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  1. Have any of you considered Airbnb instead of hotels? There are several new apartment buildings in the vicinity of the central train station that has Airbnb accommodation. For our New England cruise next year, we've booked post-cruise accommodation in Montreal and Toronto, all within walking distance of the station as we would be using VIA rail from Quebec City to Montreal to Toronto.
  2. In the NS, they also showed feature films on the big LED screen in the top deck pool area. Lots of deck chairs and other seats arranged all round the pool, but the sound is not too good, bad acoustics.
  3. Really big machines! I've posted some photos from our recent trip on the NS taken during the Behind The Scenes tour of the lower decks. Tagging machine. Tags are color coded to show wash temperatures. Big washing machines (in blue). Multiple machines running all the time. Separate smaller machines for laundry from the medical center as well as quarantined passengers. Ship's laundry (linen from staterooms and all dining areas are also washed separately). Washed clothes are basically steamed dried in seconds individually, and ironed if necessary. Sheets etc all come out dry and folded by the machine! Pre-delivery check on racks. The temperature in the laundry room was really high, warm and humid like a sauna. The boys working there get frequent breaks and lots of water. They run on 24x7 shifts.
  4. Yes available all day in the NS (we've just come off the ship after a Baltic cruise). In addition to lemonade, you can get iced tea, hot water, regular and decaf coffee, a large selection of teas as well as hot chocolates and milk. If you're in the Lido and find a dispenser closed, just continue walking around to the other side. Sometimes they are closed for cleaning and/or refill. Enjoy!
  5. Re: Indian menu, you're not limited by the menu as well. On our recent NS cruise, we opted to have an Indian night at the MDR and requested thru the MDR supervisor to prep a few dishes for us (tandoori chicken, naan, basmati rice, potato curry, dhall, raita and papadums). They need just 24hrs notice ahead of time, and we really enjoyed this meal. Something to consider. They will of course also do a full vegetarian version, or add more meat such as lamb rogan gosh etc.
  6. Looks like BB King band with 4 & 5 star mariners rowing...lol
  7. Great photo of the horizontal fin there, John! Seldom see it stretched out as it's always under the waterline. I'd like to think that if they run out of fuel, it can become an oar and row the boat... 🙂
  8. We're booked on that cruise now out of Boston; and decided not to cancel when the itinerary changed as we have plans to be in NYC for over 2 weeks at that stage (US Open Tennis). So need to factor in a train trip from NYC to Boston for the start and we should be all set. Pity we are missing a couple of ports that we were looking forward to, but that's life!
  9. Yes, the 10-day New England cruise on Sep 7 from NYC to Quebec City has also been re-routed to start from Boston to Quebec City with changes to the ports. I have posted the detailed itinerary changes in the roll call.
  10. On the 22-day Antarctica/South America cruise on the Zaandam in Jan/Feb this year, we had about a dozen scientists and researchers from the Palmer Antarctic Station come onboard on their zodiac for a long Q&A in the main theater. They were also walking around in other parts of the ship and Lido areas for any questions later on. In the shortened cruise, I'm unsure how "deep" into Antarctica territory the ship goes, so unable to comment. Below are a couple of photos of the zodiac.
  11. Hi, can the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Sanctuary be reached on public transport from Quebec City? If so, please provide details. Thanks
  12. We've booked TJ for our upcoming tour next month. According to the roll call, most of them seem to book Alla, one following the other, hence I think they may be crowded and over-subscribed! We had personal recommendations for TJ from one of our cruise companions from a previous cruise. They are also rated very highly in Trip Advisor.
  13. Happy Canada Day! We'll be visiting you Sept 2020...can't wait! 🙂
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