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  1. No one has the absolute answer to your many questions, but the medical community has offered their best advice, based on extensive research, observation, experience, etc. Focus on the message from the poster above you. Reread it many times. Then do the right thing for yourself and others and get vaccinated. If you don't, I hope you're all right with reduced privileges (travel, etc.), because this is inevitable for non-vaccinated people. I feel lucky to have had my first shot. Yes, I had (and have) questions too, but they have not kept me from doing the responsible
  2. We got our first Pfizer shots this week (husband on Wednesday and me today) - yay!! Our province is optimistic that we will get our second shot by June, if not earlier. In our Canadian province, we were given a paper card, and we were immediately alerted that our eHealth records were updated on line. eHealthSask is an online record of immunization history, prescriptions, lab and imaging results, clinic visits, etc. I checked and it was all there: date, vaccine, lot #, and location of clinic. I can pull up all of this information on my phone at any time, using a username and password.
  3. I agree. The aroma and taste of these is definitely unique and something I can't appreciate, obviously:)
  4. Sorry - off topic, but I'm an English teacher and fascinated with language. Interesting - apparently the Scots and Canadians usually spell it "whisky" (the original spelling), and the Irish and Americans usually spell it "whiskey". Who knew? Like I said, I don't even drink Scotch, but my husband enjoys Lagavulin 16 and Laphroaig Quarter Cask. On a Celebrity cruise, he defaults to Johnnie Walker Double Black. My brother in law loves Hibiki, though.
  5. My husband is correcting my previous post - "peaty" (not smoky). Can you tell I'm not a Scotch drinker? LOL
  6. We've actually noticed the quality of the Scotch has deteriorated over the last few years on Celebrity☹️
  7. My husband is a dedicated high end smoky Scotch drinker and immediately hits up the ship's bartenders to see what's available on every cruise. We've never seen any Japanese whiskey on any ship's menu. My brother in law swears by it and was very disappointed on his first cruise.
  8. The challenge and anticipation in planning our next cruise and land vacation... The excitement of stepping onto the ship the first day... The smiles of the wonderful Celebrity staff members and the special treat of seeing a favourite bartender or chef from a past trip... The realization that I don't need to worry about planning a meal or cleaning up for weeks😉... That first delicious evening drink (and an occasional cigar for my husband) at the Sunset Bar, with the beautiful warm ocean breeze ruffling my hair... The new ports, whether a busy day sightseeing or a simple
  9. LOL - Canadians always preface with an apology!
  10. Sorry, but I really hope children are not exempt. They can be asymptomatic carriers and pass the virus on without even knowing.
  11. This is your joke? Lame and inflammatory - maybe doesn't belong here.
  12. I agree. We all realize, as the previous poster reminded us, that certain things are not going to be 100% guaranteed. No one is 100% sure of vaccine efficacy, protection against transmission, etc. But we can hope that 100% of crew and guests on the cruises we've booked are vaccinated. That will be a good start!
  13. Actually, when I posted that, I certainly wasn't saying that it was offensive. It just seems strange. Another poster said that maybe it's people who have forgotten a coverup. That could be it, although most people who travel to a hot place bring a bathing suit and something to cover it with. Regardless, it's not a big thing - just something strange I notice on every cruise with several people each time.
  14. You're probably right. I guess it's their holiday, so they're allowed to be a little lazy😉
  15. The other "strange" cruise experience we had was being on a cruise on the day Trump was elected. The entire cruise was "election immersion". It was all you heard about throughout the ship and on tv, internet, etc. Our dinner mates were two American couples, one pro-Trump, one anti-Trump. We ended up being the "referees" every night. It got so bad that they refused to eat together anymore. The morning after the election, there were people partying and others crying and vowing to move to Canada. It was an experience!!!
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