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  1. There's no pressure to join in on any activities. You can just relax naked on a beach bed, or by the pool. There is a quiet side of the pool where you can just chill, or move to the active side and have lots of conversations and meet lots of people. They do have music and activities by the pool and volleyball on the beach. When those types of activities are going on, the music and narration by the Playmakers can get loud. Shoot me a DM if you need more additional info.
  2. Retired at 59 and have NEVER regretted it even one minute. It's been 6 years now and still loving every day that I don't have to put up with the BS in the office!
  3. I (65 yr old male) take 2 Pilates Reformer classes/week and work out at our gym 3 other times per week and walks our neighborhood 4x week. My wife (62 yrs old) dances in a Senior Dance group and also takes Pilates classes 2x/week, walks and walks with me. We always take the stairs when on-board a ship (never the elevator), and don't have a problem getting in and out of tenders, onto docks or on board busses. In fact, we don't really like getting on the excursions where you're on a bus with a group of others. We much prefer to walk into town and do our own thing after researching the things to do in those towns.
  4. We cruise 2-3x/year, and fly overseas another 2-3x. We spent a lot of time with global travel for business before retirement, but it's different now that we're traveling for pleasure. It's so much nicer now that we don't HAVE to be anywhere and can do what we want, when we want.
  5. We've taken 2 trips to Hawaii. One from SF and one from SD. Both times the Pacific was rough and the skies were overcast and it was cold for the first 4 days at sea. The last day before we arrived in Hawaii, and the first day going back, were clear, smooth and sunny. I wish there were more islands off the coast of CA (like the East Coast), but we don't have many options. I doubt we will do that trip again because of the weather and sea conditions.
  6. They're more liberal in what they allow to take place at the resort - along them being clothing optional resorts.
  7. Those are all features to us too.
  8. Not on their cruise, but many times at their resorts. Their resorts are fantastic!
  9. Look at Desire Resorts Cruises - they buy out the entire ship on Azamara for this type of cruise. We're going next May.
  10. We agree with you on this issue! Have you looked into Desire Resorts? If you have any questions we've been there countless times - just hit me up with questions.
  11. The Desire resorts are fantastic! There isn't another place that is as nice and as liberal as Desire. Their resorts are 4+ stars, and we keep going back as we just can't get enough.
  12. Sorry for the delayed response, but it's 5/24/24 - so we haven't gone yet. We're greatly looking forward to it.
  13. I like your handle - are you an upside down pineapple? Where are you located in Canada? Are you ever in SoCal?
  14. Tell us what it's like and if you cruised with Crystal prior to bankruptcy.
  15. It really doesn't matter to us whether it's a full or 3/4 bath, nor do I think it will matter to the new buyer (whenever we sell). If it matters to a perspective buyer (whenever we do decide to sell), as long as they meet our price requirements, that's all we care about. In the meantime, we'll enjoy our bathroom with a huge shower, and no dangerous tub to climb over. 😁
  16. I'm not so sure in a 55+ community you will lose equity. All of our neighbors think the tub is a waste of space and a hazard. When we purchased our home (new) 5 years ago, our sales rep said all perspective buyers were asking why they put in a tub. We also have our own pool and spa, so when we sell, they will always have a place to soak if they wish.
  17. My wife and I totally agree. We live in a 55+ community, and the first thing we did to our new home was to remove the bathtub and put in a HUGE shower. As you get older, tubs become trip hazards.
  18. We never use the bathtubs - we would much rather have a larger shower, especially since there are spa or hot tubs for a soak.
  19. Desire Cruises allows nude sunbathing around the pool, hot tubs and sundecks. These are adults-only cruises.
  20. We just booked the French Riviera, adults-only cruise (5/24) that Desire Resorts is hosting. We've been to the Desire Resorts many times, but this will be our first Desire Cruise. Anyone else joining us?
  21. Yes, my wife and I just booked a Desire Cruise - which is a takeover on Azamara. It's an adults only cruise that caters to those that that want to tan in the buff and also those that are in the lifestyle.
  22. Is the music constant around the pool? We do like some quiet time too to read.
  23. thanks kjbacon - so this is not a separate room, just a pass to use all of the spa amenities?
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