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  1. Snake: "I can't understand why this is so difficult. Fido said all I had to do was lift a leg..."
  2. Indiana Jones with a flat tire after letting the AAA policy expire..
  3. And guess what Mom! There were built-in arm rests...
  4. ... and here I thought that thesaurus was some kind of dinosaur.
  5. OK, so you really want to book a TA during hurricane season??
  6. In case you wondered what the current repair status is of that Carnival ship that was sunk by Allure off of Coco Cay....
  7. There were still plastic straws in the 90s, so what was the problem??
  8. So how many cabins does the tritoon have? Any specialty restaurants? Is this the model with the Bionic Bar? Asking for a friend....
  9. OK. Page 173 is a blast! And as a Philly area native (Springfield, DelCo), Tasty Kakes butterscotch krimpets were to die for.
  10. You folks are cruising from the wrong cities.... Think airfare!! As long as the de-icing process works, you're good to go! If not, wing it....
  11. Yeah, but what a tan you'll have before you go...
  12. Practice makes perfect. Remember that it is much easier with fins to shuffle backwards, so try that when you drive....
  13. The data that you need is the rate of positive tests. If 10,000 were tested last week and 5% return positive, and 10,000 were tested this week with 8% positive, then that shows that infection rate is growing. Take the number of tests out of the equation.
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