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  1. take your stuff .. roll the dice ..... I've experienced the courts outside of the US ... as an arresting officer and/or witness (USCG often works as an agent of the flag state of the vessel) ..... Wanna go to court out of the US for a drug issue? Have a nice day! You might get lucky ..... and you might be screwed. In my first experience I went to a Bahama trial (arresting officer) .... the 'defendants' spoke only spanish ... they met their court appointed defense lawyer in the courtroom ... who did not speak spanish. The judge did not think this was a problem and the trial continued ...
  2. https://www.diversdirect.com/p/tusa-liberator-prescription-mask Dive or snorkel with clarity for prescription lens users with this high quality corrective lens mask. Simply choose your mask color preference, and the diopter lens that matches your prescription for the left and right eye to start viewing the underwater world in the highest clarity. TUSA Liberator prescription lens mask makes scuba diving or snorkeling the reef easier than trying to wear contacts underwater for prescription lens users. View the underwater world below without worrying about losing a contact, or not seeing clearly because you can't wear your glasses. This prescription mask combo is available in several color options, and a variety of dioptic lens values to match your prescription. Choose a right and left diopter lens, and we'll send you the TUSA Liberator Mask fully assembled and ready for use on the reef! and add: https://www.divers-supply.com/trident-aqua-optics-mask-magnifier-kit.html Trident Aqua Optics Dive Mask MagnifiersInstant magnification for your scuba mask! Features Optical Quality Glass, 5 different Prescription Strengths, Sold in Pairs and Easy Installation. "I love this mask. I was able to get my prescription (simple spherical, but for far sighted) and I was able to add the little stick on Trident lens to read gauges etc. up close. This combination really improves the scuba experience. The mask functions perfectly with the lenses." *************** BUT as I mentioned earlier ... the risk is that this mask may not be a great fit for your face .... and it gets a lil $$ for a one time thing . . .
  3. Like I said about the government not caring about fuel efficiency well, I thought of it as the ship equivalent to a fighter jet's after burner. Yes it sucks fuel like heck ... but it isn't for 'everyday use' NOR would you put it on a 727 or a Cessna .... OR should we design a battle tank that gets 40 MPG? Abrams gets less than 2 mpg (on a turbine btw) OR if your ship was in need of assist and help was available from 2 ships (no helo) ONE was a CG WMEC 210 which can hit 20 knots on a good day OTHER was a CG 378 which can hit 30 ... only ONE will respond ..... PICK . . . would you care about their fuel burn numbers???? ******************* when I was a CG Cutter CO, fuel burn WAS a factor in our evaluations. But not simple miles versus gallons (tons) .... when you were 'tasked', fuel conservation went out the window. The question became 'do you have a way to get there with the fuel you have and how fast is that?' .... SOMETIMES the orders came in SPECIFICALLY saying to use turbines ... they saw urgency and eliminated any question from MY mind. In other words, when you call 911, do you want the police to worry about their MPG during the response?
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combined_diesel_or_gas Combined marine propulsion CODOG CODAG CODLAG CODAD COSAG COGOG COGAG COGAS CONAS IEP or IFEP
  5. the tower ain't much ... I'd be surprised if you stayed 30 minutes .... you can use binoc' to look at Space Center with the height of the viewing platform but how long is THAT amusing? (building it was a huge waste of $$ IMO, if you couldn't guess) If visiting via OASIS then you will be a Terminal One and the Tower is about 1/3 mile ... this picture shows the route to National Car Rental, the Tower is a lil closer. SOMETIMES there is a guy running a golf cart shuttle around the area but dunno what the deal is .....
  6. when things return to normal this place should be clean ... it's brand new ... sits right behind (north of) the HomeWood suites at the port which is just a couple of years old itself .... I took this picture a couple of weeks ago when a post asked about these new spots .... Hampton Inn on one side and Home2 Suites the other in a "V"; they share a pool area in the middle.
  7. visit a dive shop .... most can order a prescription mask ... I'd never just order a mask on line. A mask is very 'fit' specific. A mask that leaks is no good .... so go to a dive shop and find a mask that fits THEN investigate options for prescription lens.
  8. a battle group drags an oiler (or the carrier serves as such) and underway refueling is every third day ... normal operations .... normal UNREP speed is over 20 knots! When deployed with a BG a WHEC was on birds nearly all the time just to keep up . . .
