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  1. I cancelled as well, just prior to final payment around St Patty’s Day. My non refundable deposit is in the form of a FCC that I am wondering IF I’m ever going to be able to use. I’ve been waiting to rebook. I have elderly in-laws that were/hopefully are going to travel with us. I’m waiting until things are worked out, mainly because of them. It’s frustrating because the no sail keeps getting pushed and I can only imagine how many will be wanting to use their funds when RCI sails again. Just airing my frustration 🤷‍♀️
  2. Thanks! I still don’t feel at ease taking their word for it. I “would like” my email changed. How can they require this (exp. 5/28/21) when their ships aren’t sailing yet and they keep pushing out their re-opening timeline...
  3. Same. Just got email 2 am EST on Sunday morning 5/31, FCC exp. 5/28. I cancelled 3/14 for our 6/20/20 prior to final payment. Its actually less than 12 months expiration date. Ridiculous. Please post if anyone gets clarification.
  4. Same. Cancelled my 6/20/20 around 3/17 prior to final payment. Just got FCCs with expiration of 5/28/21. I’m very frustrated. Please post if anyone has any luck changing it. Thanks
  5. We got our refunds....3 cabins booked for 6/20, cancelled in mid-March before final payment. It took 5 weeks.
  6. I cancelled my 6/20 sailing on 3/17. I got my refund for the refundable portion of my payment on 4/24. They have my non-refundable deposit as a FCC.
  7. Lol. I called the emergency line, the one you use if your sailing today...someone answered and transferred me. I ended up calling back before 8 am EST and got right through. I cancelled my 6/20, now anxiously waiting for an email to be sure it’s done as my final payment was due in 5 days.
  8. Thanks, I did call 800-256-6649, by the way. ill try in the am.
  9. Hi. I just tried to call 7:58 Pm EST...call center is closed. Does anyone know how early I can try tomorrow am? Thanks
  10. Trying to decide as well for 6/20. I still want to cruise, but I’m afraid to make my final payment in 10 days. Anyone think these lines may go under? Maybe they should suspend ops so at least they don’t have to pay employees???
  11. Sailing the Granduer in June. I just booked the cruise and it waitlisted me for 5:30 dinner sitting. That was confusing, but I figured I’d book my time dining each night and if I’m given 5:30...then fine. The next morning all of my my time reservations were cancelled and now it’s not an option or my cruise planner anywhere to book again. Im. frustrated. I haven’t sailed Royal in a few years and thus website is awful compared to the last time I sailed. Wow.
  12. kellyW25...Last weeks shows were Pop to the 80s, Lip Sync, Taj Dance show with Buffet/Beach Boys music, Comedy Club several shows every night Pg/explicit, Mega Deck Party, 80s glow night deck dance party, 90s night in the night club, adult scavenger hunt, Newlywed Game Show, ice-carving, hairy chest competition/ pool, Hasbro game show and Clue. Dr. E was the cruise director.
  13. Just off the Pride. Buffet had pears, apples, cantaloupe and honeydew. I saw watermelon a few times. The salad bar is eeeh. Even at dinner, the vegetables were few. I’ve been at home drinking green smoothies, trying to detox, lol. My daughter ordered the fruit plate for dessert in the dining room and it was beautiful with pineapple and watermelon.
  14. I’m not sure how early you can board. There is a small waiting area at the port though if you do try to get there early. We just got off the Pride, yesterday. It didn’t arrive in Port on our last day, Sunday, until 9ish (schedule dock time was 10). We were scheduled to get off at 10:15-10:45 and departures continued until noonish. We were off and in the pier parking lot by 10 am. That being said, we got a boarding time of 1 pm the previous Sunday. We arrived at 12:30 and boarded, no questions asked with family (who had a boarding time of 1:30). We were on the ship in minutes, no kidding.
  15. Just got off. My traveling companions had cabins around 1147. The comedy club is on that floor as is the galley. We were balcony deck 5, our friends extended aft balcony deck 5. It’s an awesome cabin. We had a blast on Pride, it’s our favorite cruise. Enjoy.
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