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  1. I guess you've answered your initial question then. Hope your wife makes a full recovery
  2. Exactly. I've been doing that ever since my P&O Princess shares were converted to Carnival Corp stocks. When I decide to stop and take the dividends I 'll have a nice annual pension supplement and then gift the stocks to my kids when I can no longer coffin dodge!
  3. So we are a party of 11 all with the Delux drinks package. Will we each have to hand over our cards when it's time for another round? it would be easier if they gave us buckets of Peroni for us 6 guys. Could they do that to free up their time during busy bar periods?
  4. My wife always takes some string with a few clothes pegs. Then ties the string from chair to chair on the balcony. Home from home!๐Ÿคจ
  5. We're on this cruise too and the one after. Can't wait! We've booked 150 Central Park and some action stuff for Labadee. There are 11 of us so we'll just chill, eat, drink and dance our socks off most nights
  6. Prior to a cruise I inform my clients of my vacation and when I'll return to my CPA practice. So definitely no work is done or even a check on emails. I work to live; not live for work!
  7. A 14 night fly cruise is just perfect for us. A week on the Edge last December was just too short.
  8. Without your kids then I would strongly recommend the Edge. However I think with them they would have a far better time on Sky Princess as there will be far more aboard of their age or thereabouts. As you don't fancy it and I presume you are paying for your kids to travel with you then they will just have to tough it out.
  9. We are also on Allure for a B2B this October. I'm pretty sure we wont be starving at the mid way point!๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. Definitely doesn't matter. We done many Greek island cruises and never thought I wish we had a cabin on the opposite side.
  11. If I could sail on the Edge Princess that would be my perfect cruise combination. The Royal class ships are excellent too. Just so much more going on day and night compared with Celebrity. If you want a laid back cruise with limited night life then sail Celebrity. For a younger vibrant atmosphere then it's Princess.
  12. Thanks Anton. Peroni is my favourite beer . I will have no trouble breaking even with my Delux package even on port days on our Allure B2B cruise next month.๐Ÿบ
  13. Could someone please tell me the current price of a Peroni beer (exc' gratuity)?
  14. But I bet you looked sharp and your wife/partner looked his/her best too. To me that's what it's all about. Never felt overdressed on a cruise ship, even on casual nights when I may wear a jacket if we are going to a speciality restaurant.
  15. Don't bank on the entertainment being the same an a normal cruise. Shows are curtailed and the CD/activity staff get no say in the daily programmes. Some charters even arrange their own formalised entertainment. A welcome break for many dancers and the activities team.
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