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  1. Celebrity's canned response to inquiries has been "This test is currently in place on the Celebrity Equinox and Celebrity Eclipse, and at this time there has been minimal to no impact to our guests experience onboard. Vaping will only be allowed in certain areas of the casino for casino guests, during operating hours only. Cigarettes, pipes and cigars will still be prohibited in the casino." If you feel, as many of us do, that the consideration of this change in policy is a mistake, please send your concerns to ExecutiveOffice@celebrity.com
  2. The fine print on the Wi-Fi page for the cruises we have booked says "Pre-cruise savings are combinable with select Captain’s Club benefits. ". The fine print under Wi-Fi on the Captains Club benefit webpage says "Combinable with the pre-cruise advantage only."
  3. The example below is considered pre cruise pricing and is combinable with the Captains Club discount....... $22.99 / per guest per day $28.99 onboard (20% OFF)PRE-CRUISE SAVINGS
  4. That's true for a "Flash Sale" where the fine print clearly shows "Not Combinable". You can, however, combine the Captains Club discount with the pre-cruise savings as exampled below. The fine print on both the Wifi page and the Captains Club webpage indicate that this pre-cruise price is combinable with the Captains Club discount. I called the Captains Club just this week to book the Wifi on our future 2023 & 2024 cruises. I was told that it wasn't combinable. I referenced the fine print on the website and the representative still said it wasn't combinable. I asked for a supervisor and, after some discussion with the supervisor, she agreed that it was combinable and that there was an issue with the information and pricing that their system was displaying. The final price for Elite Plus after the 35% discount was $14.94/per day for Premium Wifi using the example below. $22.99 / per guest per day $28.99 onboard (20% OFF)PRE-CRUISE SAVINGS
  5. The escargot disappeared from the timeless appetizers after day 3 on this sailing.
  6. I wish I was. Here is tonight's special entrée list on the Equinox main dining menu.
  7. They're not waiting for #1 to start #2...... Celebrity has "Pork and Beans" as an entrée on the dinner menu tonight on the Equinox.
  8. I believe we had fun doing small group dinners, LCR games, a scavenger hunt, looking for the best Tapas in Barcelona, and other fun and games with you guys and the CC group on the Reflection in the spring of 2017. That was our first TA and we've done 4 more since then. Might that be you somewhere in this picture? 😉
  9. We did one eastbound TA on RC and the captain decided to do the time changes at noon instead of the middle of the night. Didn't matter much to the passengers but the crew sure preferred this policy because they worked an hour less each day instead of sleeping an hour less at night.
  10. We were quarantined in Deck 6 balcony cabins on the Solstice in June.
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