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  1. The Getaway is a nice ship. Be sure to check out the Waterfront and Spice H20. Our favorite parts of the ship. Your balcony will be SMALL, but still a nice spot to enjoy a drink or coffee. The casino is quite smoky, if you are sensitive to that. Even drifts a bit to the surrounding areas. Sugarcanes mojito bar is a not to miss, and Million Dollar Quartet is an outstanding show.
  2. https://de.usembassy.gov/visas/travel-tourism/travelers-faqs/children-traveling-with-one-parent-or-with-someone-who-is-not-a-parent-or-legal-guardian/ I know years ago we traveled to Mexico with a woman in the same situation, Dad was a "one nighter" she never saw again. Nobody asked for the paperwork, but she was prepared to be denied entry. If I was you, I would be reluctant to try it unless you all are prepared to not take the cruise, or send her home by herself.
  3. Do you know if Mom has gone thru the legal process of terminating his parental rights? If not it will be tricky.
  4. interesting, never heard that before, but then only been cruising since '16
  5. I think that was probably booking one of the Latitudes Insider special cruises. There is no standard OBC for Latitudes members that I am aware of. https://www.ncl.com/latitudes-rewards-program
  6. must be 18 or older link to T&C https://www.ncl.com/terms/shorex-dining-entertainment-spa#spa
  7. Agreed, and if you have onboard credit from booking or your TA like we did last time, it is almost free money off your next cruise (we had $200 OBC from booking, so got $500 in cruise next for $50)
  8. You buy 2 $250 certificates, they charge your onboard account $500, then issue a $250 on board credit, so your net cost for the 500 deposit certs is 250. Just think of them as half price.
  9. you have already used it, on the deposits. $500 deposits- $250 OBC = $250 net cost of certificates
  10. We are now 80 days out and just got the upgrade email. We are currently booked in an angled balcony on 12, but was considering bidding on the upgrade to a spa balcony to have access to the thermal spa. But as an upgrade, which gets treated as a guarantee basically, it looks like lots of those rooms could be underneath the fitness room or pool deck. Anyone have experience with the rooms to know if they are noisy? Thanks.
  11. Well on the Escape be sure to use your beverage package at the District Brewhouse (if you like craft beer)
  12. Norwegian doesn’t have a ship called Elation, but on the ships they do have if passengers 1 and 2 receive the bev package as a perk the others in the cabin don’t have to purchase a package, only if it is purchased outright edit apparently Keith types faster than I
  13. I believe it will only ever show you 15 cabins to pick from. There could be many more, or not. No way to tell.
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