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  1. To each his own. We don't have smart phones and have no plans on getting one, We don't need them and we don't want one. How is Princess going to handle us who don't have a smart phone? When we get on the ship we turn off our "flip" phone, toss it into the safe and don't turn it back on until we get back off the ship. We don't cruise again until next June so I think Princess wll have enough time to figure it all out. But I guess I'll get a little Medallion thingy to keep in my pocket.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, I did not know that.
  3. What big 3 day sale! The cruise we are looking at is the same price as it was last week. FREE upgrades, big deal, I don't drink and I don't do WIFI on a cruise.
  4. This is a kind of an interesting video
  5. That would probably be the smart thing to do. We have canceled all of our trips to Alaska this year. We have relatives in Kenai and they say that there is talk of canceling the Bristol Bay fishery this year, that is a huge industry. When they talk like that you know things aren't good.
  6. So I'm supposed to go see my Dr. who I can't get a appointment with when I am sick and get a letter sign stating that I'm fit to travel. That leaves a large portion of those who cruise out in the cold, because a large percentage of them have the aliments listed.
  7. We have 2 cruises planned, one in May out Vancouver and one in June out of Seattle we aren't planning on canceling any of them. If the prices keep coming down on Alaska cruises we might do another cruise out of Seattle. We aren't to worried about getting sick.
  8. We've done the train out of Skagway many times. The Bennett lake journey is the one we have enjoyed the most https://wpyr.com/excursions/product/bennett-scenic-journey/ https://wpyr.com/excursions/product/bennett-scenic-journey/ If your going to take the bus/train combo it's best to ride the bus up in the morning and take the train back in the afternoon, there can be fog in the morning. Try to sit on the right side of the bus going up and on the right side of the train coming back down, you'll see more that way. I like to stand out on the platform on the train.
  9. You can't miss it, it's right on the Yukon Highway. They'll be "A" board signs out on the highway. We've been up the Yukon highway numerous times, get a copy of Murray;'s guide, it's very helpful. When we rent a car we always rent from Avis. When you go to pickup your car be one of the first to get off the ship and hustle over to Avis. That way you can beat the buses going up the Yukon Highway.
  10. When I get on the ship I turn my frigg'n phone OFF! and don't turn it back On until I get to the next port. Check my messages etc. and turn it back Off again. I'm on holiday, I'm not married to my phone like a lot people are.
  11. We always park with Seattle Cruise ship parking when we cruise out of Seattle. https://www.seattlecruiseparking.com They'll pick you up at your car and drop off pretty close to the front of terminal. We've parked with them probably 12 times over the years.
  12. Get a couple of loud bells. We put bells on our packs and have never had a problem with any animals. most bears are more afraid of you, than you are of them.
  13. My vote is for the Hanger on the wharf. Last summer they had a web cam on the roof that you watch the float planes coma and go. Great place, we go there every year.
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