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  1. do some research this has been discussed many times here and in the 'scuba' section in the past this offering from RCL was for SCUBA DIVER certification only .... what you probably want is OPEN WATER DIVER ... see PADI.COM (while SCUBA DIVER is technically a subset of OPEN WATER DIVER, good luck finding a place to get training to cover the difference <PADI lists no such course so you may end up having to repeat some costs>) Today there is little on board 'course work', rather you are told how to access PADI ONLINE TRAINING and are expected to have completed this b4 the cruise .. there is a test and if you don't pass ..... btw this is how much training is done now a days. You cab get certified OPEN WATER in a weekend (a trip to the Keys???) One does the on line course work then arranges for the checkout dives int he Keys. Open Water required 4 check out dives and only TWO can happen in one day, hence two diving days required.
  2. that why I recommend Sunset House / My Bar because being a lil over 1/2 mile from downtown it is WAY too far for most cruisers to venture it is one of the places the locals go for lunch on a busy cruise day . . . . come down here for a snorkel or shore dive and it is unlikely you'll see another cruiser .... maybe some CREW who WILL walk here to get away . . . I've been comin here since the early 80's ... friendly staff ALWAYS.
  3. I too was tempted to say it tastes like veal but that ALSO registers a negative opinion with many today . . . .
  4. cocoa beach shuttle says they pick up at Disney ... but because they do they won't be the least expensive which IS to go free Disney to MCO and get shared ride (CORTRAN ... https://www.cortrans-shuttle.com/ $20 pp ) cbshuttle.com http://cbshuttle.com/reservations/ Specializing in Port Canaveral, Cocoa Beach Area transportation. Also serving entire Brevard County, Disney, Universal, and I-Drive areas.
  5. parkcruise.com did in the past .. don't see it on their web site today but they have a phone and e-mail and an online chat .... ask 'em .... they are an off site parking place less than 5 minutes away.
  6. well you kinda nailed it ...... IME turtle is getting harder and harder to find in Cayman we have enjoyed a wonderful dinner of turtle cordon blue and it was very difficult to tell it wasn't chicken .... maybe we got scammed! This was many years ago .... Paradise Grill still had a turtle burger last time I looked at their menu. Looks like gone today tho .. they do have turtle soup. (Remember that the turtle farm WAS an actual farm raising for FOOD but pressures from 'the world' have virtually dried up the market and the farm is little more than a water park today) Even Guy Harvey's which I consider one of the nicer places close to the cruise terminals has no turtle on the menu ... conch yes, turtle no. The new "thing" is lion fish ..... try it ... tasty ....
  7. Thon is the 'Holiday Inn' of Norway. There are several Thon hotels in downtown Oslo. Nice, clean, not super fancy but nothing to complain about. We stayed in Thon Terminus, also just a short walk from the train depot (which is huge). A very nice breakfast AND a dinner were included in the price (we booked on our own) One small word of warning depending on WHEN you go. We went last July and Norway was experiencing a major heat wave .... temps in the high 90's ..... it is VERY unusual to find air conditioning in Norway and this INCLUDES major hotels in the big cities ..... even the Radisson Blu in Oslo has no a/c . . . . MOST of the time this is a non-issue but if you have our kind of luck . . . .
  8. Looking for a Cuban restaurant in Miami is like looking for good Italian in Italy. It's on every corner. THIS !!!!! ask the desk person for a recommendation .. they probably have a local place they use within a short walk . . . . the little mom and pop is where you get 'real cuban'
  9. another vote for Viking ... Ocean or River ... no kids ... period. altho pool issues are non issues on a river cruise with Viking!
  10. https://www.padi.com/sites/default/files/documents/2019-04/10063_RSTC_MedState_v201_07_web.pdf https://www.padi.com/sites/default/files/documents/2018-02/10648_DSDRelease_Medical_v1.pdf just get your primary care dr to sign page two of the general PADI medical form and you are good to go ....
  11. https://www.miamidade.gov/portmiami/parking-information.asp
  12. https://stuartcove.com/transfers/ Stuart Cove’s is a contracted activity provider for Holland American Cruise Lines Disney Cruise Lines Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Norwegian Cruise Lines Carnival Cruise Lines All our guests receive complimentary activity transfers. That means we will pick you up and bring you back! Our bus schedules may vary by 5-10 minutes either way, based on the number of guests we must pick up and if your fellow passengers are punctual. Generally, a driver will spend a few minutes trying to locate a passenger. If that’s the case, then the remaining stops will be behind schedule. Likewise, our dive trips may vary slightly due to weather and water conditions. If a captain picks a particular site and after anchoring determines that conditions are not appropriate, he will relocate to another site. As such, that boat will now return slightly later. With numerous boats and buses, we are usually able to minimize any inconvenience for most of our guests. Your patience is always appreciated as our goal is to simply try and meet the needs of all our guests. To that extent, the times listed below are our normal day “plans” so that you can plan accordingly as well.
  13. DW with TSA pre was pulled for screening by TSA for the needles in a travel sewing kit ... she'd planned to fix a hem en route. 3 needles in the kit . . . she was allowed to keep it. "It looked suspicious"
  14. leave your car at home get a rental car for the drive on either side it will probably cost less than parking we do this regularly
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