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  1. We had Sophie Gideon as an Asst. CD, 2 years ago and she was wonderful.
  2. To update this list - Do not push the "Quote" button. (It creates a copy that the next person cannot properly update). - Instead: Find the most recent post with the list. - Select and copy all of the text in that post, including these instructions, except the previous poster's "change notes". (copy from To update this list down to <Copy to this line . . .>) - Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the "Reply to this topic..." box. - Paste your copied text into that box to create a new post. - Make your modifications to the list. - Add your "change notes" at the bottom. - Click the Submit Reply button just below your new post. - Confirm that everything is correct! You can edit for up to 20 minutes after posting. *Dates under ship name reflect the voyage from which the most recent photo of officers was shared here on CC. SHIP Captain Cruise Director Entertainment Director Director of Restaurant Operations CARIBBEAN (Dec 3, 23) Vincenzo Lubrano (leaves Jan 2024) Ozren Marelic (leave) Gary Golding (Feb 2024) Mathew Edward Joseph 🟢 Oscar Perego CORAL (Feb 6, 24) Domagoj Cuculic Pat Carlos Milino Lauren Meyer [photo with Jason] Joachim Rothe CROWN (Feb 25, 24) Mario Juresko Vincenzo “Renzo” Lembo (leave) Jody Miles (leaves April 2024) Kylie Chappell Mariusz Czemarmazowicz DIAMOND Stefano Ravera David Frost 🟢 Tim Donovan Fahey Giuseppe Franchina DISCOVERY (Feb 19, 24) Alessandro Genzo (leave Jan 2024) Tony Ruggero (active Jan 2024) Cole Bockman (departs April and back in June) Kristoff Greyling (takes over in April) Kyler Mann Paul Ciobanu Catalin Ionel (on leave) EMERALD (Mar 20, 2024) Steven Lewis Kevin Tugwell As of Feb 3 Geof O’Rourke Rui Pereira ENCHANTED (Feb 27,24) Nick Nash DuVaul Gamble Matt Thompson Nicola Furlan GRAND (Mar. 22, 2024) Michele Bartolomei Sophie Gideon Drew Raitch Jean Paul Musiu ISLAND Marco Cataldi (leaves Mar 2024) Paul Slight (leave) Jaclyn Friedlander (leaves Jan 2024) Andi Sanders (returns Jan 2024) Tobias Eland Stewart 🟢 Daniele Rosafio MAJESTIC (Dec 10, 23) John Foster (leaves Jan 2024?) Kristoff Greyling (Feb 2024 for ~ 2 mths) Olivia Guthrie Ron Goodman Douw Steyl REGAL (Mar 20, 24) Fabrizio Maresca Allie Ambriano Martyn Moss Neville Saldanha ROYAL (Mar 22, 24) Steve Holland Dan France Kelvin Joy Silvio Zampieri RUBY (Mar 19, 2024) Marco Fortezze Jaclyn Friedlander Alex Valcan Francesco Ciorfito SAPPHIRE (Feb 6, 2024 Todd McBain Fernando Duran (As of Feb 3) Ben Powney Mario Propato SKY (Mar 9, 24) Heikki Laakkonen Aaron Hawkins Alexandra Smith 🟢 Ciprian Hoidreag STAR Gennaro Arma Nick Nash (relief) TBA TBA TBA SUN Craig Street Corinne Steel Neil Rose Claudio Giuliani <Copy to this line so there is space to type "change notes" after this line Post # 1476 Sophia Gideon is CD Drew Raitch is ED Michele Bartolomei Is Captain
  3. Info on the Grand Princess. Sophia Gideon has been CD for at least a month. Drew Raitch is ED Captain Michele Bartolomei is back as Captain Jean Paul Muslim is Dir. of Rest.Ops.
  4. On our Jan 31st and Feb 10th cruises, they will be 7:30 and 9:30.
  5. Keep the same Medallion. By the 3rd cruise in our B2B2B, my Medallion died (maybe battery). They gave me a replacement.
  6. For a cruise last year, I had bought the plus package and the upgraded internet package before the cruise. I later upgrade to Premier (before the cruise). When on the ship, I went to Guest Services, and told them this, and the refunded (to my onboard account) the cost of the internet upgrade I had purchased.
  7. We live in Niagara-on-the-Lake (not far from Inniskillin). We have never found a Canadian Ice Wine on Princess. We have found a couple Late Harvest Wines (but not Canadian)
  8. Some/many travel agents do not participate in the Bid Process. We have heard that Costco Travel does not participate in the Bid Process.
  9. When we were on the Enchanted earlier this year (same as Discovery), we found the Crooners and the Crown Grill bars had the best wine selection.
  10. From what I remember, it’s just pictures they take of you ( and whoever else is in the pictures), onboard or at the port.
  11. Did early ticketing recently, and within a couple days, the ticket numbers were available on the airline website or in the personalizer under Manage Flights.
  12. Thanks, just downloaded Firefox on my iPad, and seems to work better!
  13. You should be able to specify on each booking … “No Cabin Upgrade” … to reduce the possibility of them changing your cabin.
  14. I’ve been getting “Technical Difficulties” when using the Princess website, in particularly when trying to price or book a cruise. It’s been happening off/on for a while, but seems to be getting worse. I don’t think it’s just me? You would think a company would want their website site to run well so people can buy their product. I was trying to book a cruise the other day, and could not. I ended up going to a TA, who could. Other people could just look elsewhere. I’m wondering if they outsourced their IT during Covid?
  15. Jody Miles (CD) is going to the Caribbean Princess starting April 27, 2023. She announced this information on the Enchanted Wake Show, Feb 26, 2023.
  16. Love the Aft cabins, but would not choose one on the “E” deck, it’s right above the Vista Lounge.
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