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  1. I've experienced similar problems. Two days ago I was forced to get a re-booking after asking for new pricing. WHY? Despite everything working under the old booking # everything got jumbled with the new number starting with me being assigned a new birthday. Try correcting that on the app. Using the app on two different devices showed different items completed. Mostly correct now put despite getting a saved message the system will not retain my PIN so I get an incomplete check-in. Have had many occasions of white pages. Can't count the number of wasted hours on the phone for both parties
  2. Thank you for your reply and information. Unfortunately I guess Princess was misleading again. The "Play Store" What's New - Last updated Jul 12, 2021 states in part "Health & Vaccine Submission form available in MClass Ocean Ready Checklist"
  3. Has anyone been able to upload vaccination proof in the "Health" section? I've got version 3.0.92725 of the app.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion but I have tried this and I get "email already taken".
  5. I have latest version of app installed yesterday. Can only sign in with my Booking #. When I do this my wife's data does not show up. If I log out and then in with her creds. when I select "documents" I get a "compass currently unavailable" notice. Any ideas? Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. FYI. Our cruise was aboard the Sky Princess for 21 Mar. The cruise was cancelled about the 14th March. The FCCs were received after about two months but the refund of the taxes & port fees arrived today after about 17 weeks. I had given up on these since we had booked another cruise and Princess applied our FCCs without our asking and the credits appeared to include the amount for taxes and port fees. Couldn't understand their accounting but since the total was less than I expected I didn't inquire. Be patient!
  7. Our experience regarding the return of Future Cruise Deposits (FCD). We had two cruises booked using FCDs, one for July 25 and the other late Oct 20. These were cancelled by Princess May 6th. We understood from their public messages that the FCDs would be returned to our CC accounts. In late May the FCD's had still not been returned when we booked another cruise with our TA (a big box agent). The TA was told by Princess that they would hold the booking without deposit for an extended period while awaiting the return of the FCDs. Between then and now I contacted Princess several times to
  8. No Problem !! Happy 4th of July !! Hope you spend with family and friends and remember all the good times that have been and hopefully lie ahead. Cheers Louden
  9. Thank you for the link ! A very Happy July 4th to you all. Please party safe and keep well. Louden
  10. We are east of TO. Love to visit your area in the summer. Especially the Finger Lakes region. Guess this year we will just have to wait a little longer. Cheers Louden
  11. How kind of you Sali. You always remember your neighbors to the North ! May we be the first to wish you all a very safe but Happy Fourth of July. Cheers Louden
  12. You might find the information you seek at https://www.tico.ca/blog/happens-health-incident-like-coronavirus-impacts-travel-plans Cheers Louden
  13. Just released on Princess site. Sad but expected. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause-2020-summer-season.html Louden
  14. There is a discussion ongoing about this cruise. It can be found on your Roll Call https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2715329-july-25-2020-caribbean-princess-13-day-canada-and-colonial-america/ Many are waiting until final payment before making a decision as things are changing daily. Good Luck. The itinerary lokks wonderful. Louden
  15. Hi Norris Just what we needed! We have been have enjoying reading about your travels for several years. With your permission we will board this fabulous cruise and share your adventures and fine dining experiences. We have never been to Alaska. It is on our Wish List. Please give our best to Carol. Cheers Louden
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