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  1. I want to book a Fjords cruise for summer/autumn, but I can't see any cruises this year. The UK Govt is preparing to tighten borders further and other countries are doing the same. Vaccine roll out is very patchy across Europe and countries will not want new strains being imported. All very gloomy for travel sadly.
  2. I think the sensible thing is for refunds not vouchers and absolutely not to pay balances. When/if this horrible thing starts to goes away or there is a vaccine - cruises will still be one of the last things to start again as events have shown they are at the very high risk end of things. In a couple if years we will hopefully look back on this as a bad dream but if I had to put money on it, I would say cruises will not start again until Summer 2022.
  3. I think this will be the nail in the coffin (no pun intended) for Cruising this year and early next. First cruise line to resume and crew end up in hospital and who knows how many passengers will be affected as they had all disembarked.
  4. Given what's happened in the US as soon as bars opened up, I fail to see how there will be any cruises this side of a vaccine. Insurance will be impossible for a start. That said, it does look increasingly possible there could be a vaccine by Summer 2021.
  5. Day 70 and I now have the 2nd card refunded. As I cancelled before P&O did, I have received 95% for 2 bookings with the other 5% going to a FCC (from the very short lived policy in March). Not sure I will be using the FCC unless there is vaccine.
  6. On the contrary, it was only after I escalated my refund that I finally had some action. What I would say is that people absolutely should not be putting anyone's full email address in a public forum. Apart from anything else, there are bots which sweep boards like this for email addresses and use them for Spam or worse.
  7. I had: "I will escalate to finance but they are closed today". "I will escalate to my manager" "I will escalate to customer services" (even though I was talking to customer services}. It does seem that for those over 60 days, things have started to unblock. I have part of mine paid by credit card refunded, but the other part paid by debit card has not yet. I think most of us would understand the extreme situation this has caused for the Company. If only they had been more open and transparent, rather than saying for 2 months that refunds were being pr
  8. Day 68 and the money paid using my Amex card has been refunded. The rest paid on Visa will hopefully be on the way. I did do quite a bit of chasing in the last week - whether it would have arrived anyway, I don't know.
  9. I think I am on day 67 now. What's really cheesed me off even further is this press release from the President saying it's now taking 'up to 60 days'. Either he's not fully briefed or he's deliberately lying. I cancelled before P&O cancelled any cruises and under the previous terms. If I phone up I just get told they don't know why I have not received it.
  10. Am now at 65 days and still waiting. Phoned up at the weekend and was told finance dept is not working, so phoned back today and then told they are not allowed to contact finance. She said she would put another 'note on my file' which seems to mean nothing. Not impressed. I cancelled my Cruise before P&O cancelled any and well before lockdown and was originally told 1-2 weeks. Then up to 45 days. Then up to 60 days. Now at least 60 days.
  11. I spoke to a very polite lady at P&O this morning who acknowledged that I had now been waiting more than 60 days for a refund, was very sorry about it, and that was it. There is clearly a strategy to delay refunds. I wonder If they are planning some sort of pre pack administration of the UK business to avoid their liabilities.
  12. A vaccine. Nothing else will get me back given I travel with my 83 year old mother - and insurance is going to be a nightmare, especially for older people where the cost may be more than the cost of the cruise.
  13. It's funny how people think what they want to think. There are huge shortages of PPE throughout Europe, including Germany. Have a look at the German papers and you will see similar accounts to here of deaths in care homes. It's clear from looking at New York, Paris, London ,Madrid that death rates are associated mostly with population density. As for cruising, it will not be safe until either a vaccine that is reliable comes along or the virus starts to disappear due to herd immunity. I cannot understand why anyone would even consider booking a cruise at the moment. You may
  14. I cancelled my June cruise on March 13. It was outside of 90 days, but I had already paid in full so was entitled to 95 % refund (and 5% FCC as that was the rule at the time). When I cancelled, they told me 2-3 weeks for the refund, then it became 45 days, then 60 now on twitter it says up to 90 days.
  15. it's quite likely there will be no cruises until there is a vaccine, which could be up to 18 months away. Why would anyone take a cruise before then given we know the consequences. Even if you have had it, nobody knows how long the immunity would last and insurance companies will not provide insurance. Who knows how many cruise companies will be around by then and what the market will be. Very sad.
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