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  1. https://www.wtsp.com/article/news/nation-world/puerto-rico-oasis-of-the-seas-cruise-ship-passenger-falls/67-111dd3ec-11c3-4ad7-a15f-f2f7e021c0dd?fbclid=IwAR0j1xDHMouTF9Y5Q0V1Z7Zvk0oeE-lk7rcHGWIyBPZnlBhEO03UE1dXi08
  2. It is a boat that sails on Salt water, Rust happens.
  3. Old News, Carnival has taken great strides into correcting its issues.
  4. Can't please everyone and that is fine, Love Guys burgers though.
  5. lol Carnival always fills their ships? Royal isn’t always higher either. When you just speak out of thin air it is easy to refute
  6. Either my phone Is being dumb or CC isn’t letting me post pictures I dunno been trying for an hour. Last night was our second Elagant night the one night where we have Lobster tail’s and tablecloths, Also the one night that is sure to please everyone even those screaming cutbacks at the top of there lungs. After dinner things got rough our first rough night the entire cruise winds were hitting 68 and sea spray was hitting up to decks 7/8 at the front. People couldn’t walk in straight lines so it masked the drunks lol. Today I did Chichen Iza? Was a long day but really fun, I am happy to report the Glory did not bully us this time helps they kept a pier between us this time.
  7. In Belize today beautiful weather very windy, We got joined by a Fish Lips ship she came in pretty hot and then turns out wide. I am staying on the boat today, 99.9% of Belize excursions are water related and I have no interest in that. Been here more then a few times anyways. Ever have those days where you realize that your cruise is almost over with? Yeah that’s where I am currently. The aziopod (Sp?) has been on the whole time on the left side of the ship probably a testament to the wind here.
  8. I have Videos I’d New Year’s Eve but I am not gonna test uploading them on ships WiFi lol. I will not lie I was worthless in Roatan today I got up about 1230 my head was cloudy. I went up and got some food and then went to my favorite Casino bar waiter and then decided to get off for a bit after I walked around a bit I got back on and headed to the firebird lounge where they were gonna play Godzilla well 30mins off I started dozing off so I got up and went back to the room and took a nap and that turned into a 3 hour nap. So hopefully I am good for tonight. So I know we left some folks in Grand Cayman and we apparently left one person in Roatan today this captain has no chill made one call for him and then pulled up the lines and we left.
  9. Good morning from Grand Cayman, I woke up at like 7am instead of 630 probably had to do with being up pst midnight watching the Gators game in the sports bar.
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