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  1. FLcruisergrl

    Haven vs. just Spa Package

    For me, they are 2 different things. If you want relaxation, but don’t use the butler or concierge services (including priority embarkation and disembarkation) and don’t miss the upgraded breakfast/lunch or dedicated restaurant, then I would totally go with the spa pass. It gives you the feeling of having the private area without the much larger cost. We love the priority stuff, though, so it’s Haven only for us. I’m considering adding a spa pass on our December cruise, as I’d love a place to escape to if the weather is bad.
  2. FLcruisergrl

    Is Discovery cove Orlando a NCL excursion?

    Its probably not, but you could book it on your own and rent a car or take an Uber. I think you have to check in there pretty early, though.
  3. FLcruisergrl

    Haven Questions on Epic

    Yes! Only the 21 yr old would be allowed.
  4. FLcruisergrl

    Where/when do you book Cabana on GSC?

    I’ve booked ours for our June cruise already.
  5. FLcruisergrl

    Haven Chair Hogs

    We had a problem on the Epic in the Haven. But, most people were hogging the chairs in the sun. Also, it may have been a one-off (there was a large family hogging chairs), as I hear it’s not usually a problem. Also, being that you are in an aft penthouse, you may enjoy the time on your huge balcony. You will have loungers and shade!
  6. FLcruisergrl

    Delayed Epic boarding today

    Its the name of the charter group. It’s an electronic dance party....think young adults, music, alcohol, drugs...
  7. FLcruisergrl

    Delayed Epic boarding today

    Probably because the cruise that is debarking today is the Holy Ship! charter. I’m sure they have a lot of cleaning to do...
  8. FLcruisergrl

    Gluten Free and Cruising

    I emailed the access desk and it took them over 72 hours to respond. I think it was a day later. I had included my reservation number and my daughter’s name, along with her gluten free requirement. They responded that it was noted on our reservation and to get with the Restaurant Manager upon boarding. We did not receive any type of form to fill out. Because we’ll be in the owner’s suite, I plan on contacting the pre-concierge to try to arrange for the gluten free snacks and gluten free lunch the first day. I’m not sure how successful I’ll be, since pre-concierge is hit or miss anyway, but it’s worth a shot!
  9. FLcruisergrl

    Vibe Beach Club vs The Haven

    Yes, it is. But Vibe is a place to lay in the sun. The Haven is a nicer, larger room, a private restaurant, lounge, butler and concierge service, priority embarkation and disembarkation, etc. If you only looking only for a more private place to lay in the sun, book Vibe. If you are looking for more than that, the Haven provides it.
  10. FLcruisergrl

    Sun Owners Suite Amenities?

    We plan on having breakfasts and lunches in the room and dinners at the specialties. If you plan on in room dining, ask your butler to provide menus at the start of the cruise. We’ve never sailed on the Sun, but are planning on Cagney’s (it’s a past favorite on other ships), and La Cucina and Los Lobos (never tried them).
  11. FLcruisergrl

    Upgrade, Downgrade, or Keep What We Have?

    Do it! You won’t be sorry. My cruise in the Haven was the first time I truly felt like I had a vacation! Finally, someone to take care of ME, as I’m usually the one taking care of everyone else. Yes, it has spoiled us. We may cruise less now, but each cruise is so much more satisfying!
  12. FLcruisergrl

    Sun Owners Suite Amenities?

    We’ll be in the OS in June! In addition to the above, you will get bottles of alcohol and mixers in the room for free. The level of service is supposed to compare to the Haven (priority embarkation and disembarkation, concierge, etc.). In fact, I hear it’s better due to the smaller quantity of suites!
  13. There is a quiet area on deck 18 all the way forward. It’s a great place to get some sun!
  14. FLcruisergrl

    Niche Cruising and Gluten Free

    This. 100%
  15. FLcruisergrl

    Niche Cruising and Gluten Free

    Yes, I keep telling my daughter how much worse it *could* be! But, such a dramatic change for a 14 yr old who is already an extremely picky eater is tough. It’s good to hear NCL takes GF seriously and provides good options. We’ll be sailing next in June and I want her to see she can still enjoy food she likes.