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  1. As I cruise solo mostly the only downside for me is getting at to eat alone lol. But aside from that not really I can eat whenever I want so I can catch or do an activity after that I wanted to do.
  2. CDC is under too much pressure right now from all sides on this, this is just gonna replace the no sail order. As they probably just let the expire on Saturday.
  3. I mean what did you think was going to happen? Carnival has to make sure everyone stays healthy and that you aren't out on your own doing God knows what. Oh well more space for the rest of us.
  4. I just worked a Double so forgive my late response. I meant no offence I just see this as Carnival trying to protect themselves and I asked a couple doctors that I work with at the hospital in which I work at and some said they would produce such a letter and others not so much so I do see where it could be a problem. Why is this a my generation thing? It isn't and I get my news from multiple sources because if you take each source with a grain of salt and come to the middle you will probably find the truth. Also this has nothing to do with my generation at all just simply my view
  5. No but I am also an RN and people over 60 generally are more susceptible to things as they age, Just the truth of it honestly. I am in my Early 30's but I can see Carnival doing this and probably should. If you are in good health I don't see how going to your doctor and getting this letter is honestly that big of a deal.
  6. Carnival probably should do this for awhile anyways, But after what happened with the Diamond princess they really should. Will save on Lawsuits if there is another outbreak on the ship.
  7. We are already there anyone thinks the economy will suddenly be back to where it was pre Virus right away aren't in a reality it will take months even a year or two for the economy to recover.
  8. Close enough honestly but regardless, Carnival isn't going to scrap such a new ship.
  9. I dunno how they could do that with people such as models booked on the Radiance as well as still booking it.
  10. Disputing legitimate charges can get you blacklisted merchants don’t really appreciate that.
  11. I mean I sail Solo as well I know that would be amazing but I am still Gold almost to Platinum.
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