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  1. Post says Svalbard... I think cross-posts in this thread about Arctic and Antarctic experiences are starting to confuse people!
  2. Screenshot of the track the good ship Zaandam took in Antarctica during our Jan 2019 cruise from Buenos Aires, for those who may be interested. We spent a total of 4 days cruising in and around the Palmer Archipelago and nearby islands.
  3. Labuan is also a duty-free island, happy times for remaining crew on board!
  4. And she's stopped, tug has disengaged by the looks of it. -albert
  5. Almost live view from tracking at Port Klang. Amsterdam "reversing" into the pier on the other side of the Golden Princess. The Nautica is a tug. Speed is currently 0.6 knots at 46 degrees. A good ending on this journey! -albert
  6. Status of Amsterdam updated to "arrived" in Port Klang official website
  7. A bit of trivia: The Straits of Malacca is also the world's most dangerous passage in terms of sea piracy (more than the coast of Somalia). While the numbers have come down (in 2015) due to the increased patrol from the navies of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, pirates (from the unnamed country in the list) still frequent the straits and target oil tankers and cargo ships. Numbers of attacks surged upwards in 2019. There is so much traffic in the straits that pirates can hide in plain sight. Very interesting article on this from Time for anyone interested: https://time.com/piracy-southeast-asia-malacca-strait/ John may be able to add his insights on the preparation on board while sailing through.
  8. Yes John, rest assured I wasn't a stow-away 😁. And again, thank you for your excellent narration and explanation on all aspects of HAL ships. Much appreciated.
  9. The morgue in the Nieuw Statendam...located next to where the alcohol storage is (B deck I think). The next shot is the corridor outside the morgue. Lots of watertight doors.
  10. Booked for Aug 2021 (Med cruise); will monitor and see what happens as it's 14 months away. A 2022 Panama Canal cruise is in the wish list. Our Oct 2020 New England cruise unfortunately is a no go.
  11. Damn, need to leave my stash of hashish behind too, next... 😂
  12. Some like the Mediterranean cruise on the Westerdam for August 2021 from Barcelona has already been released a month ago.
  13. The bags are made of some sort of plastic material. We had two delivered to us in our last cruise on the NS (Baltic cruise).
  14. MDR breakfast is a la carte with a lot of items over and above what you get in Lido. Some simple things such as porridge are done really well. Eggs benedict has 2-3 versions, coffee and tea is good. A really nice place to relax, have a good breakfast and good start to the day. Also much quieter than Lido too.
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