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  1. Now here's a guy that has his cake and can eat it too...
  2. Casting call for the part of the dragon in Game of Thrones... ah, don't call us, we'll call you.
  3. What do ya say we take this baby for a little spin?
  4. yes!!! And to think that my parents converted a toy that we enjoyed into a weapon of ass destruction... 😉
  5. Well, considering that they first tried to pose us on the other side of the statue, I think that this came out OK... or... we asked the photographer for a cheeky photo...
  6. Snake: "I can't understand why this is so difficult. Fido said all I had to do was lift a leg..."
  7. Indiana Jones with a flat tire after letting the AAA policy expire..
  8. And guess what Mom! There were built-in arm rests...
  9. ... and here I thought that thesaurus was some kind of dinosaur.
  10. OK, so you really want to book a TA during hurricane season??
  11. In case you wondered what the current repair status is of that Carnival ship that was sunk by Allure off of Coco Cay....
  12. There were still plastic straws in the 90s, so what was the problem??
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