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  1. This was our embarkation point for Royal Princess in 2016. I presume Saturday sailings from this berth had already been booked before Princess considered using it for Enchanted Princess hence the revised/proposed Sunday turnarounds.
  2. Seabourn has opened up bookings from today for 7/14 night Greek island cruises out of Piraeus commencing 3 July 2021. Perhaps Princess will do the same shortly?
  3. It’s been a sombre couple of days since the passing of HRH Prince Philip here in the UK. The TV and radio is full of stories about his life and loyal service to the Queen. He was a remarkable and unassuming man right to the end. It will be interesting to see the public’s reaction to the return of the prodigal grandson for the funeral. He could be in for a rough time as he has upset so many people with that unedifying interview.
  4. Avanti travel insurance has also confirmed their multi trip annual policy will cover U.K. cruise “staycations” for Princess cruises. They are part of the Staysure group.
  5. Not creative like others. Just my car that I’ve had for 33 years.
  6. Well this is the Civitavecchia port schedule I found and Enchanted Princess is absent for my sail date on 10th July !
  7. I guess with age I get more risk adverse, but at my age I have the same chance of dying from Covid as dying from falling out of my bed! That was before I had my first jab too, so I will happily get on a cruise ship regardless of who has been vaccinated or not.
  8. Fine by me. I’ve got unspent cruise money from last year to use on a repriced Athens cruise.
  9. I’ve just looked at the Civitavecchia port schedule for July and Enchanted Princess appears only once on 17 July. Clearly there are changes afoot which I doubt Princess will formalise for another month. Our final payment due date is 11 May. The first cruise originally scheduled from Civitavecchia was 3rd July making final payment due on 4th May. Regardless of when an announcement is made I will pay the balance when due and hope the Athens change happens.
  10. I'm in the exact same position with out 10th July cruise. I didn't much like the itinerary but just wanted to have a holiday. If it's true and we sail from Athens around the Greek islands then that is a right result. Really hope it happens and can still be for 14 nights.
  11. Just the two cruises cancelled so far and the third for this July is imminent unfortunately. But if it sails I'll be on it.
  12. Of course I would cruise again. Would never give it a second thought even if I was impacted myself from a previous experience. Ski accidents have never deterred me from skiing every year!
  13. Rather pay the extra costs than sail out of dreary Southampton and back. Four sea days completely wasted going out of and back to the U.K.
  14. Our Enchanted Princess cruise out of Civitavecchia sailing around the Mediterranean this July hasn’t been cancelled yet. Once Italy gets out of its current lockdown and their vaccine roll out sorted, they will be keen for tourism to resume particularly in the poorer south.
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