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  1. I just tried and logged in with no issues at all... Anne
  2. Even if you’ve got the invoice, who knows what they really mean🤔. The screenshot of mine (posted above) has a note below the table of penalties that reads they are for reference purposes only and the actual penalty will be assessed at the time of cancellation..... Anybody's guess what the result of that could be.... Anne...
  3. Neil, i think you need a legal eagle to sort this one out as the website and the Cruise Atlas seem to be contradictory. One says the 10% penalty is incurred on cancellations made up to 151 days out from sail date (the website) and the cruise atlas says the 10% penalty is incurred on cancellations made 151+ days out!!!! Lets see which side they come down on... Anne.. I’ve taken a screenshot of both policies:- which for some reason won’t post...
  4. Neil, Fingers crossed you get the reply you are hoping for as a 10% penalty for cancellation this far out is rather harsh. I’m good thanks and by coincidence I was asked about you two a couple of weeks ago by my friend from Sheffield whose mum used to breed dogs and knew your wife - she was asking if I’d cruised with you again recently...😀 Anne...
  5. I know the Roda Al Murooj, but not the Ramada Downtown however, the location looks good as it’s on the Boulevard beside Dubai Opera, which is a great location as there are lots of restaurants and bistros etc, all around the Boulevard and it’s walkable to the fountains and the small park beside them. The Roda is a large complex but not as pedestrian friendly as the Ramada as it’s the other side of a busy two level road from Dubai Mall.... However, either would be good choices as a base for your stay.... Anne..
  6. Neil, I took the figures in my post from the link Keith gave above to the Cruise Atlas payment terms page, which looks me as though UK bookings incur a 10% cancellation fee from booking through to 151 days prior to sailing??? Sounds very harsh to me I have to admit as US bookings incur only Administration Fee from booking date until the % penalties kick in at the stated intervals prior to sailing. What does your booking confirmation state - the photo I posted above is a screenshot of the Cancellation Policy on my upcoming booking confirmation, can you see anything similar on yours??? Anne..
  7. Unfortunately that is not the case. As per the details in the link provided by Keith, the 10% is for cancellation 150+ days out, which then increases to 25% for the period 150 - 91 days out, to 50% for 90 - 61 days out, to 75% for 60 - 31 days out then to 100% for a cancellation within the 30 days prior to sailing. This is for any sailing 14-21 days duration. Anne...
  8. Neil, It looks as though the UK impose a 10% penalty regardless of how far before sailing date one cancels - although I usually book through a US based travel agent, I didn’t know that was the case in the UK either!!! I guess it pays to read the small print as it seems there are various t & c’s when it comes to cancellations: I have a booking in early February on the Esprit and the cancellation policy for that is different again....(see below) Anne..
  9. I can understand your dilemma, the more you look, the more options you find, especially now in the run up to Expo2020 there are new hotels/aparthotels and residences opening all the time!!! Dubai is now quite a large city that spreads over not insignificat distances however, with two young kids I would suggest sticking to the Downtown/Business Bay/Sh.Zayed Road areas as they are easily accessed by public transport or taxis or the hoho buses, and not too far from the Creek area if you did want to check out ‘Old’ Dubai. With regards to kids on the Metro, I believe they travel free up to 5 years of age or under 90cm in height, above that then the fares are the same for all. The exceptions being students who are UAE residents and senior citizens who are UAE nationals and carry specially approved photo id Nol cards. Difficult to say which mode of transport is better value as I think you’ll find you’ll need to use more than one as the Metro only has two lines so doesn’t cover all areas of the city and as Simon mentioned above RTA taxis are relatively inexpensive especially if you are travelling as a family. Uber, whilst convenient is relatively new here and is more like a premium taxi service than a ‘cheaper’ alternative to regular taxis..... If you have any particular properties on your shortlist you need any advice on please let me know... Anne...
  10. Or Fine China v Bone China??? Many of the Wedgewood tea services are manufactured in bone china however, from the shape of the cup in the photo posted that could be a fine china (or porcelain) set!!!! 🤔😀🤔😀 Anne...
  11. Yes, you can bring them both with you provided no compound in their make-up is on the list and you only carry sufficient quantity for personal use..... Enjoy your visit, and your cruise.., Anne..
  12. There is no problem at all carrying medications, prescribed or available over the counter provided they do not contain any of the listed substances that are either controlled or prohibited. Any medication containing substances that are listed as controlled must have supporting documentation with them. I too am asthmatic and just carry my inhalers and the one medicine I take that is in tablet form in my handbag without supporting prescriptions.... Tylenol can be bought over the counter here but I’m not familiar with Gravol Anne...
  13. Emily, Thanks for posting your experience with regard to the river cruise, I was beginning to think I just couldn’t see something that had to be there somewhere!!!! Anne...
  14. It will be interesting to hear if anyone with river cruises booked has to complete this or if like me they can't find it in their PCPC check-in procedure... It could be they are not required as the onboard check-in process for the smaller vessels is not as structured as it is on the bigger ocean ships?? Anne..
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