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  1. The PGA Tour are using a similar system with the golfers and caddies, although they are using a fitness wristband... https://golf.com/news/pga-tour-players-wear-bands-help-detect-coronavirus/ Anne...
  2. I’m with you on that one ....😀😀 Anne..
  3. and Dubai will be open again to visitors effective 7th July. No confirmation date yet on the other 6 Emirates but a date in July seems probable for those too... The borders opened for anyone wishing to leave the UAE yesterday but there are still tight restrictions on entry... I think the Esprit is due back here in November or December too but I guess we'll have to wait and see whether either of them arrive or not... Anne
  4. There is, and it was posted by Crystal on the earlier thread about missing emails. I did contact them directly, received replies from three different staff members but the problem unfortunately remains so I will be getting back to them again. I agree this is definitely an issue that needs resolving directly with and by Crystal...... Anne...
  5. Me too and despite emailing them and receiving responses from 3 different departments/people, guess what? I didn't receive it either!!!! I guess they just don't want us to go back again!!!! 😀 Anne...
  6. I’m not getting them either. After resetting my profile, password and options I received the Crystal@Home emails for a couple of weeks but no voyage or itinerary related emails, this week nothing at all again... Anne.
  7. The Seychelles is still included in the itinerary listed on the website but the announcement is clear, no port calls for cruise ships so who knows what the final itinerary will be, maybe just scenic cruising????🤔🤔 Anne...
  8. The voyage hasn’t changed they still have it listed as the full 17 night voyage from Singapore to Mombassa but also as two Getaway voyages, Singapore to Male (Maldives) which is 10 nights and Male to Mombassa which is 7 nights... Anne.....
  9. The UK press release that appeared in several newspapers today... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8325803/Ken-Rees-dies-cancer-aged-76.html Anne..
  10. Well, it is heading somewhere! The Nautica and the Norwegian Jade left Port Rashid together a couple of days ago and are both now sailing towards the Red Sea and the Suez Canal so they should be entering the Med in a week or so...🤔
  11. We’re clearly even more locked down than we thought we were - whilst we are both in countries with closed land, air and sea borders still, they must be closed to emails too!!!! 🤣🤣 Anne...
  12. Resetting password and submitting the email subscription didn’t work for me - still nothing in my inbox!!! Anne..
  13. I’ve just done the same however, I had to reset my password first as even my profile account didn’t let me in with the one I had set previously. We’ll see if a full reset works if not then I’ll just have to contact them via the email address given... Anne..
  14. Strange. I haven’t received any emails from Crystal for a few months either. I’m pretty certain the last email correspondence I received was my post cruise QA questionnaire following my Esprit cruise in early February. Like a previous poster I too signed up again for emails but still nothing - the only ones I receive are those forwarded by my TA...🤔🤔 Anne.
  15. I bravely ventured outside and had my hair cut (and coloured) earlier this week and I was comfortable doing so. My hairdresser is not located within a mall or other public place so I could drive straight to the building, park and go directly inside. I know her, trust her and could see she is following the re-opening guidelines to the letter. However, after more than a month of sitting gathering dust my car felt decidedly in need of a little TLC so I've also been to a nearby quick service station and had that done too... Due to age specific restrictions in place, I'm still not allowed in public places that are beginning to reopen (malls, restaurants, retail outlets or certain open spaces) or to return to working from the office but it's good to be able to restore some semblance of normality to life. I now have my fingers crossed for my first 'social distancing' golf outing which I hope will happen this coming weekend... I was fortunate to have spent a fantastic week onboard the Esprit in the Seychelles a few weeks before Covid-19 took over all our lives so I'm not suffering serious cruise withdrawal symptoms just yet - and I think there is a long road to travel before cruising becomes a reality again for anyone.....I'm sure lessons will need to be learned from other transport, accommodation, dining and entertainment providers such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, theatres etc. before cruise ships sail again.. Anne..
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