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  1. https://www.miamidade.gov/global/initiatives/coronavirus/testing-locations.page
  2. If it is your first time to Miami you really will miss out if you don't go get some 'authentic' Cuban food. Versailles is good but IMO FAR from the best ... but CERTAINLY the most popularized. A very good local chain is La Carreta with multiple locations around Miami including one in the airport (popular with the workers) and one just a few yard from Ver' .... this is where the local's go!!!! http://lacarreta.com/ But here's a hint ... the BEST Cuban is usually a lil mom and pop just around the corner. As the desk where THEY go for Cuban for their lunch/dinn
  3. while offshore fireworks displays were once a BIG thing off the coast here in Canaveral ..... not so much recently. I could only speculate on the reasons <cost> if fireworks display is your desire I'd offer Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Orlando at SeaWorld or the adjacent SpringHill Suites by Marriott Orlando at SeaWorld <they share a pool area> As you may know Disney has engineered their property to limit the ability to view one park fireworks from another park/area. Seaworld has less land to play with and I can ASSURE you that any SeaWorld firewo
  4. Thanks for the info. I know covid protocols will throw monkey wrenches in the new embarkation processes. and HOW!!! Some articles in the local Cape Canaveral press have already speculated that the boarding process will change SIGNIFICANTY especially the need to adhere to scheduled arrival times at the terminal so as to prevent crowding there. If this proves true (and sounds VERY logical) your assigned arrival time might factor significantly in to your departure time . . . but you can ALWAYS chill at GRILLS Tiki Bar and UBER the last mile when your time comes up 🤣
  5. Next door just a few weeks ago . . . this guy crossed the line defining 'nuisance' for State rules. Trappers responded in under an hour. Welcome to Florida! This is near Canaveral.
  6. At 'Commanding Officer School' for USCG .... there was a saying Navigation is NOT a contact sport . . . .
  7. https://lotsofhonor.com/ ParkCruise.com ..... these are the same operation (LOH is a special price subset of Park N Cruise) PnC website is not working today ... may be off as the place is not open due to no cruises as seen below https://www.parkportcanaveral.com/ Due to the suspension of cruises from Port Canaveral, we have temporarily suspended our parking and shuttle operations. Enter your e-mail to receive updates and future promotions.
  8. trivia point Forester did NOT write the Hornblower series "in chronological order" . . . . the last written was actually incomplete and appears in the middle of the timeline. Which one? Some say it is better to read them in the order written vs time line . . . .
  9. I prefer his older stuff his first one's were published under the name John Dugan .... his first series was Badge of Honor about Phili' police department ... one of his last books was still in this series I first found his Army series, Brotherhood of War which I 'devoured' once I found it and have read many times (it is pop corn reading but I find new little details every time) His Marines series was 'The Corps' and I like that one too alto I find the later ones to get a lil empty don't care for his stuff after this as much, put there was plenty.
  10. A laundromat with an attached bar! Why didn't I think of that? you must not read W.E.B Griffin's books ...... such a laundromat concept was prominent in one of the later books in the Badge of Honor series . . . SUDZIE'S 😁
  11. new Springhill has the advantage of being STEPS from the RCCL terminal .....
  12. Port Canaveral Springhill Suites concur this place is VERY near the RCCL terminal <under 10 minutes>, brand new and features guest laundry .... this is the way I'd go ...... Drive up, check in .... do some laundry where you can wait in your room rather than sit in a laundromat (we don't have the kind with a bar attached here in cocoa!!!!)
  13. there is a thread buried somewhere here on CC of someone who said they DID successfully book an excursion that picked them up at the gate of RCCL Labadee and took them into the surrounding area. Maybe if you dig long enuf on trip advisor ..... There ARE multiple resort hotels with a few miles of 'the compound' .... frequented by Europeans mostly. I visited a couple from a cruise that stopped in Cap Hattian back in the 80's. The Citadel was a common excursion back then .... I've been here .... https://cormierhaiti.com/ Lab' history ... Royal back in the ea
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