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  1. Our FCC for our cancelled Enchanted Princess cruise only appeared after the sail date of 1 August passed. Hopefully this time next year we’ll be on board.
  2. Day 1 in the lockdown house. Madrid airport was empty. Felt like we were on the last flights out for good. Only those with flight tickets allowed in the terminal and all the duty free shops etc closed except for a cafe. The plane was over 90% full compared with 60% when we flew out. Everyone wearing masks throughout flight. It was the quickest turnaround I’ve ever experienced and we dodged the thunderstorms and M25 severe flooding too. Unlike Madrid airport, no temperature checks or scanning of our QR code. I did see some people come unstuck when they couldn’t successfully use the auto passport barriers. They then had to stand in line for a UK border officer to allow entry, but they also asked to see the obligatory UK Entry form. The panic on some people’s faces was to behold. What a disappointment coming through the last doors to the meet & greet area of the North Terminal. Having been used to seeing everyone wearing masks for the last week to then see so many not was quite a shock! Kept myself busy today watching some six hours of last weekends F1 qualifying and race having avoided any news of the result.
  3. Thank you Avril. It was my understanding you could still quarantine even with family living in the same house.
  4. Apparently not, according to the U.K. Government website. Does seen a bit stupid, that he can come and go as he pleases, but we will distance ourselves from him. His room is a “no go”area anyway🙄
  5. Our live in son will be doing the shopping. But I’ll want to see the receipts 😉
  6. It only reached 27 C here in Madrid yesterday. Our flight home this afternoon could be fun with the thunderstorms forecast for when we land at Gatwick 😂
  7. Personally I prefer Lago Maggiore, but then I would say that as my grandparents are from Isola Dei Pescatori.
  8. An Alaskan port where I can board a helicopter that takes me to a mountain with fresh deep powder snow. Then I can ski down making “freshies” and video in Slow mo. Get back on board in time for a formal night. Dress up, have a nice dinner, then dance the night away.
  9. Mine would be Celebrity Edge inaugural cruise December 2018. Reason being my DD was working as the Activities Manager and my SIL was working aboard too as an AV manager. it was wonderful to be all together as it rarely happens given the nature of their jobs. Being on a brand new ship was awesome too.
  10. Well, we will happily cruise with Princess again, hopefully next summer. We would have been on Enchanted Princess now. Instead I’m in Madrid in the middle of a massive thunderstorm 😩
  11. We are currently on vacation in Madrid staying with our DD and SIL. When we should have been sailing on Enchanted Princess. The city is very quiet as the Spanish locals tend to leave as it gets so hot here. Very few tourists and obviously no Americans. Sad to see so many city centre hotels completely closed. Everyone, and I mean everyone is wearing a mask indoors and outside. Have to say I feel more safe here than back in the UK. The lock down in Spain was so severe they are trying their hardest to avoid a repetition. I can understand now why my DD has chosen Spain to continue her life.
  12. Sorry Wowzz, but it states on the U.K. Government website relating to Spain, masks are required to be worn in open spaces too. I can even see from our balcony now joggers with masks on. Given that the death rate per total population here in Spain is fractionally lower compared with the UK you’d think Spain would require people entering to quarantine too. Seems a case of “People in glass houses.......” for the U.K. currently.
  13. Your understanding is incorrect. Masks are required everywhere. I agree the waiter may have been over zealous but the Spanish still remember how bad things were at the height of the crisis and do not want the very strict lockdown imposed on them again. As I eluded to previously, the U.K. is a soft touch by comparison.
  14. I got chatting with the hotel manager aboard a Reflection ( French guy name maybe Christoph) He was just aimlessly walking around the open deck when I said “Good morning” and we talked about nothing really. He asked for my cabin number when we parted. The next day we had a nice bottle Pinot Noir delivered with his compliments.
  15. We are currently in Madrid staying with our DD and SIL. I am so impressed with how observant the Spanish are to wearing of masks. I can honestly say I haven’t seen a single person not wearing a mask in public walking around or in the shopping malls and supermarket. The hotel roof top bar we went to last night had a strict policy. You could only remove your mask once you received your drinks. I stupidly got up to take a picture of the city night skyline without my mask on and was promptly told to return to my seat by a waiter. Have to say I’m pretty disgusted the UK are so lame compared to Spain. And the UK has the gaul to require us to quarantine when we return.
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