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  1. It’s been open as a hotel for a year already and is now well established locally as both a hotel, dining and other entertainment venue..... Anne...
  2. Ii agree the infinity pool would be a great way to relax, watching the wake of the ship however, as Keith doesn't have a head for heights then maybe not a good idea for him!!!! 😁 Anne...
  3. Hello there... Received this from a friend today who is currently on the Sapphire Princess returning to the UK from Dubai - taken from the tender as they came ashore in Monte Carlo this morning... Anne..
  4. Patty, I think previous visitors/cruisers to Dubai have replied to your HoHo bus questions. With regard to taxis the 'surcharge' is only applicable to pick-up from either Dubai International Airport or Dubai Cruise Terminal. Taking a taxi from your hotel to either of those would not be subject to the Dhs.20 surcharge. Depending upon time of day and traffic the fare from the airport (DXB) to the 4 Points Sheraton would be approx. Dhs. 60 - Dhs. 70... Anne...
  5. I’m sorry I don’t but several private tour guides and/or operators have been recommended on this board before. Tripadvisor also has several private tour operators listed along with recent reviews which should be helpful... Anne..
  6. I know a couple from the UK who were on the previous sailing. They had a great cruise, loved the Viking Sky and did get to see the Northern Lights... They are well travelled but I’m not sure they’d be happy with the ‘intrepid older Brits’ label..😀😀 Anne..
  7. Thank you. I have friends who used to be at the embassy here in Dubai now with the High Commission in Sierra Leone so it’s interesting for me to follow the pieces relating to W. Africa. Anne..
  8. Keith I think the wrong edition of Reflections is included in the above post as it’s the same one (Sunday 24th March) that was posted the previous day... Any chance you could upload Monday’s edition? Anne..
  9. Finally, after the recent CC maintenance shutdown I can now get back into Cruise Critic on both my laptop and my iPad but it's been a mammoth task getting caught up to date!!! I'm not going to get embroiled in any of the 'sensitive' topics but just thought I'd let you know I'm still here and have been following along via the blog whilst CC has not been cooperating. Just had a scan through today's edition of Reflections and noticed Tim Severin is onboard this segment. I first met Tim many (many) years ago when he made his Sinbad voyage which left from Muscat on an Arabian Dhow and is was nice to catch up with him again when I was onboard the Serenity last April. In addition to his lectures he and his wife were also the Crystal escorts on one of my excursions in Cochin which was nice.... I also noticed the Tea Dance this afternoon - I know someone who will be very happy about that!!! 💃 Anne..
  10. Keith, I believe it was also on the front page of the embarkation day Reflections at the start of this segment. I’m not even on the ship but between your posts, the blog entries and the daily Reflections you upload, I knew about it more than a week ago!!! Anne..
  11. The journey time from the airport to the cruise terminal should be around 40 minutes and the fare in the Dhs85 - Dhs95 range... Anne...
  12. Iris, in the past the recommendation for a hotel within the old part of Dubai has been the Arabian Courtyard Hotel, which is close to Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi St. and has lots of reviews on Tripadvisor. However, within the past few months two new hotels have opened in the Al Seef heritage development which stretches from the Rulers Court complex all along the Creekside across the street from several of the Consulates and Embassies. They both belong to the Jumeirah hotels group, one is a multi-story hotel in their four star rating collection, the Zabeel House MINI Al Seef and is located across the Creek from the Hilton you stayed in previously. I haven’t been in it but it looks very much like the Aloft Hotels and offers several bars and restaurants some overlooking the Creek or the City. The other one is incorporated within the Al Seef Heritage Village which stretches all the way along the Creekside and is in the style of traditional bayts (houses) within a souk. The Al Seef by Jumeirah Hotel has rooms are within approx 20 bayts that are linked together by alleyways filled with small shops, coffee shops, restaurants etc. to replicate Old Dubai prior to it becoming a modern city. However, it is purpose built it isn’t a restoration project. The ‘hotel’ has no bars and one restaurant in Bayt 8 that serves breakfast and a very limited dinner menu, so depending which bayt your room is in it could be quite a distance away but they do have a fleet of golf buggies for transporting guests around the ‘village’. The bayts replicate old windtower houses and are furnished in traditional style with antique looking furnishings, fixtures and fittings. This one I have visited and stayed in overnight a few weeks ago so here are some of my photos.... Anne..
  13. I thought that was obvious why it’s called what it is, but it would appear not!!! I must watch too many travel and food programmes as chefs deconstructing dishes and then replicating the taste and textures by reconstructing the ingredients into something new seems to be common practice in the culunary world..... As Keith says, it’s all in the video.... Anne...
  14. Marie, Unfortunately handicrafts are not my forte in life, and as I’m sure you will appreciate development moves at a rapid rate in Dubai. However, the two streets that spring to mind would be either Satwa main street that used to house many tailors, upholsterers and shops selling bits and bobs or Al Fahidi Street which was better known as textile street. The latter is the larger of the two and is in what is now known as the Heritage area of Dubai beside the Creek in Bur Dubai quite close to Dubai Museum and not far from the cruise terminal.... Anne..
  15. You've got to love 'celebrity' chefs and their creative culinary minds. No wonder he left his native Liverpool for California - they wouldn't know what a taco or tortilla was there, regardless of whether it was deconstructed or put together!!!! Anne...
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