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  1. you have only two choices IMO rent a car and drive .... which is 4 hours plus your pickup and drop off time .... or see if there is a flight from Tampa to Miami ..... no other option I can think of will get you there fast enuf maybe this ... http://www.floridashuttletransportation.com/destinations/miami/miami-to-tampa-shuttle-bus.html but it is not 'door to door' and cost nearly $500 for one . . . and yes, fog in the late winter early spring could mess you up BAD . . .
  2. I agree that a note to the Master can result in some 'out of the ordinary' results .... how the teacher uses these is a different question ...... as a ship captain I entertained many "flat Stanley" quests!!!! he steered the ship talked on the radio & flew the helo ########### for OP get a Capt's hat ... he'll love it
  3. The international day pass for 20 days x 5 would be insane, undoubtedly ...... but what about their 'monthly' plan which I presume they have with Ver' I can turn on international access for 1 month ... does not have to be activated forever ..... if not clear on their web sites call and talk to a people ..... and it was not unusual to find free wifi in hotels and airports just like in the US
  4. how busy they are is very dependent on the 'port load' for the day in question. Some days just one ship is turning around with a capacity of 3000 ... this means 6000 folks with half arriving and half leaving. Other days can see 4 BIG ships with a total capacity of 15,000 folks ... meaning 30,000 trying to pass thru .... it is worth looking at https://www.portcanaveral.com/PortCanaveral/media/Cruise-Assets/FY2019/Copy-of-Master-Cruise-Schedule19.pdf
  5. snorkel tour in San Juan? all the snorkeling I know of around this part of PR is at the NE tip of the island, near Fajardo and small islands off shore from here . . . ruffly 30 miles east of SJ
  6. we were not in the least bit impressed with breakfast in JR ....... had been told it was much better and found that for us it was not.
  7. Of particular note to cruisers is the section of 528 east of 520: the only toll in this section is at the exit to 520 from 528 clarification .. the toll only applies when exiting 528 heading west to 520 on 528 east, the ramp to 520 has no toll . . .
  8. the thing to be careful about with EZ-PASS around Orlando: if you look carefully at the places it is accepted .... it is not accepted for the full length of the particular road/highway so where you get on/off can make a big difference ..... Of particular note to cruisers is the section of 528 eat of 520: the only toll in this section is at the exit to 520 from 528 .... east of 520 (all the way to the port) there are no more tolls! For MOST folks going from the airport (MCO) to PC the last toll will be DALLAS - still west of 520!
  9. what's your metric for "worth it" ?
  10. used the Ver' International Plan on our 'midnight sun' last summer (added it for just the time we'd be 'over there') worked fine all the time we did a few days b4 in London (we did London to Bergen version) and used the map applications on the phone a lot as well as texting to folks back home. It continued to work just fine throughout the trip, in Scotland and Norway. If your needs are small, we also used the daily plan and it worked well too .... dw and dd went to Bergen and they lost dw bag ... used the daily plan to activate her phone so they could contact her about delivery when found vs her sitting around waiting for it. The 'daily plan' worked perfectly. ************* but don't forget you have free wifi internet on VO ... so you can e-mail to your heart's content at no charge ... no special phone access required. I don't recommend trying facetime cuz the bandwidth IS a lil low (technical crud) but if you have a newer phone that includes WiFi calling that should work most of the time (only ON the ship obviously). For us ... e-mail worked fine especially with the time differences.
  11. The other consideration, unless taking a World Cruise, or segment, Viking has very few, if any sea days. I don't agree ... our 2 week "Into the Midnight Sun" had 4 sea days ..... and we enjoyed every one ... so it depends on the itinerary you choose. Frankly I don't miss the casino or much of the other 'cruise activity' such as pool games. We did have a fun afternoon with the 'blue nose ceremony' ... if you don't know well I'll not give away the secret. So far as the hidden spa ... tru the actual spa is 'buried' but the infinity pool was QUITE WARM as was the main pool with its associated hot tub warmer yet. And there was entertainment of some form every night.
  12. I recommend finding the dive shop ... it is a bit past where most folks stop walking on the main road in town. Not but a block or two but clearly few walked this far . . . We were greeted by a big friendly dog and when we entered, the person there was surprised to hear we were off a cruise ship!!!!! No idea one was in that day . . . If nothing else, the t-shirt is unique!! And they make custom dive hoods!!!!! Very unique
  13. Alamo has a very reasonable cost for using 'electronic tolling': $3.95 fee per usage day (24 hr. interval) that customer incurs tolls, plus tolls (at posted cash/TOLL-BY-PLATE rates). Opt-in decision is made when the driver elects to use EXPRESS, SunPass ONLY, E-PASS ONLY or LeeWay ONLY lanes. Nothing to decide at time of rental. Only charged the fee on a day you encounter tolls . . . With this in mind and looking at a map .... it matters WHERE in "Orlando" you are beginning the drive. If the WDW area or other points west of the city the turnpike is a more direct route so I'd take that ... at least as far as Ft Pierce. From Ft Pierce to West Palm Beach the turnpike runs virtually next to I-95 so if you want to save a few dollars in tolls, get off the turnpike here and finish the drive on I-95. If you are driving from the airport ... I'd go 528 east to 95 and then head south. You will still have some tolls on 528 but these you can pay cash if you'd like and no additional on I-95
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