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  1. They should call the cruise with huge travel agent and confirm. My understanding is that if the “owner” is not there in the cabin there is a charge of roughly $1000. Good luck and see you on Sunday :D
  2. The only thing to consider is if he was the buyer of the car. I am on this cruise as well and the paperwork all says that the purchaser must be on the cruise.
  3. Will be on this ship in 18 days and loved every word of your review. I must admit you are extremely well spoken for a teenager ;) Thank you again :D
  4. Good to hear! We were looking at the Jeep tour, it looks fantastic so I’m happy to hear you had a good time :D
  5. Haven’t been cruising in a while and am heading out in 44 days. Going to Cozumel for probably the 6th time and this time we are looking at doing something different. Came across the named site and like some of what they have to offer but wanted to see if anyone had used them and had any thoughts...good or bad welcomed. TIA
  6. If you are already using a trainer at home, you could also have them prepare you a program for that week. I’m a trainer and I completely understand not wanting to lose ground on a vacation. I will be in the gym every morning if for nothing else a good amount of cardio to keep the food from killing me ;p
  7. Do the expedited service. The regular service says 4-6 weeks but ours are expected to be back in 2 without the expidited rush. Once you send everything in, you can see the progress on their website. You definitely have enough time and will have less to worry about 😉
  8. Have a great time!!! Tomorrow is our day...still lots to do....so jealous :-)
  9. We are headed to Nachi on Tuesday (so excited), I'm just curious...1) did you feel like there were actually 100 people there and 2) if yes...did it feel crowded? There will be 5 other ships in port with us which is why I chose Nachi and from everything I've seen it looks "roomy" but I just thought I'd double check! I hope your review finishes before Sunday so I can have the complete picture :p Thanks again!!!
  10. I have been on Liberty and am going on Legend on Sunday :D. I liked Liberty a lot and will be happy to share my thoughts when we return. I will say I've been on the Paradise (smallest) and Liberty (bigger) and definitely prefer a smaller size ship. Went on Valor as well (same class as Liberty) and it was FULL I think close to if not over 3600 pax...it was ok most of the time but on sea days it was a little tricky finding a chair...anywhere....but eventually I did :)
  11. well at this point I'm going to wait until tomorrow and if there are still 2 tickets left I will buy them. I work nights so can't speak to hubby and don't want to do it if he would prefer not to. Thanks all for your responses!!
  12. Probably a dumb question ... but.... Hubby and I have been debating doing one of the ruins excursions in Belize next week on our Legend cruise. There are only 10 tickets left. If I purchase it now with my CC will I be able to get a refund if I change my mind before we reach Belize? Thanks for the help!!
  13. For the most part I ONLY shower in the spa now :D. Love that I can shave my legs without having to stick my leg out of the shower LOL :p
  14. What a great perspective! Thank you for sharing it with us all and I look very much forward to hearing the rest. I am reading Debee's as well and right now can't get enough waiting for the 6 days to gooooooooooo :p
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