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  1. If you are flexible, wait to book until you're on board. Often, but not always, you can negotiate hefty discounts if they need to fill spots. I've been offered 50% off. To the OP; if you enjoy fine wines and food, it is a great experience. Worth trying once and then let your experience and the cost dictate whether you return in future cruises.
  2. We'll be on Freedom out of San Juan in November. My understanding is that it is the Canadians speaking Spanish that you really want to avoid... 🤭
  3. Seems that you made the best of a difficult situation. And you've got a chance to do it all over again with the refund. I wouldn't judge the Oasis class by this experience alone; my wife and I have taken several cruises (mostly in Nov) without many of the issues that you mention. Don't give up on the mega-class just yet. That said, we also really enjoyed a 4-day on Enchantment last July despite the poor reviews for recent cruises recently. Vive la'difference!
  4. Teacher42, The salient point made in the CDC presentation is that the infectivity of virus that is shed after resolution of symptoms is simply not known. And virus (detectable by the RT-PCR test described) can be shed for much longer in other body excretions for times that are greater than the 3-4 days in saliva. Given the lack of evidence that noro can be transmitted via saliva exposure, normal oral hygiene is likely to be sufficient.
  5. This CDC presentation is an excellent source of information on Noro infections, transmission and infection control. https://www.cdc.gov/hai/pdfs/norovirus/norovirus-gen508.pdf
  6. The best martini is the one I just finished... The best bar is the one that served me that martini. Personally, I enjoy the Champagne and Trellis bars on the Oasis class that I have sailed.
  7. Wouldn't have happened if you powered the burgers with batteries...
  8. Agree, and with regards to Oasis class ships, one might question why a passenger would pay extra to get off their floating amusement park attend a land based water park.
  9. We booked a similar excursion from Port Canaveral with transfer to MCO. We were notified the day before we reached port that the excursion was cancelled due to insufficient participation. That left us stranded without transport upon disembarkation, requiring some scrambling to arrange transportation. Just something to keep in mind with these last day excursions. Not impossible to deal with but certainly an unexpected inconvenience.
  10. But much more expensive, even if it's still available... Related to the thread, Chops and 150C were crowded on our Oasis cruise in early November. Maybe because there was at least three wedding parties on board that week.
  11. 'Twas the night before Xmas and Santa just left There came a knock on my door by a man of some heft You're under arrest he said in a huff For the display on your balcony while still the buff
  12. Pretty tame. In my home town, there is a high end avant-garde restaurant where the urinals in the Men's restroom are mounted on one way glass that allows those at the urinals to see the occupants in the room outside. One can prank out of town visitors by standing at strategic spots outside and waving, laughing, pointing, etc., when the visitor uses the facilities. So if murals bother you, ….
  13. What? No before and after??…. ...the buffet I mean.
  14. The downside is that these post-cruise excursions usually require a minimum number of participants to go. For our August cruise on Enchantment, we bought the airboat adventure only to be informed during the cruise that it would not be offered since too few participants had signed up. So there went our excursion as well as our transport to the airport. A quick visit to an internet café in Nassau allowed is to rent a car at Port Canaveral and book our own tour with Midway Airboat tours. Rental and tour price was similar to RCI excursion costs. Just another option for you to consider.
  15. I understand the caste system, myLord. But isn't it unreasonable to ask me to divert Florence back to the mid-Atlantic to allow Grandeur safe passage back to Baltimore? At least, send me a few Platinums to help push...
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