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  1. Thanks! I have been forced to watch corny old episodes of "The Love Boat" to get my "cruise fix". Haha. Stay safe - stay healthy, everyone!!
  2. Congrats!!!!! We have a cruise booked for later next year as well. (Booked before Coronavirus hit.) Nice to look forward to something positive. Have fun planning!! 😁
  3. After all that, turns out DH likes the bed by the balcony better. LOL 😂 I disagree but advantages to both. It is good to know how to figure it out. At this point just being on a cruise with either configuration would be a dream come true. Thanks again, everyone!! 😁😁😁
  4. Wow! Thank you so much. I had read something similar here on Cruise Critic and it agrees with what you all are saying. I will try and call Celebrity again and ask. And... I will have my cabin change ready to give them as well. You are all awesome!! 😁
  5. Thanks for all the great info!! I asked when I was booking and she indicated the bed is by the bath, which we prefer. Although what I have read on the boards and your comments here indicate the opposite. So confused. It is not the end of the world, but would be nice if we have the choice. BTW... Before I posted my question I tried searching the cabin number and surrounding numbers and unfortunately nothing came up. Cruise Critic is so awesome! Thanks again. 😃
  6. Hi! Just booked 2022 Solstice cruise cabin #1064 - Concierge. (I know - a long wait. Sigh.) But still very excited!!!!! Any comments on this cabin/location/etc? I saw that there are support braces from two decks above, but they don't appear to be too much of an obstruction. In German there is an expression that the nicest joy is the joy of "looking forward". I will certainly be testing that saying with a two year wait. Any input would be so appreciated. Thanks!! 😀
  7. Thanks for the update about the smoking area on deck 5. That is what I had gathered from previous posters and now you as well. However, when I call RCL they say starboard. (I have called twice.) Thanks again for your posts and pics. Loving it. 😄
  8. Thanks so much for your LIVE review. We will be on Grandeur for the first time later this year. We can't cruise right now, but sure are enjoying cruising with you virtually. A quick question. Which side is the deck 5 smoking area? I have conflicting info from RCCL and actual cruisers. Thanks!!!!! 😎
  9. Thanks! I see you alot on these boards and value your judgment. 😃 I wasn't sure of any issues with added motion sailing across the ocean in aft vs lower mid ship cabin. We generally do not have any seasick issues.
  10. I am reconsidering our cabin choice on transatlantic Odyssey of the Seas. Currently booked on deck 7, mid-ship (7202). There is a deck 10 aft cabin available (10304). Price difference is negligible. Which would you do? Thanks!
  11. Thanks so much for the great video. Looks like a great cabin. 😃
  12. I just booked a cruise on Odyssey of the Seas. Since Odyssey doesn't even launch until Nov 2020, I wonder if anyone here has cruised in cabin # 7202 on another Quantum class ship? Any comments on obstruction, location, the good and the bad? Thanks so much!! 😎
  13. Anyone comments on 8066? This cabin is under the aft starboard side of Solarium. Also, I don't believe it has a pole from my research here on the boards. Thanks! 😀
  14. Our first cruise on Royal was booked with a Leap Day Sale. Sorry, I don't recall the specifics, but my BFF who is Diamond+ was speechless with the rates. This coming year 2020 is in fact a Leap Year.
  15. CLE2CRUISE: Wow! Just read your Grandeur review. You did a super job - so informative and the the pics were great!! Thanks for all the time you put into it. And, yes, cruising is addicitve. 😀
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