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  1. This most recent announcement cancelled our planned cruise on the Breakaway out of New Orleans in February. That makes eight Covid cancelled cruises for us.
  2. If there isn't a specific mention of meals being included, you can bet that they aren't. We did a similar trip a few years ago, but not the NCL package. We booked the 7 day cruise with NCL, then the hotel plus 3 days of tours with a travel agent. Pearl Harbor, with the Arizona, Missouri, Bowfin, plus the Aviation Museum will fill most of one day. The shoreline tour and Polynesian Culture Center will take most of another. If possible, I would recommend the "Home of the Brave" tour that takes you to several of the military installations which were attacked on December 7, 1941. A tour of th
  3. We were booked on the Breakaway for a February 7th sailing to the Caribbean out of New Orleans. That makes eight Covid cancelled cruises for us !
  4. We were on the Gem for a Panama Canal cruise departing San Francisco late January and arriving NYC on Valentine's Day this year. The hostess in O'Sheehan's told us that the Prime Rib Night had been discontinued. We double-checked with the GM who said that it was a company policy change to drop it fleet wide.
  5. I used to really look forward to prime rib night in O'Sheehan's, but as others already have noted, NCL stopped serving prime rib in O'Sheehan's (also in the Local) shortly before the Covid shutdown. Sometimes you just don't feel like having a fine dining experience, you just want comfort food, and O'Sheehan's is the place for it. The evening menu is the same as the daytime fare. On two dozen NCL cruises, I've probably had dinner in the pub maybe a dozen or 15 times. I always preferred the prime rib when it was available, but otherwise it's usually fish and chips, a Reuben, burger, or soup.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. Any idea who to contact at NCL to volunteer?
  7. I agree that NCL could have expressed it more clearly. What it boils down to, though, is that when you leave a child in the care of the staff, there has to be an adult on board who can pick up the child if there is a problem.
  8. Howdy, I interpret a bit differently. It seems to say that you have to leave an adult on board unless NCL has a means of contacting you by phone or pager. Even then, you have a limited amount of time to respond and attend to your child.
  9. Per the NCL website, in answer to the question "Can I leave my children on board while I am in port?" Yes, unless you are given a handy phone* at least 1 authorized pick up person must remain onboard in case the staff or child needs your assistance. Handy phones or pagers will be given out for the following reasons: *Pagers and handy phones do not work in port while the ship is docked. Therefore, on port days pagers and handy phones will be issued if your child is in diapers or needs assistance with the bathroom and at least one parent/authorized pick-u
  10. So, did your screen name come from a football yell from the time you were in Texas? "Farmers Fight! Farmers Fight! Fight, Fight! Farmers, Farmers, Fight" Gig 'em.
  11. That's true, but most of the time you will have dinner with a senior officer. So far we have been with 4 General Managers, 3 Cruise Next Managers, 2 Captains, 2 Chief Engineers, 2 Chief Medical Officers, 1 F&B Director, 1 Security Chief, 1 Chief Environmental Officer, and 1 Guest Service Manager. Each of them ranked three stripes or more. We also have dined once each with an Assistant Accountant, Gift Shop Manager, Tour Group Coordinator, Casino Pit Boss, Junior Electrical Engineer, Assistant IT Systems Manager, and the General Manager's Secretary. None of them rated more than two str
  12. The difference in perks for Platinum Plus compared to Platinum include an additional 5% discount off shore excursions, twice as many free cartons of water, twice as many free internet minutes, dinner with a ship's officer, and priority seating for dinner and shows. Some of these may be of little use to some passengers, while others may really get a kick out of getting to know the Captain, General Manager, or other officer at dinner. The priority seating perk can be extremely rewarding, especially on the big ships where the lines at the theater and comedy club can be quite long. It's nice to
  13. We have sailed on the Epic three times. I love the way the ship is laid out, but there are a few negatives. There aren't enough elevators for 4000 passengers, so there can be quite a wait at times. The theater is about the same size as those on much smaller ships, so reservations are required for the shows. They sometimes fill up and have to turn away any latecomers. The most curious aspect, though, has to be the design of the staterooms, particularly the toilet facilities. If you are accustomed to hotel rooms in out-of-the-way European destinations, you should have no problems. Otherwi
  14. We have sailed twice on the Breakaway and once on the Joy. If the itineraries are similar, I would recommend the Joy. The forward observation lounge is a great place to hang out, especially when there's something to see like the glaciers in Alaska. The Joy also has the go-kart track, if you're into that sort of thing. The Joy is a bit larger, several years newer, and has more to offer. About the only thing you'll be missing is the spa. The Joy was built for the Asian market, and a spa wasn't a priority. Trying to retrofit all the pools and plumbing needed for the spa just didn't work, s
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