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  1. kellyW25...Last weeks shows were Pop to the 80s, Lip Sync, Taj Dance show with Buffet/Beach Boys music, Comedy Club several shows every night Pg/explicit, Mega Deck Party, 80s glow night deck dance party, 90s night in the night club, adult scavenger hunt, Newlywed Game Show, ice-carving, hairy chest competition/ pool, Hasbro game show and Clue. Dr. E was the cruise director.
  2. Just off the Pride. Buffet had pears, apples, cantaloupe and honeydew. I saw watermelon a few times. The salad bar is eeeh. Even at dinner, the vegetables were few. I’ve been at home drinking green smoothies, trying to detox, lol. My daughter ordered the fruit plate for dessert in the dining room and it was beautiful with pineapple and watermelon.
  3. I’m not sure how early you can board. There is a small waiting area at the port though if you do try to get there early. We just got off the Pride, yesterday. It didn’t arrive in Port on our last day, Sunday, until 9ish (schedule dock time was 10). We were scheduled to get off at 10:15-10:45 and departures continued until noonish. We were off and in the pier parking lot by 10 am. That being said, we got a boarding time of 1 pm the previous Sunday. We arrived at 12:30 and boarded, no questions asked with family (who had a boarding time of 1:30). We were on the ship in minutes, no kidding. My point...it seemed to run ahead of schedule, but at 11:30 am...there may be people still coming off. Let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to give you my opinion. We had a blast! One note on your last day...consider packing light enough to roll off your luggage unless you don’t mind sitting in a common area for a few hours. We rolled off our luggage and were some of the first off. Happy Sailing.
  4. Just got off. My traveling companions had cabins around 1147. The comedy club is on that floor as is the galley. We were balcony deck 5, our friends extended aft balcony deck 5. It’s an awesome cabin. We had a blast on Pride, it’s our favorite cruise. Enjoy.
  5. Thanks! So, I’m assuming I can buy the chat feature for $5 when onboard. I have a 13 year old that it will work great for.
  6. Thanks. I called Carnival and provided the booking numbers and pins to link all reservations for dining.
  7. I am sailing on the Pride. I downloaded the Hub app onto my phone. I am NOT planning to buy internet. Can I still use this app while onboard? Can I chat with family and friends in other cabins, who I am sailing with, through the app? Anything else noteworthy about the use of this app while onboard? Thanks!!
  8. We are sailing on Pride with a group (14), next weekend. We are in 5 different cabins, but all chose early dining. Is it possible to get a dinner table for all of us? How do we do that if so? Thanks.
  9. I’m sailing on Pride to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Freeport. We want to snorkel at one of those ports, the other two stops we will probably shop and/or hit a beach. They all have snorkeling excursions. Which island is my best place to snorkel, or which island do I really need to have an excursion planned? I’m leaning towards Freeport, because I’m reading there is not much to do right off the ship. thanks ⛵️
  10. KPookey

    Bahamas Beaches

    Initial D I have limited time in Freeport. I’m sailing on the Pride. So far, I hate the excursion options. I think we are there 7-1 pm. Can I get to Taino beach via ferry and back between 8-11 fairly easily? Do you have any other suggestions of a beach close to the port, I don’t want to go too far on our own. Thanks
  11. Hi, fairly new to Carnival. My online checkin opened two days ago (Pride 1 week cruise from Baltimore). I logged on and started through the process and chose a boarding time.There were several options, I chose 1 pm. I told another person in my group I’m traveling with to checkin, but he is unable to get a boarding time. He got an error message that said “server error, please try again”. Does anyone know why? Just curious how the boarding times are assigned. I keep hearing people mention faster to fun, priority boarding on this board. How do the boarding times generally work? Also, are they strict about you keeping in your time slot? Thanks.
  12. We did then Fury Catamaran trip off of a RCCL ship last spring. It was really fun, although during the snorkeling we didn’t see much. After the snorkeling we went to a private beach with aqua toys and mats. There was unlimited beer and a Margaritas, after the snorkel. There was music on the boat and the crew worked very hard to make sure everyone was safe and had fun. There were very few other people at the beach.
  13. We are sailing on the Pride this summer. Our ports are Grand Turk, Freeport and Half Moon Cay. My daughter wants to snorkel. Which port has the best snorkeling? I’m reading fairly negative reviews on the Carnival website about some of these excursions. It’s confusing. I’m looking for a fun, teen friendly environment. Also, we love the beach. Would I be better off buying her a snorkel and letting her do her own thing from shore? Any must do excursions at these ports? Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  14. I am new to a Carnival. I am sailing on Pride next summer. Can I carry on 2 bottles of wine/per cabin? Can I carry on anything, drink wise (water, Gatorade)? If I buy a bottle of rum, for example, from the fun ship online, I’m assuming it will be in my stateroom when I check in. If I don’t finish it, can I take it with me? I’m assuming people buy the bottles and mix their own drinks. I guess I can get the soda package and do that. Thanks 🍻
  15. Thanks. So, I should look for a cabin that fits 4, not 3. I guess I can call Carnival as well.
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