  9. Coast Guard operates the 378 high endurance cutters still today altho they are in the process of being phased out ... they've been around for better than 50 years and have an OR plant. For cruising there are two diesels engines, one per shaft, 2 x 3500 shaft HP for a total of 7000. Each shaft also has a gas turbine providing 18,000 hp for a total of 36,000. Operating on diesel alone speeds of 18 knots (two shaft) are reachable and endurance exceeds 30 days. Running both turbine at flank speeds of 29 knots or a lil more are reached BUT fuel consumption raises such that the full load is consumed in 3 days .... 21 knots can be achieved running 1 turbine at flank and free wheel the other shaft. This extends range. One runs EITHER diesel, OR turbine ... but the cut over can be done 'on the fly' ... in a matter of just a couple of minutes. <CO MUNRO 00 - 02> The remaining 378 STILL have the combined plant. (USCGC DOUGLAS MUNRO WHEC-724, Kodiak Alaska is scheduled to be the last to be retired; 9 have been transferred / sold to other countries and continue to be operated by respective Navy/Coast Guard ...) the 210 foot medium endurance cutters (RELIANCE) class were originally built with an AND combined plant. 2000 hp diesel and a small turbine, I believe 1500 hp, where on each shaft. The turbine could be 'added' to the shaft for extra speed. It was soon realized that the speed increase was small while fuel consumption went up dramatically. This small speed improvement coupled with the relatively small fuel capacity resulted in removal of the turbines fairly early on ..before all were built .... and the 'B class' 210 were redesigned to have 2500 hp diesel per shaft and no turbine assist. When the A class was overhauled in the 90's the main engines were replaced with the 2500 hp ones used in the B class. The 378 cutters are being replaced by the 'National Security Cutter' which is an AND design: Propulsion: Combined diesel and gas 2 × 7,400 kW (9,900 hp) MTU 20V 1163 diesels 1 × 22 MW (30,000 hp) LM2500 gas turbine engine 8 of planned 11 have been delivered.
  10. agree with Grills for a late breakfast early lunch .... (that's terminal 1, RCCL's primary terminal and the only one you'll see OASIS class at for now) IME when I've arrived at the terminal early I end up standing around waiting and in a crowd I could do without (which may be a thing of the past) I'd come to wait until noon or so to let the early crowd clear out and typically I could be thru the process and on board in a FRACTION of the time compared to arriving at 10 or earlier ..... BUT THAT WAS THEN and we'll need to see how the new process works. Just a guess, but I DOUBT it will be FASTER.
  11. did a drive by not open for business yet ....
  12. that must be very new ... don't recall ever seeing a sign for it. The address puts it next to the Homewood suites which is only a few years old. Google maps marks the location but images from as recent as 6 months ago show an empty lot . . .
  13. few years back my USCG Cutter was docked in Cozumel for a two day R&R. It was evening time and I wandered up to the bridge to watch the cruise ship across from us leave. It had just begun backing away from the pier when a lady came running down the pier with a shopping bag in each hand. She got to about to my place on the pier when she realized the cruise ship was pulling away. She stopped, dropped the bags and a look of panic set in . . . I called down, "is there a problem?""My husband and kids are on that boat . . . ." .... "wait their" I hollered down ... and called the gangway watch to send some one to fetch her and 'be nice' ... she's left behind.Then I grabbed the bridge to bridge radio and hailed the cruise ship. "Hi Captain, this is the US Coast Guard Cutter & I've got one of your passengers!" I proposed that as they dropped the pilot if they'd wait just a couple of minutes I'd run her out to them.I used it as a rapid rescue drill for the in port watch and we had our fast boat in the water and ready to go in under 10 minutes. Loaded the wayward mom and got her in a life jacket and ran her out to the cruise ship ...... guess how many people were watching as she climbed up the pilot ladder!!!!!broke up a routine duty day for the crew!She had a story to tell .... but sadly we never got a thank you note . . .
  14. p.s. if you stay here, consider https://www.tampasdowntown.com/getting-around/downtowner-ride-service/ FREE ..... FREE ...... FREEE The Downtowner The Downtowner is a ride service that is on-demand and point-to-point. Rides are requested through an app, or hailed on the street. Click here to download the App and ride! View the service area. The vehicles are also 100% electric and hailed through the app. The Downtowner vehicles operate seven days a week within Downtown Tampa’s business district, Channel District, River Arts District, the University of Tampa area, as well as the non-gated north end of Harbour Island.
  15. I've stayed here ...... it is an older property and altho refurbished in recent years there are some things you can't change ... in general we found the room small as compared to more modern similarly priced places. I'm pretty sure this was originally a Howard Johnson's property .... It is NOT what I would call close to the cruise terminals ... there are a BUNCH closer. We were not there for a cruise so can't comment on a shuttle. It isn't ON Riverwalk, but not FAR off .... we were there on a coupon we won in a silent auction and using for a weekend getaway ... not disappointed in what we got but not planning a return (we go to Tampa regularly) <if ever going to a show at the Straz Center ... a GREAT place to stay ..... just across the street . . . >
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