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  1. I also sought advice on this thorny issue. You may find the following site as helpful as I did: “An Insider's Guide to Cruise Tipping” http://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=132 . It is an opinion piece (that is, NOT Cruise Critic's suggestion) on the Cruise Critic site. It gives reasoning for “who”, “how”, “when” and “how much” over and above the daily levy, and I have found it a useful guide.
  2. As has been said before, the weather on the North Atlantic can change on a dime. On QM2 crossings, I have roasted in April and been chilly in late August. For on deck, you need to have layers available. I take a waterproof jacket, a sweater, and just in case, a beret. The decks can sometimes be wet, so you will not want slippery footwear. For inside, I wear chinos/jeans and a blouse. My husband wears chinos and a shirt. Have a wonderful time!
  3. Dear Lovetotraveltx: What you have described sounds perfect (nice cocktail dress for gala nights, nice trousers/dressy shirt other nights). Having agonized over this for my first QM2 trip, and having now completed 9, I came up with what I think is a simple test, one that works for both women and men. Here goes: Gala Evenings: Imagine that you are standing talking to two gentlemen. One is in full tuxedo, the other is wearing a dark suit, white shirt and tie. Given what you are wearing, would a passerby assume that the three of you are about to attend the same function? Non Gala Evenings: Same scenario, except one gentleman is wearing a regular business suit with a tie. The other is wearing a blazer, dress trousers, shirt, no tie. Would you be assumed to be heading to the same function? This, of course is just aimed at those who just want to fit in. My first trip, this little test would have made my wardrobe decisions much easier. Adjectives are so subjective (is my "dressy" someone elses's "Let's go to the movies"?). A word to the wise however; like most large spaces, sometimes it is too warm, sometimes a bit cool. I always pack a pretty (unclear adjective, again!) wrap. You don't have to put it on, but you certainly are glad of it when needed! Mostly, relax and enjoy! I have always found the QM2 a delight.
  4. Blue Marble, once again thanks! Your "bookprincess.com" link works for me, and it actually listed 4 of the 5 speakers on our Apr 28 to May 5 crossing (It missed Dr Robert Thirsk, in my opinion, the best of a very strong field). What a relief after Cunard, with a significant degree of irritation, had insisted to me that we would only have 2 speakers for our 7 day crossing! By the way, Cunard now assures me that they are still working on their website!
  5. Just an (irritated) update; yesterday, I once again tried to find out who the speakers were. I once again tried Cunard's "contact Cunard" number. A very pleasant young man, Lou, gave me the two names which appeared months ago. When I insisted that there must be more for a 7 day transatlantic, he checked with his supervisor, who confirmed that there were only two. Having been reassured on board last year, when I made this booking, that the lectures were staying, I protested. The young man tried to transfer me to customer relations; after 23 minutes on hold, I was disconnected. To his credit, Lou called me back, apologized, and asked if I wanted to try customer relations again, but there really didn't seem to be much point. I then tried to use the "contact Cunard" email provided. I chose "Complaint" , entered my issue, and attempted to send it off. It insisted that I choose a type of complaint from their dropdown menu; the menu was blank! I chose the blank; it would not accept my email! In this or the other similar post, Blue Marble, Roscoe 39 and MCC Retired have tried to provide links, but the first two's states "the attached is not available..." and MCC's leads to the speakers for 2016-17. I cannot believe that this is anything but misinformation. I shall be one unhappy camper if I board the QM2 on Apr 28 and there are only two speakers! We love the program, and plan our days around the schedule. QM2; love the ship and her staff, wonder how the Corporate powers that be manage to tie their shoelaces. Oh, I still haven't had a response to my January query to Cunard.
  6. Thank you, Blue Marble. I emailed Cunard two weeks ago to find out where this info was. So far, not even an acknowledgement of my email, much less an answer. I phoned last week, and got an ever so sympathetic young woman on the phone. She gave me the two names shown on your list for my Apr 28 QM2. I find it hard to believe that with slightly less than 3 months to go, they have only confirmed 2 speakers for a 7 day transatlantic. It's a good thing that the service on the ship is infinitely better than Cunard's apparent corporate abilities! The ship is delightful, and for us, one of the primary delights is the lectures.
  7. Having done QM2's 1st trip to Saguenay, (Quebec City to New York), I can tell you that Quebec City, Saguenay and Halifax are all comfortably docked. Saguenay built the dock specificly to accomodate QM2 and our welcome was fantastic. We booked 2nd seating and were glad that we did. She left at about 5:00 pm. We stood on the deck as long as there was light. The trip down the Saguenay River to rejoin the St Lawrence was breathtaking.
  8. All of the themed balls are opportunities, not obligations. As long as you are formal on a formal night, that is the only requirement. Enjoy yourselves!
  9. Since I had the same question on my first TA, it is a perfectly reasonable question! No, you don't have to wear them to dinner. I have never seen one at dinner, and at least outside of the ballroom, the were few and far between after dinner. I carted masks from home and, as two rather shy people, never put them on.
  10. Dear jomf: In 7 QM2 trips (including 5 TA's), we have only encountered one truly miserable soul. She practically lived on the QM2, and complained, sneered and tut tutted her way through breakfast. Sounds as if you have also encountered her. As my husband says, "I only have to deal with her for a short time. She has to live that way!". You were much kinder than me. I am afraid that I would have laughed.
  11. Thank you, Roland 787. I am probably only one step removed from a Ludite, but I found your postings both eminently readable and comprehendable. I rather wish that you had interrupted the overheard Cunard people, to provide your insight. Old fogies like my husband and I (early Boomers) find Cunard's internet service frustrating and will grumble but frequently tolerate this, but we are beginning to be out of the travel market. Cunard needs to replace us, and most younger people just will not tolerate such poor ability to communicate. Karen
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