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  1. TinaLee

    Viking Buyer Be Aware

    I don't think the travel insurance is going to be much help in this situation, sadly. I do think that had I been in the OP shoes I would have panicked first, but on calm deliberation getting to Cologne would not have been too horribly involved, and they were told they would be reimbursed. A quick look at the internet would have netted a hotel for the night without too much fuss. Cancelling, on the other hand, may be a very expensive decision. As someone else stated, turning a trip interruption into a cancellation at short notice is not likely to end well. We also always buy insurance, just never through the cruise line we are dealing with. We have had to cancel once due to a death in the family the day before we were to sail. Also, we actually received a call from our travel insurance company before our scheduled travel to Amsterdam/Brussels/Paris to advise us that we would be fully reimbursed should we choose to cancel our plans, as we were traveling within 30 days of the bombing in Brussels. We were shocked that they took the initiative, but we completed our travel plans. I do think perhaps Viking could have been more helpful, but I don't understand why the OP would think river cruising would be somehow "different" from ocean cruising and not require arrival at least a day ahead? I can't imagine traveling over the pond without insurance...
  2. Looking forward to reading! We board in two weeks, also on Caribe. No need to hurry on Medallion for us! [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. TinaLee

    Caribbean Princess Wake bar appetizers?

    Thanks- yes Wake view is what I was talking about. The mysterious appetizers are showing up in the little dining insert to the Patter - I think they called it Craves?
  4. I've been reading, on the photos of the Patters posted by folks currently on Caribbean Princess, that if you visit the Wake Bar for cocktails before dinner they offer a "variety of appetizers from Planks and Steamers" and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this? I know they offer the sushi and tapas for free at Vines, but this was the first I've heard of them offering appetizers elsewhere with your drinks (other than the PSE of course). Thanks!
  5. TinaLee

    Colo Cruiser Caribbean Princess August 18-25

    Thanks Keith! I forgot they don't have the loose tea tower on Caribbean Princess. :(
  6. TinaLee

    Colo Cruiser Caribbean Princess August 18-25

    Keith, if you have a second and find yourself at the IC, could you see if they have the Chocolate Orange loose tea for me? It's not in the tea bags, it's the loose tea they make up for you by the pot. I had to special order it to be on the Regal in March, and then of course I felt obligated to drink 18 gallons of the stuff while I was on the ship. :)
  7. TinaLee

    Colo Cruiser Caribbean Princess August 18-25

    this one, Keith, definitely not caramel frappe! LOL!
  8. TinaLee

    Colo Cruiser Caribbean Princess August 18-25

    Hi Keith! One of our favorite bars - will be there soon. Can't believe we just missed you again! What was the yellow drink you posted a few days ago?
  9. TinaLee

    Soda & More Package

    No, it is definitely part of the soda and more. My husband doesn't drink coffee, but joins me in the IC whilst I drink mine and he sips the hot chocolate. Do make sure to ask for it made with milk, not water. We were on Regal in March and the hot cocoa stations at the buffet that used to be always available were shut down. If you ordered hot chocolate they went to the coffee bar in the patisserie to get it for you. Very sad :(
  10. TinaLee

    Once you go Regal, can you ever go back?

    I’ve done many Princess ships, and we did Regal last year in L103 (small world) to the Baltic. That said, we are booked in CB next month for a 10-day cruise on Caribe deck. If I couldn’t have one of the forward deluxe balconies on Regal, I think I would opt for inside. The other balconies are just pathetic and a waste of money to me, but hey I live in FL and an ocean view isn’t the be all and end all to me. I was very happy to read that CB has the on demand movies in the cabins and the new beds (beds on Regal are still the old style - not my favorite). Also, the sound on MUTS was a joke, so I’m hoping the sound upgrade will improve that experience. I will say I would sail Ruby in a heartbeat if she were nearby, as we love that ship. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. TinaLee

    The ideal Princess on board shop..........

    They do need to have a better selection of things you can take back for the grandchildren, that's for sure! I did buy a Citizen watch on board a few years ago, but did my research and knew exactly what it sold for in the US and used the first night discount and my Elite discount. I also got a blue diamond necklace on another cruise line a few years ago because the setting was so unusual (and I've still never seen anything like it). I do admit to having a slight bit of a coffee mug addiction and don't even get me started on my husband's ball cap collection! I'm also a sucker for a nice tote bag with a pretty design - I live in Florida so you can never have enough of those things. :cool: I really hate that they have pretty much turned their jewelry stores into all Effy - that's really horrid. While I like their jewelry as a rule, I like having a better selection! There are a heck of a lot of designers out there I like!
  12. TinaLee

    The ideal Princess on board shop..........

    I didn’t see Coach but I did see Brighton in our last Regal cruise! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. How do they handle the coffee cards being exchanged by Elite passengers? We used to get two cards (or 30 coffees) when we exchanged our mini bar. Will they now put one "card" on each of our sign and sail cards? I ask because my husband does not drink coffee at all - he purchases the soda and more which covers his occasional hot chocolate, while I drink 3-4 cups a day... obviously I would like to have all 30 on MY card for our upcoming 10-day Caribbean Princess cruise. Any insight? Thanks- Tina
  14. Can anyone confirm for me whether you drive the 4x4's on your own or if they have drivers in the cars for this excursion?