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  1. That maintenance platform is part of the structure of the ship, it doesn't move.
  2. I'm the same, I don't eat donuts at home but the sugar donuts at the IC in the morning are the best. The pot pies are good in the afternoon, as is just about everything.
  3. Your plan sounds pretty good. I'd bypass the Space Needle, total tourist trap. To get better views of Seattle and the general area go up to the observation deck on the Columbia Tower https://www.skyviewobservatory.com/ Great views of the city, you'll be looking down on the Space Needle. You might want to also look at a Argosy boat cruise https://www.argosycruises.com/ The Museum of Flight https://www.museumofflight.org/ is one of our favorite places to go in Seattle. There's just not enough time to see everything in Seattle. Be forewarned Seattle is not the safest of places to visit, be on guard.
  4. The Porters at most Ports are union longshoremen and they get paid very well. I have a friend who works the Seattle piers and he loves it when the cruise ships are in port. .
  5. Did you try "Seattle cruise ship parking" https://seattlecruiseparking.com/ We've parked there many times, but not with a motor home. I have seen them there. They have a shuttle that takes you over to Pier 91. Everything about Seattle is expensive.
  6. In Victoria it doesn't take long at all to get off the ship. They start letting people off at around 7:15 and it moves pretty fast, get down to the disembarkation point early to get a place in line, it's crazy. Customs in Victoria just kind of stands there and watches everyone. I would have my travel documents handy, I've never had to show them. Coming back on to the pier you'll need to show your cruise card to get back on the pier.
  7. In Seattle they've got it done pretty good, it doesn't take very long to get off the ship once customs gives the OK. We live in the Seattle area and we normally get off the ship around 8:30. If you don't have any luggage you can walk off, they are the first folks off. Yes there will be lots of cabs available, just outside the front of the terminal and to the left.
  8. I haven't been to a buffet in I don't know how long, I know it's been over 20 years. I refuse to go to the buffet on any of the cruises we've been on. We only go to the MDR or find another option.
  9. I think there is a "Golden Coral" buffet in the Seattle area.
  10. In the 15 or 16 cruises to Alaska I've known a few people who haven't gotten off the ship at any of the Ports. Most were older folks who couldn't get around very well. A few years ago I met a couple who spent the entire Alaska cruise season from May to September riding the Golden Princess out of Seattle, they never got off the ship except in Seattle to re-board. He said it was less expensive than staying home in Arizona.
  11. Well do you have an update?
  12. In June when we disembarked from the Ruby there were 2 lines for US citizens and 1 line for non-US citizens. It took about 3 seconds to clear customs for those who were smart enough to have there Passport open to the photo page when they handed their Passport to the officer. Those who just handed their closed Passport got he stink eye and had the answer a few questions. Those who had certified copy of there birth certificate, had to show their drivers license and answer a lot of question. Those who had photo copied birth certificate, like the clown in front of me, who's birth certificate, looked like worn out tissue paper, didn't have his photo ID out and got mouthy with the officer, he was pulled aside and escorted into a side room. We both have Passports and enhanced drivers licenses we use one or the other, never a birth certificate.
  13. There's a huge new "Total Wine and More"on 1550 West Armory Way just behind Whole foods. https://www.totalwine.com/store-info/washington-interbay/1411 We stopped there in June for some supplies.
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