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  1. We did then Fury Catamaran trip off of a RCCL ship last spring. It was really fun, although during the snorkeling we didn’t see much. After the snorkeling we went to a private beach with aqua toys and mats. There was unlimited beer and a Margaritas, after the snorkel. There was music on the boat and the crew worked very hard to make sure everyone was safe and had fun. There were very few other people at the beach.
  2. We are sailing on the Pride this summer. Our ports are Grand Turk, Freeport and Half Moon Cay. My daughter wants to snorkel. Which port has the best snorkeling? I’m reading fairly negative reviews on the Carnival website about some of these excursions. It’s confusing. I’m looking for a fun, teen friendly environment. Also, we love the beach. Would I be better off buying her a snorkel and letting her do her own thing from shore? Any must do excursions at these ports? Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  3. I am new to a Carnival. I am sailing on Pride next summer. Can I carry on 2 bottles of wine/per cabin? Can I carry on anything, drink wise (water, Gatorade)? If I buy a bottle of rum, for example, from the fun ship online, I’m assuming it will be in my stateroom when I check in. If I don’t finish it, can I take it with me? I’m assuming people buy the bottles and mix their own drinks. I guess I can get the soda package and do that. Thanks 🍻
  4. Thanks. So, I should look for a cabin that fits 4, not 3. I guess I can call Carnival as well.
  5. I am trying to book a cabin on Pride. We have one 13 year old traveling with us, so ther will be 2 adults, one kid. We’ve sailed with her before and got a cabin with a top bunk bed that pulled down from the ceiling. Do any cabins on Pride have pullman beds? We were hoping to book an ocean view, balcony or maybe a suite. I tried the website. Based on the website, it seems like the extra sleeping areas are the pull out couches. 🚢 Thanks
  6. Wondering IF Carnival posts sales on (summer 2019) cruises. When is the best time to purchase or does the price remain the same? Do they do Black Friday sales? Thanks 🏝
  7. I know you are Carnival enthusiasts here. I’ve been taking RCCL cruises, mostly (smaller, older ships). I’m contemplating Breeze or Magic, next summer. I’ve got a big group and the prices, on Carnival, are much cheaper. Also, the ships look like a ton of fun. I have kids going 12-19. I’m going to be honest, people say...don’t sail Carnival, but I’m wondering what you all LOVE, over other lines. Also, does anyone know if there are perks to booking as a group of 15-20.
  8. Sailing this weekend and can’t access my cruise planner, I’m thinking they are losing business.
  9. Ok thanks, I’m relieved to hear that. Yes, I’m from Pittsburgh ...It’s go Pens at this point.
  10. Long story short, I’m sailing out if Tampa. My suggested boarding time is 2:30-3 for a 4 pm sailing? Kind of irked... I rebooked my flight a few weeks ago because RCCLs website suggested I was arriving too late. I wanna calm down and enjoy my trip. I’m now arriving the night before, are they enforcing this?
  11. p.s. cruise critic has a section on the Bahamas which should have details on each port, that may help.
  12. If you are a beach person, go to Blue Lagoon in Nassau. My husband and daughter did the dolphin swim, I did the beach break. We rode the boat both ways together and they joined me at the beach when their dolphin swim was completed. You can snorkel, have a drink or just relax. If your not into beaches, you can take a water ferry for a few bucks over to a Paradise Island, eat and look around Atlantis. Paradise Island is fairly manicured and upscale in the tourist areas. It is amazing. There is a public beach next to Atlantis...Cabbage Beach, maybe. It is very pretty, but full of locals selling you things. It is FREE. Just be sure to make plans to do something in Nassau because the shops and immediate area off the ship are a little underwhelming. We did the beach at CoCo Cay, we love the beach. There are some local vendors and usually RCCL brings lunch to the island for a few hours. You can use your sea pass to buy drinks on COCO Cay. It’s very pretty.
  13. Sailing 3/17...stopping in Cozumel. I haven’t seen the excursions with the ferry involved removed from the cruise planner...yet. I’ve been watching.
  14. I noticed you can’t reserve space like some other clubs. We are in port on a busy day. I can’t get reservations at the other 2 clubs...Sanchos and Nachi. What are the chances of Paradise Beach being packed or at capacity? Thanks
  15. I just read a few articles online that are saying they found undetonated explosives on a ferry that runs from Cozumel to Playa De Carmel. Another article said they had an explosion on a ferry (same ferry line) in late February. I didn’t notice this anywhere on the news. Thanks for posting.
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