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  1. Hi, Following, simply because I like reading your reviews. And hi, Mic!
  2. I'm pretty sure they're on Eastern Caribbean, since I think the Equinox alternates.
  3. I'm on in a month too! I'd love to see Luminae menus, as we're in a Sky Suite on 7/28. If it's a hassle, don't bother. Looking forward to reading along.
  4. If you were logged on, and closed the browser without logging off, you're locked out of it for 20 minutes. I do this to myself on a somewhat regular basis.
  5. I just looked at the specialty dining for my cruise in January (Eclipse) and no Qsine. (No LPC listed either). I'm bummed - we went on the Reflection last year and had a blast - I figure I've got at least 63 of the 65 pounds of food there left to try. My only hope is that within a few months, they'll notice that nobody is going back and either drop it, or move it back to Evening Chic nights only. Maybe something better then Qsine will replace it.
  6. Reminds me of our first Hawaii cruise. 14 days and my husband only brought two pairs of pants. In Honolulu we went to Macys. Now I always remind him he needs at least 3.
  7. Not me or a cruise, but a couple of years ago we were in Paris for a week with my sister and nieces. On the last day, we were heading home, sister was going to Amsterdam for a few days and the kids (actually 2 teens and an early 20something) were meeting their dad at the airport (divorced parents) and flying to Sicily for their week with him. We were all leaving the airport hotel at completely different times. So the dad had flown in the night before and stayed in Paris, not at the airport. Heard later that when the kids met the dad at the airport, about 90 minutes or so before the flight, the dad realized that his passport was still in the safe in the Paris hotel room. The kids flew on to Italy, and he met them there the next day.
  8. Thanks. I think Kate's on vacation this summer. I'm bummed about it, but we'll still have fun.
  9. Thanks for posting this. I was on the Reflection last September (I think maybe we met at the Celebrity Connections thing briefly), and I loved the staff at Michael's - I think Adriana was there) and Katja and Vishal in Luminae were amazing. Thanks for bringing back the memories. I hope the Michaels and Luminae staff are even close on my Equinox cruise next month, and the Eclipse cruise next year.
  10. I'm on this itinerary (although AFAIK still in the original order) at the end of July, so following. Did they say why they switched things around?
  11. This reminds me - on our European cruise last year, I put out all the Euros (enough to cover most of our expenses) plus some British pounds (enough to cover our overnight in London on the way home) on the dresser. We were staying at a hotel the night before the flight because it was a very early flight. Out to dinner with friends and they dropped us at the hotel. While getting ready to sleep, I realized all the Euros and Pounds were still on the dresser at home. And now we have even more for the next trip, whenever that is.
  12. On our last cruise, I tore a contact lens. I've always kept a spare pair in my toiletries bag, but when I got a new order, I took the old pair out to use before the new pairs and forgot to put a new pair in. We were in Alaska, so I thought maybe I could call my eye doctor and if there was someone in Ketchikan that sold lenses, sometimes they have extras around. Nope, only urgent care there. I wore one lens for a week.
  13. We did the taste of Sorrento and Pompeii last year. It was advertised as small group. It pretty much did the same itinerary as the big group but cost more. We were 24 people on a full size bus. We stopped at the same shopping shops as everyone else. There was a tasting at a farm that was included (that was nice, but we were there with all the other groups). The one thing we got in Pompeii that maybe no one else did was we got VR glasses to put on at each stop that showed what life was like there. Honestly, I thought that the tour was a little misrepresented, as I'm used to the small private tours. And, for the extra money, the experience wasn't different enough.
  14. Also true, but we were told that the contract prevented it.
  15. One thing I really liked about it was that it was open an hour later than the dining room. We tend to sleep in a bit on cruises, so that's very nice.
  16. I got mine in TA promotion. I've never seen it in the "Passport to Savings" book everyone gets.
  17. I've seen them on the Star and Crown, and not the same as Share. On our last cruise at the CC meeting some of the officers were there (Passenger services, entertainment and hotel I think) and a question was asked about Alfredo's in Sabatini's. They pointed out that the Emerald doesn't have Sabatini's and that they couldn't use Share for anything except being Share. That's when they said that they couldn't serve the Curtis Stone entrees on the ships with Share, only those without.
  18. I've sailed both - I've been sailing Princess regularly since 2005, and started with Celebrity a year ago (2 cruises - with two more booked). On my first Celebrity cruise last year, I did a thread about the differences (Princess Cruiser tries Celebrity or something like that). I like them both, although DH (who did the Reflection with me) likes Celebrity better. Comparing a cruise in a Sky Suite on Celebrity and Club Class on Princess, he decided short cruises and Alaska on Princess, everything else on Celebrity. The balcony rooms on Celebrity are better than on Princess, except for the closet space on Princess. Sky suites vs minisuites are pretty equivalent, although sky suites get most suite perks, mini suites get nothing, unless it's Club Class. Club Class dining is nice, but Luminae is closer to a fine restaurant on land, CC dining is just the best service in main dining with one or two specials. Finally, I hope the OP asked this in the Celebrity forum as well, they may get a different set of answers.
  19. Yup. We're on the 9/2 sailing. By the way, we were on the Emerald to Alaska last month (roundtrip LA) and we thought Club dining was excellent. (We had a club class mini, so no Crown Grill breakfast). Most nights there was an extra entree and the headwaiter was additionally doing something such as a special dessert or salad. He also did a pasta at lunch each day.
  20. Should be the same. The only difference really should be the location (and if you got to Share, the tables, IMHO, are less suitable for the suite breakfast. We'll be doing our first Crown Grill suite breakfast on the Emerald the week before you.
  21. And on ships with Share, breakfast is in the Crown Grill. I learned on my last cruise that the contract with Curtis Stone doesn't allow for Share to be used for anything else (and for that matter, his entree's aren't supposed to be on the MDR menu).
  22. On our upcoming Alaska cruise we actually have two free specialty - one for the suite and one for booking this in the first two weeks of the Sip and Sail. If you have that, go to Share for the freebie on Embarkation night because the Sip and Sail one is only worth 29.00 so there would be an upcharge in Share, but not in the Crown Grill. (And if you are considering both - do Share on Embarkation because it's 10.00 more).
  23. They are. The site is princesslodges.com The website says they are a division of Princess cruises. Note that the lodges are not foreign flagged, and Princess is headquartered in California. So yes, they can do this.
  24. I did some research on this last year. They have a land tour website and you can book a land tour only. I was told though, that it may not be identical to the cruise tour - so the person may be on a different train, etc.
  25. On our Reflection cruise last year there were a couple of big groups. They had tables set up in the back half of the restaurant. The hostess always made sure we sat in the front half. There was one night where we came in around 7:50 and the front half was pretty full. There were a couple of tables but we didn't like the location, so we opted to head to Michael's for a drink. They called us when a table we wanted became available. Part of the reason it was crowded around 8 was that the port day ended at 7, so lots coming in after 6:30. And just to be clear, she could have seated us when we arrived (in the front half) but against the back wall. It was our choice to wait for a table closer to the window.
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