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  1. Given the difficulty of trying to plan a cruise calling at different countries with possibly different Covid restrictions (if their ports are even open) surely the only way for Crystal and the Symphony to make money would be to have cruises to nowhere. I think many regular Crystal guests would enjoy cruising without any stops. If Symphony could move to Singapore, a major airline hub easy to get to, I would take up any offer.
  2. Julia, I have an uneducated guess that there may be no sailings in the Med this year as I expect the Black Sea cruise in August to be cancelled. The problem, as described by the Crystal CEO, is a cruise that involves multiple countries and multiple ports each with potentially different Covid restrictions. What Crystal and I assume the other cruise lines are not saying is what happens when a passenger or crew member tests positive during a voyage. Being vaccinated doesn't prevent a person contracting the virus. Will the cruise ship be prevented from docking ?
  3. Absolutely. Crystal possibly more than many other cruise lines is geared towards cruising (in its truest sense) without the need to go into ports to see places that have limited appeal. We would certainly go. The pleasure of a Crystal cruise is being onboard. Come on Crystal pull your finger out.
  4. I was impressed with the interview and that he admitted the failings by Crystal. The most interesting part of the interview was the candid admission that trying to plan a voyage that called at multiple ports in multiple countries was almost impossible due to all the different restrictions, rules and regulations. I was also interested in the planning of voyages 90 days out. I'm booked on the 1st August Black Sea Cruise and if the planning cycle is still in force I should hear around the 1 May whether the cruise will take place. I live in Europe and the viru
  5. Having read the Covid regulations for the Bahamas it wouldn't surprise me if most passengers remained on board. It's interesting to note that different islands in the Bahamas may have different regulations and restrictions. That doesn't bode well for any cruises calling at different countries.
  6. We are also on the Black Sea cruise. I spoke to our TA who said to hold off and see him in May (before the final balance is due in June). We think that either the cruise will be cancelled or the cruise will go ahead but will not resemble the itinerary described in the brochure for which we paid a deposit. We live in Europe and with very exceptions all countries are nowhere near vaccinating half their populations let alone everybody. Recent reports are saying that some European countries many not complete their vaccinations until sometime in 2023. And Fran
  7. I found this article published this week in a British newspaper by a well known travel journalist. Although it's aimed at British readers it still makes interesting reading. Whether the future of cruising pans out as described who knows but things will certainly be different especially in the short to medium term. A year ago, images of the stricken cruise ship Diamond Princess – which became a Covid hotspot in its own right – showed the ease with which coronavirus was transmitted onboard a vessel packed with thousands of passengers and crew. As the virus cri
  8. Ron, My wife and I always cruise with Crystal as it fits perfectly with our needs. We have never been disappointed. But that was in the past and the future does look uncertain. We have a voyage booked for August this year which we expect Crystal to cancel as the global pandemic doesn't look like its going away anytime soon. We also have a cruise booked for March 2022 but we don't think we could cope with Crystal's recently announced health and safety restrictions and constraints on passengers. Although we wear a face mask when going outside we wouldn't
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