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  1. good news is, if your cruise qualifies for cruise w/confidence, you'll get the entire deposit back in FCC, no penalty.
  2. Mine is a non-refundable deposit, so I either take the $500 FCC now, or make final payment and hope they cancel and refund all of it later. But it's unlikely I'll gamble there and I'm OK having the $500 FCC at risk.
  3. I believe I would get the deposit in an FCC, though I haven't read the policy lately to see if it's changed. I should do that. And thank for the info. I assume they will not push the date out.
  4. Actually, it does. We could afford to essentially lose the money, but in this stock market, it's irresponsible to have to pull money out of other accounts to pay potential medical bills. There's also no 'throwing money down the drain' by cancelling early. I'd still get an FCC for the small deposit we have down. It would potentially be throwing money away to make the final payment because Celebrity could change their policy at any time and may no longer offer 100% refunds for cancelled cruises. We don't know. Can we get back to the original question? If anyone has personal experience, pl
  5. The original date was 3/31 with my TA. I called them and they removed the auto payment. Celebrity's date if 4/13, but my TA warned me they need the payment before that if I want to keep the reservation.
  6. That's my take on it too. It's thousands of dollars and if one of us ends up sick and in the hospital (not likely, but possible), then my max out of pocket is almost $14K. We are both working, but my husband already had a pay reduction. It just seems irresponsible to tie up that money for months.
  7. If they need payment this week, yes. I can't see tying up that much money in a cruise that is unlikely to happen. I can't move my plane tickets yet so I've already tied up a large chunk of money.
  8. Probably, yes, but if they'll extend the payment date, there's no reason to cancel yet. It's mid July.
  9. I have one due this week. I used a TA so can't contact Celebrity directly. Before I go through the hassle of calling my TA and having them call Celebrity, has anyone gotten an extension on their final payment date? I'm guessing no, but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  10. Not worried about the NRD hit, but still holding out hope that mid-July cruise could take place.
  11. Thanks. Still trying to decide if I make final payment for our July cruise to Italy LOL.
  12. I've mostly seen discussions of future cruise credits, but the program also lists a change sail date option. Does anyone have info on that? Is it better than a FCC, or the same thing? I was wondering if that option would allow you to select a different sailing but keep your incentives, etc, or lock in the same price, etc. If it does, I would assume it would need to be the same itinerary?
  13. Agree, your cruise might be cancelled (and you'd likely get a refund rather than FCC). But if not, I do think she's right as I've heard that from several others who were surprised they had to put a deposit down. You can use the FCC for excursions I think.
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