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  1. and the Sunday Mail’s report/review of last night’s show..... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8776447/Britains-Got-Talent-Comedy-singer-Jon-Courtenay-act-make-final.html Anne...
  2. Yes, if they are flying in then boarding the ship and not returning to the UAE a single entry visa would be sufficient... Anne...
  3. But not a new one - the UAE had a K9 detection team working in Dubai Airport a couple of months ago already.... https://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/travel/watch-uae-police-dogs-detect-covid-19-at-dubai-airport-1.1057176 Anne...
  4. I saw this online today - Dubai port will reopen to cruise ships from the end of October but not seen anything yet on any other UAE ports... https://gulfnews.com/business/tourism/after-covid-19-global-cruise-lines-will-once-again-arrive-at-dubai-port-by-late-october-1.1600314367697?fbclid=IwAR0BS069usPy9C7bbag0jrw3WaUt-DL0hkOYl_RG1IHeetCpBxOw5jyukgM Anne..
  5. The suspension is still in place.... There have been reports of them reopening for the ‘season’ but as of now no start dates have been announced... Anne...
  6. That announcement applies to UAE residents or citizens travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi only. Entry to Abu Dhabi is still closed to anyone other than nationals or valid residence visa holders... Anne...
  7. I saw this online yesterday - no mention of Costa and sounds as though they are looking at a season start date of December...🤔🤔 https://cruisearabiaonline.com/2020/09/05/abu-dhabi-tourist-safe-zone-may-be-used-as-model-for-cruise-tourism-amid-covid-19/ Anne...
  8. That may be the plan but I can assure you that at the present time nobody can move freely between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and nobody other than UAE Nationals or UAE residence visa holders can fly into Abu Dhabi.. I live in Dubai and haven't been able to travel to Abu Dhabi since Covid-19 travel restrictions were put in place... As of today's date there has been no announcement as to when those restrictions will be lifted... I don't know what other ports are on those itineraries but Oman (Muscat) and Qatar (Doha) are also still both closed to visitors... Anne..
  9. I’m pretty sure that is a provisional date as there has been no official announcement to date of when Abu Dhabi will be open to visitors. There are flights into Abu Dhabi now but only for returning citizens or residence visa holders. Dubai is open to citizens, residents and visitors (under certain restrictions) but they cannot travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi... Anne
  10. I saw a news report about a week or ten days ago that stated Dubai Ports were working on reopening to cruise ships for the 2020/21 season (usually late October or early November through to April/May) but haven't seen an actual confirmation. I haven't heard anything about Abu Dhabi but I would have though that is unlikely as they are still only allowing citizens or residents entry not visitors... If I see anything official about either port I'll post it here... Anne..
  11. Well, I guess the above posts go some way to explaining the somewhat irritating habit that many North Americans have of always adding the name of a state or country to city names when they are referring to them, i.e. Paris, France or London, England, etc. etc.!!!! One can only assume that when the New World used those place names they never expected them to get confused with those already established in the Old World!!!!...😁😁 Anne...
  12. That’s 1 on, only another 47 to go!!!! Maybe finished in time for Expo, which is now due to open in October 2021... Anne..
  13. Hi Simon, I thought of you this morning when I saw a news report that the first pod went onto the Ain Dubai (Dubai Eye) in the past few days.... It looks very lost all on it's own at the top of the structure - if I can download a photo later, I'll post one for you!! Anne...
  14. Do we even need another 'refund' thread??? I certainly don't see the point in this one as it's pretty obvious from all the posts on the other refund threads that the vast majority are going to fall into the last option!!!! 🥱 Anne...
  15. Thanks Vince, I can now rewatch safe in the knowledge I wasn’t seeing things!!!! 😀😀 Anne...
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