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  1. They are the same agency. They operate under several different names and are all part of the conglomerate World Travel Holdings.
  2. I also enjoy them! And also with a glass of wine!
  3. Love Montreal Deli. But - no way i'd find the same on a cruise ship. It would be like me expecting New York pizza instead of the weird "pizza" they serve. 🙂
  4. Sure - but they actually also did increase their base prices. On my upcoming cruise, we got Tuscan Grill pre-increase at the 1st night price of $30. For my family members that added later, it's $35.99 + 18 percent. Similarly our $99 Behind the Scenes Tour is up to a base price of $119.
  5. That would be very weird if that was true. Unless the amount is so low like a nickel a drink, that it doesn't influence the servers' behavior. On my last cruise, I became a regular with several of the bartenders. With a couple of exceptions, they didn't even bother to enter my drinks after I became their regular (as seen on the app). Knowing that it wouldn't cost me anything, they would have entered the drinks if it would result in financial benefit to them.
  6. This video is awesome. How do you get the roku on to the wifi (particularly the Celebrity Summit?) Do you use a travel router or your phone to mirror as a hotspot?
  7. Yes! Bags, inc. used to do a similar remote airline checkin for Walt Disney World resorts until Disney decided to put it on the chopping block for cost savings. Bags, inc., still operate a lot of baggage services and would be a great one to pick up the Celebrity Valet service! https://www.bagsinc.com/remote (and no - i have not connection to them - just LOVE the convenience and miss it from the Disney resorts.)
  8. Yup - thanks so much for all the info on this thread! I'm going to call to see what's available, but will likely just keep my reservation as is - the price with the indulge package was SO GOOD!
  9. It's under "manage reservation" -- I think it's only there for cruises booked directly with Celebrity, not with a travel agent.
  10. At this point I don't really have a preference on that part - that's just what came up. If I click "Confirm" is there another screen where I can see the details before locking it in? Or would I just have to call to get the details of how my inclusions would change?
  11. I was just playing with the "Change Stateroom" button on my reservation on the Celebrity website. When I click through an upgrade from oceanview to concierge would be a refund of $296. This seems like a no-brainer, but would I keep my Indulge package and inclusions or would this be a new reservation and I'd lose all of my inclusions?
  12. Honestly, when I did Go Green on my last cruise, I couldn't tell the difference. Supposedly they wipe down fewer things, but once a day of that is plenty.
  13. Yup - I'll always remember when my grandfather got a lung transplant 10 years ago - long before COVID - the Cleveland Clinic doctors told him to never eat at a buffet again, because the infection risk is just too high. I loved the service of being served on my last X cruise at the buffet, it feels so much more luxurious.
  14. Just a clarification here: you can absolutely bring back Tequila and wine. The one liter of alcohol limitation per adult is just the amount that is duty free. You can bring over that amount for personal use, just declare it to the CBP officer when getting off the ship. I bring extra alcohol on pretty much every international trip or cruise, always declare it and have NEVER been asked to pay the duty and taxes on the overage. This is because the duty and taxes on a bottle of wine or Tequila is around $3. The CBP officers are just not interested in doing the paperwork for 3 or 6 or even 36 dollars (when I brought a case of wine home). I always know that if they do want to charge me, I'm happy paying those 3 bucks or so a bottle. But it has never happened. So, feel free to stock up on liquor to bring home, as long as it's for personal use! (DO NOT fail to declare it to the CBP officer, because the "failure to declare" fines are far higher than the otherwise due duties and taxes.)
  15. If you're staying in the same stateroom, do you have to pack anything up? Or you can just leave it like every other day?
  16. On my last X cruise, I was dropping off a single little bag to the porter, that he had to walk about 100 feet, wheeling the suitcase. It was so simple, so i grabbed $2 to give for the tip. The porter looked down at it, didn't take it, and said "Have a good cruise" - clearly thinking it was too little. So I guess $5 for the bag is what they expect.
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