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  1. It has always been available for pretty much anything other than an interline rate (travel agency employees, etc).
  2. That did not help, thanks though. Seems to be the only page doing it, and when I use Firefox it looks normal. Go figure
  3. on some ships the Manhattan room requires long pants. Other than that you are free to dress as you care to. Le Bistro specialty restaurant will also require long pants and a collared shirt for men.
  4. amazing what uncle google can find for you https://www.dayuse.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAwP3yBRCkARIsAABGiPrOu6UwTFdxWP-WlOXnueTc0294JrY1VSmyzMrFyEPtekpjZP1uC70aAiHsEALw_wcB
  5. Although technically the terms of the cruise next say they are to be used for new bookings, in reality people have been successful in applying them to cruises before final payment.
  6. as we have only cruised away class ships, it has always been hit the waterfront for a drink, then head to the MDR for lunch.
  7. The OP was fine, were you under the impression that this promo had some kind of "special OBC" that was different than other non refundable credit issued by NCL. The terms I listed were from this specific promo.
  8. it is a quarter mile from the tip of the island to the breakwater on Coco, so 4 and a half laps in an Olympic pool.
  9. It doesn't really matter. Both refundable and non refundable OBC have always been allowed to apply towards the purchase of Cruise Next. The only restriction on non refundable credit that I am aware of is that it can't be applied to the daily service charge. We have purchased cruise next multiple times with NR OBC. Edit: here are the actual terms of the offer, so the answer is yes. Onboard credit has no monetary value and is non-transferable. It may not be used toward on board service charges, pre-purchased activities or foreign exchange transactions.
  10. Dining package is non transferable and goes to Pax 1 and 2 on the reservation. You can't do what you are thinking of. Can't answer as to the to-go question.
  11. Are you kidding? The most I have ever been screened is to fill out a form that says I haven't been sick prior to boarding. Pretty easy to lie about that if you don't want to be kept off the ship. I would bet it happens all the time.
  12. I think so, even your purchase confirmation should be sufficient. Anything showing your name and number of shares.
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