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  1. I really don't know...as soon as we have any information, I will share it with everyone. TD
  2. Aloha Kakou, Well, since it seems it was my remark that started some of this confusion, regarding which ship will be sailing to Hawai'i in 2022, I thought I'd chime in here. First of all, please know that I do not have ANY "inside" information concerning what is happening, or what will happen. I was informed about this change at the same time that all of you were. My personal searches on the Princess website caused me to think that the Grand would not be doing the remainder of the season, and that the Crown would be pickling up those cruises. This is the information that I passed along on my Friday ukulele play-along session. I believe this is where some of the comments here originated. Now, going to the website this morning, I see that depending on the parameters you use, you may get different information concerning the 2022 Hawaiian cruises. In summation, all I know for sure, is that, unfortunately, Leialoha and I will not be on the Grand for the first three cruises. My apologies to anyone who may have taken what I said as 100% actual and factual, but I was going on the information that I personally found on the website. Here is hoping that we can all get back to cruising as soon as we can. Leialoha and I miss seeing so many of you, as we have forged some wonderful friendships over the years with our guests, and look forward to many more years of doing so. In the meantime, we are in the middle of moving from Hilo to Las Vegas, so we will be out of pocket for a little bit of time, as we get settled into our new surroundings and life. We send you aloha and best wishes...please stay safe. Tiki Dave (Of Elua) www.facbook.com/tikidavemusic www.tikidavemusic.com
  3. Yes...in my haste I put up the wrong dates. It should have read February 10-25, 2022. Sorry for the confusion. TD
  4. Aloha Kakou! I just wanted to let everyone know that we have had an addition to our schedule for this season. Leialoha and I will now also be on the Ruby Princess for the February 20-25, 2022 Hawaiian cruise, which will be cruising out of San Francisco. We are very excited to see many of you on this particular voyage! Tiki Dave (Of Elua) www.facebook.com/tikidavemusic www.facebook.com/eluamusic www.tikidavemusic.com
  5. No...we have received our schedule as of yet. Fingers crossed! TD
  6. Not Elua. There is usually one ship from LA and one from SF during the cruise season "Elua" usually does the LA ship. The other couple has done the SF route for the past few years. Aloha Kakou, I believe you would be talking about either Makani E (Rozz and Jim) or Brian and Rowena Vasquez. Those are the two couples that will usually be working out of SF. Malama! Tiki Dave (Of Elua) www.facebook.com/tikidavemusic
  7. Aloha Kakou! This is Tiki Dave, of Elua. To answer the original question, whenever Hawaiian cruising starts again on Princess, we will happily continue instructing and entertaining on these cruises. At this point, no one can say when that will bet, but as soon as we know, we will post it on CC and on our FB pages, www.facebook.com/tikidavemusic and www.facebook.com/eluamusic. There are currently four couples who fill the role of Hawaiian Ambassador, and Princess tries to be equitable in their assignments, so I cannot really say if we will definitely be on one ship in particular...although, Princess has always assigned us to the Los Angeles run, (usually by our request). I can't really say if this will be true going forward, but Leialoha and I certainly hope so. As Renee said in another post, we are trying to stay busy, keeping our hands in performance, teaching and creating. Leialoha is quite busy with her Kini Kreations, making Hawaiian themed items like guitar/ukulele straps, dog collars/leashes, doll clothes, and of for these time, of course, masks. She also teaches a virtual hula class once a week on Fridays on Facebook done as a livestream...that is at www.facebook.com/tikidavemusic I am currently hosting ukulele play-alongs on my FB page on Fridays, and also a Zoom ukulele session on every other Saturday. We usually have 200+ people playing, and it's been a ton of fun. I also do two online performances a week, one on Wednesday and on on Sunday. These are called The Shaka Shack. I play some Hawaiian music, but tend to lean on trop rock, reggae, island themed music and some classic rock. It's been a great way to keep my chops intact and entertain people as best I can in these trying times. Leialoha and I know how much people missing cruising, both to Hawai'i and all the other itineraries. We know that cruising will be back again, we, like all of you, would love for it to be sooner than later. Please stay safe everyone, and we look forward to seeing many of you on another wonderful Princess cruise very soon! Aloha Nui! Tiki Dave (Of Elua) www.facebook.com/tikidavemusic
  8. Hazel Alfonso...she is a bartender who has been with Princess for almost twenty years. She remembers EVERYONE'S name and is always entertaining when she works. I"m sure many of you have cruised with her before...Leialoha and I live for the contracts where she is on with us. Tiki Dave
  9. Aloha Kakou, If I may chime in here with my personal $0.02. As someone who has done nothing else but perform music for people, both on land and sea for the last 23 or so years, I am never offended by someone offering a tip...regardless of the denomination. It is an expression of gratitude and appreciation, and it is never wasted...at least on this performer. Offering to buy a drink for a performer is also always welcome, regardless of whether they drink soft beverages or alcoholic beverages. Also, as one poster wrote, purchasing a CD and/or video from a performer is a nice way to "tip" them. Particular to ships, we are certainly pleased when guests are invested in our performances enough to take the time to write out their appreciation for our talents and efforts and let the "Powers That Be" know. Lastly, while "material" gratuities are lovely to receive, it will never go unappreciated if you just take a moment to tell the performer...or any employee for that matter, (on a ship or otherwise) that they have made a difference in your cruise experience. "Thank you for what you do" and "you have really made our cruise that much more enjoyable" is our most frequently received gratuity...and Leialoha and I never tire of receiving it. Aloha No, Tiki Dave (of Elua) www.facebook.com/tikidavemusic www.facebook.com/tikidavesukuleleville www.facebook.com/eluamusic
  10. Aloha, Sadly, we will not be on that one. But as I always say, no matter who is there, it will be a wonderful time for you. It's Hawai'i...can it be any other way? 😉 Aloha No, Tiki Dave (of Elua) www.facebook.com/eluamusic www.facebook.com/tikidavemusic
  11. Aloha! Mahalo for the kind words and enthusiasm about the Hawaiian Enrichment Program onboard. When Leialoha and I developed the program, (back in 2008) we could never have envisioned how it has taken off and how popular it has become. For those sailing out of LA, we will be on the Star starting December 4th and stay onboard through the end of March. We will also be on the Star starting next October 2020. As far as the San Francisco sailings, I don't really know who will be on, but in all likelihood it would be Brian and Rowena. No matter who you have as your Ambassadors, you'll have a great time! Malama Pono, Tiki Dave (of Elua) www.facebook.com/eluamusic www.facebook.com/tikidavemusic
  12. Aloha! Yes, we were sorry that we didn't get to start for the entire cruise...but we are very happy you enjoyed what we offered for the first half of the cruise. Unfortunately, as you mentioned, Leialoha was having problems with her voice, and really didn't get it back until the tail end of our time on the Golden. I'm also happy that the class continued and you all got to perform. That is always a very cool part of the classes...the big "payoff" if you will, and I'm glad to see you got to experience it. Leialoha and I are scheduled for the Star Princess starting December 4th and on into late-March of 2020, so hopefully we'll see you on a future cruise...for the whole cruise this time! Aloha No, Tiki Dave (of Elua) www.facebook.com/eluamusic www.facebook.com/tikidavemusic
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