, sometimes they offer two B2B cruises as a combined cruise to passengers in one country, but only as separate cruises in another. That would add an extra listing for the first country that doesn't appear for the second. There probably are several other possible examples that could add up to dozens more listings in the UK than in the U
  10. This past Monday NCL changed the "account name" or "user ID" for a large number of passengers. It seems to have affected anyone who had been using their actual name as their account ID. Try your email address (including the "dot com" part) as your user name and you should be able to log in.
  11. Absolutely agree with you ! Whether the change affected 10 people, 10,000, or 10 million, they should have notified us in advance that they were about to change the account ID we need to log into their website.
  12. Sorry if my earlier post caused any confusion. I simply was stating what the person in the NCL Reservations Department told me, that every account ID was changed to the customer's email address. It does appear that while a significant number of account names were changed to the email address, many persons have seen no change. In my case, my previous user ID was my actual name. I wonder if the only account IDs that were changed were like mine, and that those who use some sort of nickname for their account ID were left alone.
  13. Glad to hear it. According to the person I spoke with, it was a system-wide change which would affect every one of the tens of millions of NCL accounts.
  14. This past Monday, around 4:00 PM Eastern time, NCL changed the user ID on all passenger accounts from whatever you previously used to your email address. It seems that they did this without prior notice. I was logged into the NCL website at the time it happened and got an error message when I tried to move from one page to another. I called the NCL main phone number and someone in the Reservations Department advised me of the change. Neither my wife nor I have received a notification of the change as yet. I wonder how many other folks are scratching their heads about this, and how many ot
  15. I have done that before. The courteous thing to do is advise them as soon as you board. If you show up at the restaurant with only two people on a reservation for six, though, they can either seat the two of you at a large table or shift things around and put you at a smaller table. There may be a slight delay, but they can't really refuse to seat you simply because your phantom dinner companions don't join you for dinner.
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