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  1. I can see, looking at the Delta website, that Flights by Celebrity cancelled our flight reservations more than a week ago but I haven't seen any of our refund or FCC from Celebrity yet. We entered our choice for the 125% option on the Celebrity website, as detailed in LPP's letter, on March 24th, immediately after receiving notice that the cruise was cancelled. The April 24 TA is still showing as an "Upcoming Cruise" on our page on the Celebrity website.....
  2. https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity-cruises-6-5/united-states/pdfs/Suspended_Global_Cruising_Cancelled Sailing_Guest Letter_3-24-20_FINAL.pdf
  3. They told our TA and sent us an email this morning about 11am.
  4. We received an email today from Viking that said.... "we have made the decision to extend our temporary suspension of operations through June 30, 2020". We were scheduled for a May 13 Rhine cruise. So, I guess we'll have to wait until next year when we have scheduled a Danube cruise with Viking. Maybe we'll be able to get to the Rhine in 2022. I really want to thank notamermaid for the contributions to this community. All the best to everyone and please stay safe.
  5. Just received a email from Celebrity. They just cancelled more cruises saying...... "Given the gravity of the public health crisis confronting the world, we have decided to extend the suspension of our global cruise operations through May 11th; we will suspend our Alaska sailings through July 1st, as the region will remain closed to cruise ships through the early summer. "
  6. While not exactly the same situation, I cancelled a Celebrity Alaska cruise (3 cabins) last week just a few days after my travel agent charged me for the final payment. As many travel agents do, he charged the final payment a few days prior to the cruise lines final payment deadline. As things with the virus deteriorated rapidly, I decided to cancel 1 day before Celebrity's official 90 day final payment deadline. Within 5 days, all of my refunds had been made by Celebrity and posted in full to my credit card account.
  7. Have just a little PATIENCE! Unnecessary risk right now is foolishness and terribly inconsiderate to everyone around you.
  8. I posted a comment regarding this very question about applying FCC to an existing booking that another person had raised on the Celebrity Facebook page. I just received the following response from Celebrity.... "we apologize for the confusion. Guests do have the option to use their FCC on an existing booking. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you!"
  9. I agree with one exception....we booked with a non refundable deposit. So, we'd get everything other than the deposit back and a FCC for the value of the deposit.
  10. I would bet on the "realistic" unfortunately.
  11. Canada has announced that their ports are closed to ships larger than 500 passengers. Alaska cruises must, by US law, make a stop in a non US port. Other ports around the world have said that specific ports are closed for a specific time. Celebrity should acknowledge that fact and they should either cancel/quit selling those cruises or let us know what their plan B is. I asked Celebrity via chat about this very situation regarding our June 19 Alaska cruise out of Seattle and they indicated that we would probably hear something by the end of this week. Coincidentally, the end of the week is right after our final payment deadline.
  12. We have the same situation and agree completely.
  13. Your agent doesn't agree with the particulars on the Celebrity website. It says ... Q. What if you want to use your Future Cruise Credit on a cruise that’s not the same price as the original booking? A. Just like any Future Cruise Credit, you will be responsible for paying the difference between the new cruise fare and the amount of the Future Cruise Credit (if any). If you apply the FCC on a cruise that’s less expensive, a new Future Cruise Credit will be issued for the balance, opening yet another great opportunity to cruise with us again.
  14. Depends on the location, country, and the situation. We are booked, but expect it to cancel, on the April 24 Transatlantic on the Celebrity Reflection. The cruise is scheduled to end in Dublin on May 8th but we have requested, paid a $65 fee to Celebrity, and been approved to disembark in Belfast on May 6th.
  15. Why would the US do this at a time where they are discouraging anyone from taking a cruise?
  16. Disappointments? yes But in the big scheme of things a cancelled cruise or two is hardly a bump in the road. Thanks for keeping us informed and all the best to you! You, too, stay safe!
  17. Thank you very much for the updates. I wish we only had to worry about river levels.
  18. We are booked on a Viking Rhine cruise in mid May. Yesterday, we received an email from Viking that says "we are for the time being making a temporary exception to our cancellation policy so that you can be free to postpone your cruise at any time up until 24 hours before the planned departure, without incurring any cancellation fees. You will be issued a voucher for future travel valid for 24 months, which can be used on any Viking product (river, ocean or expedition). This temporary exception to our standard cancellation policy is applicable for all guests who currently have a reservation with Viking and for all new reservations made through April 30, 2020." At this point we don't plan to cancel our river cruise but Vikings "temporary exception" sure takes the pressure off of making a decision prematurely and gives us time to see how this Coronavirus plays out.
  19. I hope you have a fantastic anniversary! We're departing Amsterdam for Basel about 3 weeks later. We're praying for the same result.
  20. I encourage every post! It's nice having someone right there who can give us the real scoop on river levels and happening. Much appreciated!
  21. Thank you for sharing these updates with us. I know it's early but I'm watching the levels since I'm with a group cruising the Rhine in mid May.
  22. We got off a 15 day Hawaii cruise on the Eclipse two weeks ago. We had a C2 Concierge cabin and found the following negative changes since our last Celebrity cruise in a Concierge cabin, about a year ago....... instead of the bottle of sparkling wine iced in your cabin...you had to request it, no more fruit in the cabin, and the upgraded Celebrity Tote Bag that we used to get in a Concierge cabin was replaced with the cheap tote bag that all the other cabins received. Priority tender is a benefit with Elite status but not with a Concierge cabin. Yes, there is a pillow menu on the activity sheet for the first day....if you happen to catch it. And, the canapés.....disgusting little dollops of something, often indistinguishable, that are served without any utensils or napkins. OTOH, the lunch upon boarding is nice. It gives you access to an uncrowded place in the main dining room, rather than fighting the crowd in the buffet, to relax and dine until your cabin is ready. The room service menu is upgraded, something we like to use on mornings that we are getting ready to get off the ship in port (not offered on disembarkation morning). And, if you are trying to build status points in the Captains Club, a Concierge cabin earns 5 pts per night, 2 pts more than a standard balcony cabin. There are still benefits to a Concierge cabin, but they are more limited than they used to be. Based upon the direction things seem to be going, I would not pay any appreciable premium for these cabins any longer.
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