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  1. No, not everyone. Contrary to the "Always Included" moniker, there are some fares that don't include drinks, etc..
  2. Yes, I had the same problem. It looks to me like the lower fares only apply to newly booked cruises that are booked during their airfare sale. It appears if you go online or call Flights by Celebrity to book flights for a cruise that you had previously booked the fares are much higher. It appears to me that Celebrity having a "sale" by subsidizing flights on newly booked cruises. This way they can have a sale without lowering cruise fares and having us rebook our cruises to capture the price drop.
  3. We finally received the last of our refunds and FCC from the cancelled April 24, 2020 Transatlantic cruise on the Celebrity Reflection. We received an email cancellation notification from Celebrity and our TA on March 24. The refunds came in two batches, the last was the airfare refund, which showed up on our credit card statement with a transaction date of June 3rd and was posted on June 9th.
  4. Look at https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-with-confidence Specifically, option 3, "Same Cruise, Same Price"
  5. My frustration is not so much with how quickly Celebrity has responded. It's the fact that their CEO has posted several documents stating dates and timelines for the receipt of refunds and FCC's that are not anywhere close to what is happening in reality.
  6. Celebrity's responsiveness, timeliness, consistency, and ability to live up to their own promises, compared to that of the multiple airlines, the other cruise line, the hotels, the shuttle companies, the excursion providers, and others that I've dealt with while unraveling multiple cancelled trips due to the pandemic, has been by far the worst of all of them. We love cruising on Celebrity but on a corporate level they have really failed at communications and customer service right now. On an individual basis, I've talked with some really fine representatives who seem to be
  7. Our FCC did look like this but the Certificate Amount had no correlation to any of the amounts that we paid for the cruise.
  8. Yesterday we finally received FCC for our April 24 TA on the Reflection. Unfortunately, the amount reflected in the FCC makes no sense what so ever. We've not received any refund for our refundable airfare, prepaid gratuities, taxes, or the like. I was under the impression that we would. Even so, the FCC is more than 125% of our basic cruise fare. If I try to replicate how Celebrity came up with their FCC amount, no matter which of the above pieces are added into the equation, the amount of the FCC does not reconcile. Such a convoluted system!!!
  9. I finally received an email this morning from Celebrity regarding our cancelled cruise. According to this email, Celebrity will credit our CC "within two billing cycles" for our Select Dining reservations and our complimentary Elite Loyalty Internet Minutes. Both of these things were "complimentary" and cost us exactly.........$0. Nothing further mentioned in that email about the real refunds and FCC for such frivolous things such as cruise fare, taxes, port charges, airfare, etc. I guess I should take this email as progress, but all it really does is further demo
  10. Yes, it appears as a "Past Cruise" until they process it.
  11. I sent a snail mail to LLP last Friday, should have been delivered to her office on Monday, and I've not heard a word related to that correspondence.
  12. It was long after Canada announced that their ports were closed to cruise ships larger than 500 passengers until July 1 that Celebrity finally cancelled their Alaska cruises. There was no way, based upon US law, that they could operate these cruises without a port call in a foreign port, Vancouver in this case. So, why then did Celebrity drag their feet to announce the cancellation of these cruises unless they were hoping a large number of passengers would simply cancel first, for the lower non cash back 100% FCC? I don't believe for one minute that Celebrity management expected Canada
  13. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like those who request a total refund are getting their money quicker than those who requested FCC with a refund of taxes, etc.
  14. When I called Celebrity last Saturday they said that the accounting department was closed on weekends and that they could not provide me any information on our refund and FCC. So much for "working around the clock"
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