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  1. The Mayflower is an older property but it's nice. We've stayed there a couple of times while we've been in Seattle. It is handy to cruise port and tourist attractions. Hotels in Seattle are very expensive.
  2. I use Fax Zero, it's easy and I've never had a problem with them. Using E-mail to send financial information is about as secure as leaving your house unlocked while your on vacation.
  3. Our first couple of cruises out of Seattle to Alaska was out of Pier 30. Leaving from Pier 30 made getting to the cruise port really easy when coming from the South, Sea-Tac airport etc.. I'm glad to hear that the Port of Seattle is considering another cruise pier.
  4. You always take the Quick Shuttle http://quickcoach.com/ from Vancouver to Seattle we did that once. It picked us us just outside of Canada place and dropped us off at Sea-Tac airport. It was just OK, not the best ride I've taken but we got to were we wanted to go. It's a bus what can you say.
  5. A couple of years ago we did a repositioning cruise from L.A to Vancouver on the Ruby. The ship then proceeded on to Seattle. We wanted to stay on the Ruby for the trip back to Seattle. It was all set then Princess called and canceled the Vancouver to Seattle leg saying it was a violation PVSA. To do what we wanted to do we’d have to spend 24 hours in Canada. I kind of thought it was BS. We ended up taking the Quick scuttle back to Seattle http://quickcoach.com/ it was just OK.
  6. I used my passport card last year up in the Yukon, no problem. They barely looked at it. In Victoria they don't check anything, you just walk out the door.
  7. We have taken just about every excursion up into the Yukon out of Skagway. They are all good, I can’t recall any that where bad. My favorite is the Bennett lake train trip up to Carcross. We took it with Princess and we pretty much had the train car to ourselves. I think it best to take the bus up in the morning and ride the train back to Skagway. Be sure to sit on the right side of the bus going up and going back to Skagway on the train. I enjoy standing out on the platform while riding the train. Dyea Dave put on a nice tour, we’ve been on a couple of his tours. You always rent a car Skagway and use “Murrays Guide” to guide you on your adventure, we’ve done that before and worked out well.
  8. If your coming out of Seattle on the first full sea day you'll be out in the open ocean off the coast of Vancouver Island. It can get a little rough on that day if your going early in the cruise season. We've done the Alaska cruise out of Seattle 15 times and have only experienced rough sea conditions a couple of times. I wouldn't let it spoil my cruise.
  9. There's no way I'd do it, to early and to much of a gamble. If one thing went wrong, heavy traffic, long lines at TSA etc. you'd be screwed. I think the moon and the stars would have to line up perfectly on that day to make a 10:50am flight.
  10. We've been up to the Yukon many times. If your in a van the best side to be on going up is on the passenger side. If your on the train going up you want to sit on the left side if the car facing forward. If your coming down be on the right side of the train. We've been with Dyea Dave a number of times, they put on a nice tour. They stop for lunch in Carcross at a small local cafe. One of my favorite excursions is the Bennett lake train to Carcross and the bus back. Last when we took that excursion there were only 8 people in the Princess car, pretty much had it to ourselves.
  11. A few cruises back I won some money at a casino on our way to embark on a cruise. When I got to the ship I went to the purser desk and put that cash on my cruise account. We didn't use all of it on our cruise and then got a refund check in the mail.
  12. Here's a link to the Port of Seattle web site that explains the program https://www.portseattle.org/page/port-valet-enjoy-seattle-luggage-free my friends last year used the program and it worked out wonderful Randy
  13. Here's a link to the Port of Seattle web site that explains the program https://www.portseattle.org/page/port-valet-enjoy-seattle-luggage-free my friends last year used the program and it worked out wonderful Randy
  14. I go to the nearest car wash and buy a few little tree "Royal Pine" scented air fresheners. They'll take care of any smell. LOL!!
  15. I highly suggest you get off the ship as fast as you can with a 11am flight. I'd be sweating marbles on a Friday morning trying to get to Seatac during rush hour. With the viaduct gone and the tunnel open, god only knows what it will be like trying to get out to the airport. We cruise again on June 8th and I'm thinking about making a dry run to Pier 91 to see which way works best.
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