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  1. Thanks for sharing that article. It is very interesting. We shall see what happens. I too have heard that Six is a very entertaining show.
  2. Wow you are a fan!! It is a great show. Kurt is doing great! He is living in NYC, performing and working on his multi-faceted career. Thanks for asking!
  3. Ya'll might want to check your information. We keep in touch with Jared who plays Jerry Lee in MDQ on the Getaway for six months at a time. He has signed up for another contract in MDQ starting in the spring. The Getaway is going to the Mediterranean in 2020. Six is starting on other ships, but apparently not on the Getaway unless there is something the cast members don't know.
  4. Following along and enjoying your review. Trying to decide on our next trip!
  5. I also read in the article that not using all those towels will cut back on laundry, probably a significant amount.
  6. I actually told our room steward that he did not have to make us towel animals every night when we were on the Getaway last fall. It was a case of "been there, done that". He stopped making them. That being said, if I had small children traveling with us, I would definitely ask for them at least some of the nights.
  7. I have used the laundry service on three cruises and never had an issue. I sent all types of clothes.
  8. We went on the Rebel Yell with Captain Claudia in October 2018. Highly recommend it! Agree with all of the above. No swimming involved. They pulled up to the beach, dropped some stairs and off you waded in shallow water. It was a beautiful beach! We too ate at Gertrudes (delicious burgers) and were amazed when the server allowed us to pour our own drinks! This was our first time in Tortuga and we were happy.
  9. I have been on the Getaway three times. I loved going to the thermal spa. Space is limited. You either must buy passes to the spa or stay in one of the spa cabins. I found it peaceful and relaxing. You cannot lie in the sun there (it is indoors) but the lounge chairs (both heated and not) are in front of floor to ceiling windows that look out over the water or sometimes the port you are in.
  10. We used NCL Stockholm by Land and Sea and really enjoyed it. You go on a boat ride around the city and then walk around with your guide. The VASA is also included. We docked in Nyashamn which was one hour away from Stockholm. We were not brave enough to DIY. We also had a shore excursion credit we needed to use. Used SPB tours in St Petersberg. We had a private tour and it was great!
  11. Haven't checked this site in awhile. About 10-12. A manageable number.
  12. I have been on the Getaway three times (twice in the Caribbean and once in the Baltic) and have never witnessed such behavior. If I did see such behavior, I would blame the people and their lack of responsibility/control, not the cruise line! Come on now.
  13. Of course, the wonderfully talented current cast of Million Dollar Quartet who also understudy for Burn the Floor singers and Wine Lovers the Musical! They all get off Sunday December 9th though, so break some legs to the new cast!
  14. I do not think this is about offending anyone; I think the point of this thread is what is the most appropriate Christmas gift or even whether you should give a gift at all. Heck if someone wanted to give me extra money in honor of a holiday I didn't celebrate, I believe I would accept it gratefully and gladly in the spirit of in which it was intended. Food and trinkets not so much.
  15. Sadly, I agree with you that the true meaning of Christmas is often lost in the frenzy of secular activities. However I still would not worry about Christmas gifts per se and I certainly would not give food or trinkets. I would just give really good tips, perhaps with a hardy "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!" I do kinda like Large Pizza's idea about giving a puppy. It gets lonely out there on the high seas for 6-9 months! Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah everyone!
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