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  1. Looks like you are having lots of fun ! Thanx for bringing a smile and sharing your " Deck Party " Think I will go out on my " cabin "balcony right now and watch the waves go by. Cheers !! Louden
  2. Just checked our previously booked EZAir flights for our fall 2020 Europe cruise and and saved $600 on the same flights. Thank you to all for the valuable info on these boards. Cheers Louden
  3. Many thanx ! The good wishes you send us for our special holidays are always very much appreciated. Here is a picture of our spectacular leaves we are enjoying this weekend. The best in over 50 yrs. Cheers Louden https://www.iheartradio.ca/580-cfra/news/ncc-closes-parkway-temporarily-after-large-crowds-head-to-gatineau-park-1.10087958
  4. Received a 21 page brochure in the mail yesterday about this added promo. Offer expires 10/31/2019 Code " UL " Deposit of 10% Non-refundable. Hope this helps Louden
  5. Good question. Thank you everyone for any updates. Louden
  6. Something about a silk purse out of a sows ear.
  7. Please note the title of the thread. Also note that my comments were about the Royal as it was launched not as it is now after many modifications.
  8. Please note that I stated that there were improvements made to the Royal and sister ships after some of the mentioned shortcomings were "discovered". Perhaps consultation with actual cruisers could have avoided these "mistakes". There are forward pools on all the ships. I lamented the removal of the aft pool. There are no balconies equivalent to the standard BD cabins found on the Grand class. Lets compare cabin class to cabin class, not mini suite to standard balcony.
  9. We sailed on the Royal for its maiden trans-Atlantic crossing. At the time we were Elite status and had cruised almost exclusively on the Grand class with the exception of two cruises on the Sun. We were eagerly awaiting our chance to sail on a "new" ship but booked an inside cabin because of how disappointed we were with the balcony on the Sun. The comments that follow are about our observations of the Royal on that crossing and do not reflect subsequent modifications they made to the Royal and its sister ships to address some of the shortcomings mentioned below. Perhaps the Royal should have been named the "Royal Disappointment", "Royal Folly" or "Royal F--- U-"? Shortcomings in no particular order: Useless balconies. No promenade. No Skywalkers. No aft pool. Two small center ship pools not separated so just a massive noisy mob. Useless water feature which was infrequently used and when in operation just flooded the adjacent bar. No side aisles in theater which made access and egress very difficult. No drink holder in theater seats. No center ship staircase. Only one aisle in Princess Live and seating unsuitable for any team games. Club 6 poor substitute for Skywalkers. No Explorer's Lounge Inadequate wind breaks in the Sanctuary area. This resulted in much of the deck decoration being destroyed by the heavy winds during the crossing. Slanted layout of stern balconies resulted in these being covered in soot. Did I mention the useless balconies. Positives: Great crew. Wonderful Atrium. Improved Horizon Court traffic flow. Improved cabin and bathroom facilities .
  10. Capt. Michele Tuvo, AKA Capt. Bye Bye Enjoy the Star and your cruise Cheers Louden
  11. May I pop in to ask a question? Years ago on the Coral they had a production show that was especially made for that ship. I think it was called something like " On The Bayou " Are you able to tell me if this show is still being offered. Thank you very much and hope you have a wonderful cruise. Cheers Louden
  12. Think I found it. https://book.princess.com/BookingSystem/goToUrl.do?srcURL=au/marketing/pa/promotional/promotions/index.jsp Louden
  13. Princess goofs again! What are they thinking? Anyone thought about how much extra time and effort this has imposed on the stewards? In the thread about removing the chairs it was noted how many people needed the arm support of the barrel chairs to get up. Now you are forcing these same people to get on the floor several times a day to retrieve largely useless paper (art show, spa etc.). If the ship is all "electronic" why are these notices not posted on the Medallion app or added to the Patter? The hotshots in HQ really do need to be replaced with some staff that have some seatime rather than "dreamtime" experience.
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