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  1. I will try that, thank you.
  2. Thank you all for your response. It was a guaranteed suite and I got A S2 Sky Suite. They have several S1 Sky Suites open and would love to have the aft corner. Regardless, I am happy. I wonder if a move-up would be offered with a suite guarantee.
  3. I am traveling in August if it sails. I booked a guaranteed suite and I have already been assigned a Sky Suite and am very happy with the location. My question is: if any higher level suites are vacant before we sail is it possible that we will get moved to a better suite or will they keep us in the currently assigned? Definitely not complaining as I like our location. Thank you.
  4. Thank you. I would love the corner but it’s $2000 more total. Would love to have the overhang.
  5. I have no idea. I would call Celebrity customer service. I would think so but don’t want to just guess.
  6. I’m reading that the Sky Suite beds on Celebrity are only queen size. Is that correct?
  7. On a 7 night cruise which sea day are formal nights held. I should know this but I usually don’t do them but this trip there are friends and will be attending. Thank you.
  8. I sure appreciate the feedback from everyone. I am no longer concerned about a cabin on Deck 12. I didn’t realize the price at Le Petit may come down once on ship. Thank you for that information.
  9. Thank you for your reply. It sure look like fun.
  10. I’m all in for the 125% FCC. Your response makes good sense. I already lost a lot on RCCL stock..
  11. Thanks to both of you for your comments, they are very helpful. Definitely will not go to Le Petit although it looked like a fun experience.
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