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  1. I was just going ask if anyone had been to any of the presentations of the ships naturalist Michael Modzelewski. I saw in the Patter that he give a presentation in the theater the other day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ghrDIKu84k
  2. A couple of good sausages on bread or on a bun is great with a couple of bottles of beer or a slab beer.
  3. I love hot dogs and brats on the Princess lido grill. It’s really too bad that Princess did away with the brats at the lido grill. The hot dogs are great, I wish they’d learn how to make a decent Hot dog bun. I’ve never seen a smaller hot dog. Costco hot dogs are the best, every time we go to Costco I have to get a dog, it’s too bad Costco did away with the Polish dog.
  4. Mary Ann your no bother. Now I understand, by doing the EZ air you have to use the Princess shuttle. I think I'd still be one of the first to walk off and get on the shuttle.
  5. Mary Ann I can’t recall anyone fretting as much as you are about catching your flight 10:15am. Here’s what you need to do. At 6:45am be in line to walk off the ship with your luggage so you can be one of the first off the ship. Have your Passport handy in case they want to see it. Go out the front of the terminal, cross the driveway and look to your left, you’ll see a line of hungry cab drivers who will gladly take you out to the airport. About 30-40 minutes should be at Sea-Tac airport. Being there that early you should beat a lot of the other cruise ship people who will be flying out. You sh
  6. When I entered my information on the app it wouldn't take my EDL Enhanced Drivers License. I couldn't get a green check on the app until I scanned my passport. Princess is requiring a Passport or EDL.
  7. Which MDR is breakfast in? We love to have breakfast in the MDR, we don't particularly care for the buffet.
  8. Caribou Crossing is a huge tourist trap https://cariboucrossing.ca/ we've been there a few times, it is kind of a fun place. We like to have lunch in Carcross at a local cafe. We won't have to worry abut it this cruise season the border is still closed. It's a big No, No to take food off the ship, if I remember correctly it has something to do with U.S Department of Agriculture regulations. I've seen people have to toss food items in the trash at the gangway more than once. Why not support local restaurants and food vendors.
  9. Here's a link to everything you need to know about Pier 91 https://www.portseattle.org/places/smith-cove-cruise-terminal-pier-91
  10. I couldn't find and I looked a few times for it. Updated up app and I still couldn't find it. I gave up, I'll just bring my CDC card to the Port
  11. You couldn't be more right. We have some older friends who always book though AAA. I was telling them about the Medallion app and the veterans OBC program. They told me that AAA takes care of all of their cruise business, they said they'd call AAA. A couple weeks later I asked them if they called AAA and they hadn't called them yet. Again I told them you need to call AAA and download the app and enter all your information, as of today they haven't done either. They cruise in 2 weeks. I think they will be a lot of people who let you say will be surprised when they get to the port thinking that
  12. I couldn't agree more. The pizza on the Lido is terrible at best. We've tried it a few times, to much grease/oil on it, nasty. We'll try Alfredo's on our up coming cruise on the Majestic, we'll see how that is. Never again will we try to eat the Lido pizza and I'll eat almost anything.
  13. Good news, I E-mailed my friends at the Port of Seattle about the Port of Seattle luggage Valet program and this was her response. Good Morning, We are proud to announce that the port valet program will be a complimentary service offered to guests sailing to Alaska during the 2021 cruise season. Enrollment and other operational details can be found at: https://www.portseattle.org/page/port-valet-enjoy-seattle-luggage-free Safe travels and kindest regards,
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